Monday, November 12, 2007

"But I'm a great bullfighter - ole!": Chavez


Old Hugo wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea but personally I think he's a star and whereas he might ruffle plenty of feathers with his own brand of diplomacy he has every right to say what he did. Spain was, along with a few folks nearer to home, deeply involved in the coup attempt against Chavez and Aznar was, is, and will always be a fascist.

Chavez is a clever and learned fellow, his sense of propriety may be lacking a tad but his sense of humour certainly isn't, j'adore his "Mister King" and if you haven't watched his address to the UN you can watch it here, it's a classic.

The spat between Spain's king and Venezuela's president took a new turn as Hugo Chavez asked if the monarch had advance knowledge of a 2002 coup.

"Mr King, did you know about the coup d'etat against Venezuela, against the democratic, legitimate government of Venezuela in 2002?" he asked at a news conference.

"It's very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup plotters without authorisation from his majesty."

Spain's El Mundo newspaper quoted Mr Chavez as saying that on Saturday the king had "got very mad, like a bull".

"But I'm a great bullfighter - ole!" he said. more and video.

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