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Ist Teddy's Neue Unterwasser boat to join Meer Hirten?

I'm not too sure about the translation.

Update: But what I am sure about, Babylon is malware, download it at your peril.

Header: "Is Teddy's new underwater boat to join Sea Shepherds?"

Greenpeace: Money Well Spent?

I have "borrowed this post from Cyber Whale Warrior, Holise E Cleveland III.

He says it better than I could hope to, and in posting the full article here it enables me to get the links out as requested, and it enables Teddy to get his message out again regarding Greenpeace.

Teddy has by the way, has just signed up for a Wordpress domain aptly named, Don't Fuck With Teddy ( He has the thing set to private for the moment, but I'm sure he will be up and running shortly.

What Holise E Cleveland III, no less, has to say about Greenpeace was brought home to me recently when watching an episode of Whale wars. The Steve Irwin and the Sea Shepherds were steaming all over the Southern Ocean trying to locate the Japanese whaling fleet, but all to no avail.

The location of that fleet was apparently known to Greenpeace, who were themselves in the South Atlantic, doing what, I don't know, poncing about as usual would be my only guess. A request from the Steve Irwin for Greenpeace to share this information with the Shepherds, was met only by radio silence. No such silence from Himself though, as he called Greenpeace all the cocksucking names under the sun.

As Teddy says: wankers. Pussy cat wankers in fact.

But before you head on down the page, read this, sourced from the first link.

Where is Greenpeace?
Commentary by Captain Paul Watson
Thursday, December 09, 2010

Greenpeace has not sent a ship down to the Southern Ocean to defend the whales since 2007, but I wish they would. The more ships down there opposing the illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet - the better. Greenpeace has the ships, and they certainly have the resources, and supposedly they are against whaling, so where are their ships?

And where is Greenpeace when it comes to defending the dolphins at Taiji? Nowhere to be found! They have an office and staff in Japan but not a single Greenpeacer has gone to the Cove.

And where is Greenpeace when it comes to defending the pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands? Nowhere to be found!

Iceland? Not there. Not to be found in Norway either!

They gave up defending seals in Canada decades ago.

So why does much of the public think that Greenpeace is leading the fight to save the whales, dolphins and seals? It might have something to do with where Greenpeace is spending its money:

Promotional mailings and Internet appeals! They need your money in order to ask more people for more money.

Now I don’t begrudge Greenpeace and their right to do things their way but when I am stopped on the streets in Melbourne last March and asked to donate money to send a Greenpeace ship down to Antarctica to defend the whales, I was course very inquisitive. The couple with the clipboards in hand did not recognize me, so I asked when was the last time Greenpeace had a ship in the Southern Ocean?

They told me that two Greenpeace ships had just returned from saving whales.

“You mean the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker?” I asked.

“Yes,” they answered.

“Really,” I replied, “I believe those are Sea Shepherd ships.”

“Yes,” the woman said, “but Sea Shepherd is part of Greenpeace.”

I looked at her and calmly said, “No, it is not.”

Defensively she said, “Yes it is!”

It was then I introduced myself as the Captain of the Steve Irwin and the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. She suddenly looked a little frightened and said, “I just work for Greenpeace and they told me to say what I said.”

If this was a something that happened this once, it could be seen as a mistake but other members of my crew have had similar conversations with Greenpeace canvassers on the streets of Paris, Washington D.C., and Perth, Western Australia.

And today I received the following internet message from Greenpeace:

I have taken the liberty of adding my editorial comments (in italics). more, lots more.

Gambling With Greenpeace

In the SSCS December 9th issue of 2010, Where Is Greenpeace?, Captain Paul Watson states how many Greenpeace volunteers are claiming that Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is their organization. Greenpeace isn’t doing squat in the Southern Ocean, yet they are soliciting funds for it! I have even seen where the media supports this farce. This video here is one example.

In January 3, 2011 we read how Wikileaks Reveals Sea Shepherd Is A Serious Concern to Japanese Illegal Whaling Operations. Greenpeace and the Japanese whalers are basically on the same side. No wonder there’s no Greenpeace in the Southern Ocean! As of January 11, Sea Shepherd has openly requested the support of just one Greenpeace ship. Frankly, I just don’t see it happening. Greenpeace will not risk upsetting the whalers, which is the same reason Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard will not deploy a single vessel.

