Monday, November 19, 2007

Garbage In Garbage Out : Intelligent Design Dover Pa


*Garbage in garbage out, so spake judge John Jones, a Bush appointed Republican judge after his ruling on the Dover Pennsylvania Intelligent Design trial.

Light posting on the blog today, sidetracked once again, this time by a two hour, although presented in twelve bite sized chunks, production of Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.

Of course I'm going to recommend the program, I wouldn't be writing about it otherwise, but more importantly if you have kids of the right age or maturity it might not be a bad thing to sit down together and watch as much or as little as you wish.

*This statement was given by Jones near to the end of the film, there is however an audio of judge Jones speaking about the case after his ruling, not yet listened to it myself but here it is.

Update: The audio is but a few minutes of Jones giving the bare bones of his ruling.

h/t C&L

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