Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ga Court Tosses Domicile Restrictions On Sex Offenders


But not for all, the new rule will apply to home owners only. My own opinion is partially included in a previous post A Hidden World Of Astonishing Violence: America's Brutal Prisons
and is reflected below.

Opponents of the residency restriction have argued it interferes with the very things a sex offender needs to stay out of trouble a stable home and job. They also contend it could push sex offenders underground, making it harder to track them because they do not register out of fear they will have to move repeatedly.
Given the American psyche and it's preoccupation with piety it would be well to consider that a goodly proportion of "sex offenders" have been placed on the register for some quite ridiculous reasons, many stemming from "offences" when they themselves were kids or teenagers and have to carry the burden of being on the register for life and in truth are no threat to anyone.

The Georgia Supreme Court Wednesday tossed out the state's restrictions on where sex offenders can live, if they own the property, saying it is unconstitutional to force them to relocate because a child care facility, school, church later opens up nearby.

The decision came on an appeal filed by a Clayton County man, who researched neighborhoods before he and his wife bought a house in Hampton. Anthony Mann, a registered sex offender for a 2002 conviction in North Carolina for "indecent liberties with children," also challenged the state law that restricts where he can work, but the court ruled against him on that issue.more


Anonymous said...

There has been research that shows these registration, residence restrictions do not change the recidivism rates. I work with sex offenders. I have seen some of them having to move because they lived 998 feet from a school, just shy of the 1000 foot restriction. This is what we call "feel good" legislation. It makes the community feel good that something is being done with the sex offenders and gives them a false sence of security. It is more likely uncle Lou will molest little Sally than a convicted sex offender. As for some sex offenders getting put on the registry because of stupid reasons, that does happen. I have not had any on my case load, personally, but there have been arrests for men who urinate in public places. These men must then register as a sexual offender. HH

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