Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Larry Craig Wide Stance Doll Goes On Sale


If Craig had done what any sane person would have done; kept his trap shut and slithered off into obscurity, then fine, but given his performance which is nothing if not an insult to everybody that has a minimum of three brain cells connected, then I guess he deserves the likes of this.

Senator Larry Craig is having a bad year -- In June he was arrested for Lewd Conduct after hitting on an undercover police officer in an airport Men's Room. In September resigned from the Senate, then in October decided NOT to resign. AND NOW HE IS A TALKING DOLL!***

We'd feel sorry for the guy it wasn't so.... to use our favorite word... STUPID!

The Talking Senator Larry Craig Action Figure stands about 12" tall and wears a t-shirt emblazoned with his declaration: "I Am Not Gay." His limbs are bendable, so you can put him in all sorts of poses... even the famous "wide stance" the Senator refers to.more

***Not to be confused with: "I am not a crack ho." Barbie.

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