Friday, November 30, 2007

Thompson For President? Break Out The Coathangers


I try not to listen or watch the wannabee Presidential debates, if I'm going to watch whores at work I like it to be those of my choosing, pretty girly ones, colour optional.
But the little I have seen has been a nauseating display of flip flopping and selling down the river of most everything the candidates have ever stood for. Whores for votes, every last one of them, and non more so than Romney, what a tart.

I could include mister 9/11 but I think Rudy has pissed on the bonfire by using tax-payer dollars to pay for his own whoring.

Let us look at the subject of abortion, particularly the far from unique views of the ultimate no-hoper Fred Thompson.

Any casual watcher of last night's Republican debate may have come away thinking that women don't have much at stake in this election......

The Democrats have Hillary as a candidate this year, which puts women front and center. For the Republicans, though, it's pretty much a choice between graying, gray or bald white men, all of whom seemed to nod in agreement on one breathtaking policy initiative for women that surfaced in last night's debate: the DIY abortion.

The question from the "young lady" was: If abortion is outlawed then who is the criminal, woman, doctor, or both? This has always been the sticky question for the anti-abortion side. Do they intend to start locking up women for murder? Fascinatingly, Fred Thompson, National Right to Life's endorsed candidate, said no. He suggested that some people will be able to perform abortions at any stage of pregnancy with no fear of prosecution: women on themselves.more

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