People need to know what’s happening with their money, or what’s not happening with their money. Many like to “give at the office” because it makes them feel good that they are doing something for this world. Well, how would it make them feel if they knew the truth? Wouldn’t you like to know if it was your money? A serious injustice to people’s good intentions is being perpetrated here. So, please, get these links out. Email them to everyone you can. Post them on every facebook wall and forum. Send them to every media source and tweet them like there’s no tomorrow. Because that is what we are really fighting for: tomorrow! Saving the world costs money. I don’t know about you, but I want my money to actually make a difference!

Where Is Greenpeace?

Wikileaks Reveals Sea Shepherd Is A Serious Concern to Japanese Illegal Whaling Operations

Sea Shepherd Requests the Support of a Greenpeace Ship

Gambling With Greenpeace

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Sea Shepherd News: Hunting the Hunters

Sea Shepherd News

Hunting the Hunters Through Ice and Storms
Report from Captain Paul Watson
Friday, January 28, 2011

It is difficult to describe the sea, weather conditions, and the obstacles we face each day while in our pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet. The vastness of this Southern Ocean is awesome. The unpredictability of the weather is a constant surprise, and the ice, well, the ice is even more unpredictable than the weather.

This morning we found ourselves surrounded by large floes where the ice charts say there are no floes to be found. Miles away, the Bob Barker was also encumbered by the barrier of ice. And once again, the Nisshin Maru is on the loose. Not whaling, but out of our sight, and once again we renew our efforts to hunt it down. Fortunately the Gojira will be back in place within a few days, and it will be free to search for the whalers as a scout ship without a tail.

The Steve Irwin must return to land for fuel. We have delayed longer than we should have, and being jammed into ice is no comfort with fuel reserves running low. We still have the Yushin Maru No. 2 on our stern.

The Bob Barker also has a tail, which keeps us from approaching the Nisshin Maru because these tails simply relay our coordinates ahead allowing the factory ship to stay out of our way.

The Nancy Burnet helicopter gives us an advantage, but only when it can fly. Weather conditions prevent us from flying for over 50 percent of the time. All and all, it is a formidable challenge, but so far this season has been an incredible success. more SSCS

~ ~ ~

There are some heartless bastards on this planet.

€1,000 (Euros)
For the first successful conviction of a fisherman using a dog or cat as shark bait and €200 for each conviction thereafter

Dogs and cats are also involved in an assault on nature, this time as victims and as bait. On the French island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, fishermen have been using live dogs and cats as bait for sharks. more SSCS

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Whale Blog or Not, Somethings Just Need To Be Posted

h/t D

Steve Irwin Needs a Sup Sea Shepherds Head For Wellington

The Steve Irwin Disengages for Refuelling
Sea Shepherd News
Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin has no alternative but to disengage from further pursuit of the Nisshin Maru. The Steve Irwin will now head for Wellington, New Zealand to refuel and then will return to the Southern Ocean.

“We have run our fuel levels down to the point that we have no choice but to disengage,” said Captain Paul Watson.

The Bob Barker will continue to pursue the whaling fleet. The Gojira is en route back to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary from Hobart, Australia.

“Our continuous disruption, the constant fleeing of the factory ship, and the fact that two of three harpoon vessels have been taken off from whaling duties to tail Sea Shepherd for a month have significantly damaged the ability of the Japanese whaling fleet to conduct their operations down here in the sanctuary,” said captain of the Bob Barker Alex Cornelissen. “We will hound them until the end of the season. This whale sanctuary must be defended from these greedy poachers.”

“I am confident that the crews of the Bob Barker and the Gojira can keep the pressure on the whalers while we refuel and resupply,” said Captain Watson. “I’ve got two excellent captains and two incredibly passionate crews on those two vessels. The whales will remain in good hands while we are gone.”

It is a seven-day voyage to New Zealand, and seven days back, plus approximately two days in port. The Steve Irwin should be back in the Southern Ocean by mid February. The whaling season will last through mid to late March.

The whalers have become increasingly desperate in recent days, and have entered large heavy fields of ice to lose the Sea Shepherd ships.

“No matter where they go, we will follow them, and we will be relentless in our pursuit. It is a vast ocean down here fraught with dangers from weather and ice and with no recourse for assistance, if needed. We recognize these dangers and we recognize that this is a difficult campaign against a ruthless opposition. We have no alternative but to do all that we can to save as many whales as we can and to defend what is designated by law as a sanctuary for whales,” said Captain Watson. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Only in America Blogging For Whales

In order that I may give the plight that faces our big fat friends in the sea
the attention it deserves, I have decided to make Only in America, for the main part, a single issue blog, a blog for whales and other threatened creatures of the sea. And for the other stuff, perhaps just a daily round-up of links that may be of interest.

