Monday, November 19, 2007

Kathryn Johnston. One Year On


Little has changed at Kathryn Johnston's yellow brick house on Neal Street since the first few days after the elderly woman was killed during a botched drug raid.
Someone regularly tends the yard and, on a recent day, was careful to rake around the pile of stuffed animals and fake flowers left on the curb a year ago — apparently undisturbed since the days they were placed there in memory of the 92-year-old's death at the hands of Atlanta police last Nov. 21.more

Snitch says he's a hero.
I get a good deal of news via email from the Atlanta Journal, whereas it's a good source for breaking news it's very poor for archiving, articles don't stay online too long.
I wrote this at the time of the killing of the unfortunate Ms Johnston.

With his identity exposed, White says he can no longer work as a snitch, which netted him up to $30,000 annually.
But if we read this from the first article:

To add credibility to their story, they (the cops) actually paid White his usual $30 fee for information and explained to him how he was to say the scenario played out if asked.

Now it's possible I suppose that for some tips White (the snitch) might receive a higher fee, but to take the figures at face value White is providing twenty tips a week.
Now this slimeball either knows an awful lot of bad dudes or the tips he comes up must be very very suspect to say the least, little wonder defence lawyers abhor the use of paid informants.

The IRA treated touts (informants) with the respect that was due to them, one in each kneecap.Touts, no lower life form on the planet.

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