Friday, November 30, 2007

Human Eggs! Stop Please!


Staying with the subject of reproductive bits, I first reported this story last week, Beth Kohl over at Huffpo now gives us a more comprehensive take on what I can only call, given we are living in the twenty first century, the most bizarre proposal to be included on a ballot that I have ever witnessed.

I don't know if your average Joe American would look at this proposal with the same incredulity as I, or has same Joe public become so inured to all the batshit crazy stuff going on that this dilly of a proposal seems the norm?

Or heaven forbid, he might agree with it.

Human Eggs v. Colorado
If you happen to be a Coloradan planning to vote in November 2008, prepare yourself not only to select a presidential candidate, but also to consider an issue that concerns even more ill-defined beings.......

A proposed amendment to the Colorado Constitution would provide that the protection of inalienable rights, due process and the equality of justice as defined by the Colorado Constitution be extended to "any human being from the moment of fertilization." We're not just talking fetuses, mind you --we're also talking about their frozen, pre-fetal and, as the bill's proponents would frame it, equally unprotected yet valuable younger brethren.more

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Anonymous said...

Jesus christ!! Have you ever been so mad that you tear up? That is how I feel whenever I think about some of the bullshit going on in this country. I read somewhere that the number of Americans leaving this country is rapidly increasing. I have been saying it for the last few years, "I just want to leave!" I have thought about moving to Canada, England, France, just away from this sinking ship. If I were able to move right now, I would renounce my citizenship in a heartbeat. I have no national pride for this country. I love the land, the nature, the landscape, but the people, the rules, the laws that come attached to that land are just too much to bear. I remember when I used to be proud to call myself an American, it has been a long time since I felt that way. HH