I shall still keep the other blog current, no doubt continuing to make posts about the asinine and absurd demented rantings of that lunatic fringe of losers, disgrace to the species, the contemptible cultists of Young Earth Creationism.

And if you should struggle to understand the degree of contempt that I hold for the whaling Nation of Japan, then you could never possibly comprehend the contempt I reserve these idiots.

Besides, I have unfinished business there.

Two short videos that I first posted in February 2007, only brought to my attention due to a little re-tagging of various posts. The first entitled, Amazingly Friendly Whale, and the second, Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign, includes words of wisdom from Captain Paul Watson, some wonderful footage of these magnificent creatures, and, sad to say, the horrors of a whale kill by the Japanese.

But let me make one thing quite clear, xenophobia is not in my DNA, not in the slightest; but I'm afraid it's the big brush application when it comes down to this lot. These pricks sail under the Japanese flag, tar one, tar all.

Bugger and damnation! I've used the wrong Teddy. Teddy two swords, that's what you get for buggering about in the small hours. Later. Mutter chunner grumble bollocks.

And let me say how delightful it is to have put that other stuff behind me, it's like a heavy dark cloud has lifted.

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The Planet Is Fucked: Australian Edition

Australia's Katrina Moment
By John Pilger
Thursday 27 January 2011

When you fly over the earth's oldest land mass, Australia, the view can be shocking. Scars as long as European countries are the result of erosion. Salt pans shimmer where native vegetation once grew. This change is almost impossible to reverse. The first species to die are those that are most vulnerable.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Australia's devastation of its natural environment has caused more mammal extinction than in any other country. The iconic koala is used to attract tourists; the queen and Oprah Winfrey are photographed cuddling one, unaware that this unique creature has enriched the state of Queensland for decades with its industrial slaughter and the sale of its skin to Britain and America. Today, the belatedly "protected" koala is not threatened by flood or drought, but by rapacious land clearing, of which Queensland is the national champion. Each year, according to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, the state effectively destroys 100 million birds, mammals and reptiles.

The land is "cleared" by fire or machinery, often with a heavy chain tied between two bulldozers. The technique was developed by Queensland's most notorious land-clearer, the late Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, the conservative state premier for 19 years, whose self-awarded knighthood was given for "services to parliamentary democracy" such as winning gerrymandered elections with 20 percent of the votes. In 1992, a defamation jury found that Bjelke-Petersen had been bribed "on a large scale and on many occasions." Two of his ministers and his police commissioner were jailed for corruption. Lucrative land became a prize for cronies known as the "white shoe brigade." Brown envelopes of cash were handed over at a five-star hotel recently lapped by floodwaters in the centre of Brisbane.

Last July, the Queensland Labor government sold swathes of the state's forests and plantations to Hancock Queensland Plantations, a subsidiary of a US-based timber multinational. Queensland has many low-lying flood plains on which developers have been allowed to make fortunes selling plots. The victims of the great flood have been mostly poor people, including timber workers and their families. Most could not afford insurance or discovered their policies did not include "types of flood." more

Brit Cops Arrest Five DDoS Hackers, The Children Aging From...

Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks

Five people in custody on suspicion of crippling the websites of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal
Thursday 27 January 2011

Five people from across the UK were arrested early today in connection with a spate of online attacks last month in support of the whistleblowers' site WikiLeaks.

Police said the five males, aged between 15 and 26, are being held after a series of arrests in the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London.

Three teenagers, aged 15, 16 and 19, were arrested in a series of coordinated raids at 7am along with two men aged 20 and 26. All five are being held in custody at local police stations.

The five were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the loose-knit group of "hacktivists" known as Anonymous, who temporarily crippled the websites of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal after those companies cut off financial services to WikiLeaks. The attacks followed WikiLeaks' release of US diplomatic cables from late November.

Today's arrests were coordinated by the Metropolitan police working in conjunction with other UK forces and international agencies.

"They are part of an ongoing [Metropolitan police] investigation into Anonymous which began last year following criminal allegations of DDoS [distributed denial of service] attacks by the group against several companies," Scotland Yard said.

"This investigation is being carried out in conjunction with international law enforcement agencies in Europe and the US."

The so-called DDoS attacks, which bring down sites by bombarding them with repeated requests to load web pages, are illegal in the UK under the Computer Misuse Act and carry a maximum fine of £5,000.

