Monday, November 12, 2007

Who Watches What : Marty Kaplan


Our findings, hot off the press, may give candidates some ideas about where to advertise. But the big picture is especially interesting. It turns out that -- just as there are conservatives, liberals and moderates -- there are people with red, blue and purple taste.

People with red taste think a lot of entertainment programming is in bad taste and doesn't reflect their values. They think that fictional TV shows and movies are politically biased.
They don't like a lot of things on TV, but their two favorite channels are.... more


Anonymous said... BeanonTi? and a child, info only, so disappointing, perhaps better remove.

Himself said...

I'm to take it every one of these follows McCann on Twitter?

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As for the troll thing nonsense why would they pick out that lady I wonder. She must pose a threat. Is it because of I have heard that there are many at Glenfield Hospital (Gerrys work place) who have expressed disquiet, however the McCann will sue at the drop of a hat. (sixth comment)?

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