Anonymous leapt to the support of WikiLeaks after Amazon and other companies terminated business links with the site. The 1,000-strong group of activists launched what they called Operation Payback, vowing to give perceived anti-WikiLeaks firms a "black eye".

More recently, the group has turned its attention to supporting the political uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, temporarily disabling access to 10 Tunisian government websites and four Egyptian government sites.

Anonymous says the cyber attacks are in retaliation for government censorship in both countries. Facebook, Twitter and other information-sharing sites have been routinely blocked by the authorities in Tunisia and Egypt.

Ireland's main opposition party's website was also hacked into earlier this month, with Anonymous claiming responsibility for the attack which compromised up to 2,000 people's personal details.

Authorities across Europe signalled an intention to identify those behind the attacks, the majority of which are traceable by their internet protocol (IP) addresses that connect each device to the internet.

The more sophisticated "hacktivists" use technology that makes their connection anonymous on the internet, so authorities and other internet users cannot see who is behind the computer. But most of those involved in the Anonymous attacks are understood to be "average internet citizens", whose location can be discovered through the IP address.

Dutch police last month arrested two teenagers suspected of involvement in the online campaign. They face trial later this year. Gruniad

h/t Truthout

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Further Tales From a Police State and The Big Fascist Picture Show

No U-Turns on the Road to Serfdom?
The “anti-terrorist” witch-hunt and the future of America
by Justin Raimondo, January 24, 2011

In a series of raids last year, the FBI raided the homes and offices of antiwar activists in Minneapolis, North Carolina, Chicago, and California. They seized boxes of materials, cell phones, documents, and other private property, and issued subpoenas to a number of individuals, 24 at last count, demanding their appearance before a federal grand jury. The focus of this fishing expedition is ostensibly the “solidarity work” engaged in by the Antiwar Committee of Minneapolis, and sympathizing organizations, in Palestine and Columbia, but the history of police repression against these groups and individuals goes back years, specifically involving their work in organizing a march on the Republican and Democratic national conventions: in the Twin Cities, the “RNC Welcoming Committee,” which planned the protest, was of particular interest to the authorities. The local cops, working with the FBI, actively worked to recruit informants, and – using information gleaned from these infiltrators – conducted a weekend-long reign of terror in early September 2008, breaking down doors, manhandling protesters – including journalists – and rounding up dissidents in anticipation of violence they claim “might” have occurred had the authorities not acted.

In reality, of course, the RNC Welcoming Committee was engaged in perfectly legal activities protected by the First Amendment, and there was no evidence presented that violence was forthcoming – but, under the terms of the post-9/11 legislative assault on the Constitution that culminated in the “Patriot” Act and subsequent acts of Congress, the First Amendment is no longer operative in this country.

If you’re an Influential Person, however,....more

Previous: Further Fascist Fun In Florida - The road to Damascus. (funny)

Not so funny Portland Oregon 2002

I have stopped watching videos of America's finest in action, A, because they make me extremely angry, and B, because of some of the cuntish comments made by the cunts of the law and order brigade. See, Further Fascist Fun in Florida, above.
This has been sat in the archives for three years. The girl's crime, if I remember correctly, was to be walking home, or was that, walking home whilst being black?

Bill Hicks - "Officer nigger hater."

Update: This clip below is the one I was searching for originally.

He's Got The Whole World Wide Web In His Hands

Update: Obama 'Internet kill switch' plan approved by US Senate panel
President could get power to turn off Internet more

And by the sound of things, this bill, if successful, will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Yes we can." Which incidentally, and with the benefit that hindsight affords us, is only half a phrase, "Yes we can carry on as usual" perhaps being the more apt for the administration of America's great black hope, Barack Obama.

And if I. as a white Englishman, can feel in the man the disappointment that I do, what must it say for underprivileged black Americans? But I shouldn't be disappointed really, not with the luxury that is afforded me, the luxury of being on the outside looking in; in seeing American politics not as Americans see them, simply as right and left, but for what they really are; far right and extreme right.

But don't worry, a President of the United States of America would never abuse the powers invested in him. The VP might, (2m10s) but surely not the President? Surely not?

Isn't that so Richard?
Obama may get power to shut down Internet without court oversight
By Daniel Tencer
Monday, January 24th, 2011

A bill giving the president an Internet "kill switch" during times of emergency that failed to pass Congress last year will return this year, but with a revision that has many civil liberties advocates concerned: It will give the president the ability to shut down parts of the Internet without any court oversight.

The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act was introduced last year by (Republican) Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) in an effort to combat cyber-crime and the threat of online warfare and terrorism.

Critics said the bill would allow the president to disconnect Internet networks and force private websites to comply with broad cybersecurity measures. Future US presidents would have those powers renewed indefinitely.

According to a report Monday at CNET News, the bill will be back on the Senate agenda in the new year. But a revision introduced into the bill in December would exempt the law from judicial oversight. According to critics, this change would open the law to politically-motivated abuse by any administration, no matter how narrowly the law is interpreted.

"The country we're seeking to protect is a country that respects the right of any individual to have their day in court," Steve DelBianco, director of the NetChoice coalition, which represents online companies such as eBay and Yahoo, told CNET. "Yet this bill would deny that day in court to the owner of infrastructure."

Critics said the bill would allow the president to disconnect Internet networks and force private websites to comply with broad cybersecurity measures. Future US presidents would have those powers renewed indefinitely.

According to a report Monday at CNET News, the bill will be back on the Senate agenda in the new year. But a revision introduced into the bill in December would exempt the law from judicial oversight. According to critics, this change would open the law to politically-motivated abuse by any administration, no matter how narrowly the law is interpreted.

"The country we're seeking to protect is a country that respects the right of any individual to have their day in court," Steve DelBianco, director of the NetChoice coalition, which represents online companies such as eBay and Yahoo, told CNET. "Yet this bill would deny that day in court to the owner of infrastructure."

"Judicial review is our main concern," he added. "A designation of critical information infrastructure brings with it huge obligations for upgrades and compliance."

Under the proposed law, the Department of Homeland Security would draw up a list of Internet "critical infrastructure" it deems vital to the proper functioning of the web and US economy. The president would then be granted the power to order some part of that critical infrastructure to be shut down, in case of a "national cyberemergency."

While the bill does lay down what constitutes "critical infrastructure," critics say it's not clear what constitutes a "national cyberemergency." Nor is it clear what other powers the president may exert, aside from shutting down parts of the web.

For instance, some observers wonder whether the president would be able to order Internet service providers to hand over information about customers, or their activities online, during a "national cyberemergency." As a result, the ability of online companies to appeal only to the DHS secretary -- and not the courts -- has many civil libertarians alarmed.

"No amount of tightening of what constitutes 'critical infrastructure' will prevent abuse without meaningful judicial review," Berin Szoka, an analyst at the TechFreedom think tank, told CNET. "Blocking judicial review of this key question essentially says that the rule of law goes out the window if and when a major crisis occurs."

Backers of the bill have argued that it doesn't constitute a "kill switch" for the Internet -- and even if it did, it doesn't matter because the president already has the power to shut down communications networks during times of war.

But critics argue that if the law really changed nothing, it wouldn't be necessary. And they point out that the Communications Act of 1934 only gives the president the ability to shut down communications during times of war, whereas the proposed bill would allow it during times of "national cyberemergency," a concept evidently left to the president to define.

The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act is by no means the only proposal seeking to grant government more control over the Internet. The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act, proposed in Congress last year, would give the federal government the power to shut down any domain deemed to be engaged in copyright violations.

Critics said the bill is both a giveaway to the movie and recording industries and a step towards widespread and unaccountable censorship of the Internet.

Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden placed a hold on that bill last year, effectively killing it in the last congressional session, but many observers expect the bill to make a comeback this year. Raw Story

Here's one quite unrelated, but it came up under the shock and awe search. From the one minute mark, and it's one for the guys.

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“This whaling fleet belongs to us now – lock, stock, and smoking harpoon gun.”

What a great header and what a great, and undoubtedly the best season so far, for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. As ever, tireless in its efforts to stop the slaughter of innocents in the South Atlantic. Could this be the last of the season ever? Read more of Captain Paul Watson in the second article. …hopefully it will be the last.

This latest report from 70 Degrees South. - At 70 Degrees South there is no God*

Sea Shepherd News

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Sea Shepherd Successfully finds the Nisshin Maru Position: 70 Degrees 45 Minutes South 171 Degrees 45 Minutes West

After a 26-day pursuit covering over 4,000 miles, the Steve Irwin caught up with the Nisshin Maru at 1800 hours on January 25th, 2011 AEST.

“We finally have this serial killing death ship where we want them, and from here on in, we intend to ride their ass until the end of the whaling season,” said Captain Paul Watson from onboard the Steve Irwin. “This whaling fleet belongs to us now – lock, stock, and smoking harpoon gun.”

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ships the Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, and Gojira originally found the Japanese whaling fleet on December 31st, 2010 before the whalers had an opportunity to kill a single whale. Unfortunately, two of the harpoon vessels blocked the approach to the Nisshin Maru and the factory ship was able to flee with the faster harpoon vessels tailing the two larger Sea Shepherd ships to relay Sea Shepherd movements to the fleeing Nisshin Maru. The Gojira was prevented from immediately pursuing the Nisshin Maru due to risky ice conditions.

The Gojira shot ahead of the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker as the Nisshin Maru fled westward. On January 10th, the Gojira encountered the refueling and supply ship the Sun Laurel. On January 12th, the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin caught up with the tanker and began to tail the Korean-owned vessel allowing the Gojira to continue westward in pursuit of the Nisshin Maru.

The Sun Laurel headed north and east to put as much distance between the factory ship and themselves as they could. The Sea Shepherd ships followed knowing it was essential to cut off the supplies to the whaling fleet. Two of the three harpoon vessels followed and for 23 days we had confirmation that these two vessels had not taken a single whale. More Sea Shepherd News

A more comprehensive report of the situation as of Sunday 23/01/11

Sea Shepherd News
Sunday, January 23, 2011
Halfway Through Operation No Compromise
Report from Captain Paul Watson

This is Day 54 of Operation No Compromise and Day 25 since Sea Shepherd Conservation Society intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet. We are about halfway through the campaign, with approximately another 54 days to go until the Antarctic winter begins to evict the whalers from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and another season of slaughter will be over…hopefully it will be the last.

Despite that this is going to be the most successful year yet for Sea Shepherd’s mission and whale kill quotas will be lower than ever before, the fact remains that this is a very difficult and complex campaign taking place over hundreds of thousands of square miles in adverse weather conditions, amidst icebergs and floes. It involves coordinating three vessels, a helicopter, and 88 crewmembers. It also involves complex logistics like refueling, provisioning, repairs, aerial and ice surveys, communications, and numerous other details.

It is never an easy task and not quite as simplistic as many of our detractors seem to think it is. Our campaigns are major Antarctic expeditions in every possible way. They are grander in terms of ships, crew, and equipment than any of the famous Shackleton, Scott, or Amundsen expeditions of nearly a century ago.

On the very positive side during this campaign, we were able to locate the Japanese whaling fleet before they killed a single whale. We were able to intercept the Sun Laurel refueling vessel to cut off supplies and fuel to the Nisshin Maru and the rest of her whaling fleet. Most importantly of all, we have kept two of the three harpoon vessels out of whaling operations completely, while the third continues to run along with the Nisshin Maru.

We have chased the whaling fleet for over 4,000 miles for the last 24 days. Are whales being killed? Possibly, but not many.

We have not yet located the Nisshin Maru, but we usually do not do so until February of each campaign. Last year we did not find the factory ship until almost mid February, and we were still able to save more whales than the whalers were able to kill. More Sea Shepherd News

*Pedro Monteiro, far right.
At 50 Degrees South there is no law.
At 60 Degrees South there is no hope.
At 70 Degrees South there is no God.
One laid back bugger if ever there were.

Teddy Joins Sea Shepherd For a Bit of Direct Action

We've seen a few campaigns together have Teddy and I. He first joined me when the batshit crazies were clamouring to chop the head off that poor old Doris for calling a mate of Ted's, Mohammed. What was it the Old Man said, "As a species we are insane" And some!

Updated below, as and when.

Peter Hammarstedt. I have much respect for this young fellow-me-lad, from what I've seen of him.

Pete Bethune, he can have a bit too.

The all can in actual fact, every last one of them. To step on a boat like that, heading where it's heading, takes bottle. And to do so as a lubber, a lubber whose sum total of previous experience was perhaps an hour on the boating lake, takes a special kind of bottle. Respect to them all.

And no little amount for this fellow below, Chris Aultman, helicopter pilot, I hardly need spell out the dangers he faces flying a poxy little machine in those temperatures and over water to boot.
But if I say that of him, what can I say about the cameraman? Other than perhaps, "now that's what I call a passenger."

No doubt I'll get round to them all one by one, I wonder how Ted feels about flying, hmm....

Chris Aultman, helicopter pilot.

Never one to mince words.

He's a bugger is our Ted, he makes that Pete Bethune look like a pussy kit.

Teddy two swords, a slight hiccup in the design department.