Monday, March 03, 2008

Further Fascist Fun In Florida


Isn't it amazing how the law and order brigade have a road to Damascus moment when they find themselves in the hands of "law and order."

There's nothing like a basin full of reality to sweep away the illusions is there? I love stories like this, they're better than midget porn convert's corner at Richard Dawkins dot net.

And he prayed over him and made the sign of the cross over him and over his eyes, and breathed into his face; and the scales fell from his eyes and he saw immediately. His mother said to the saint, "Master, let him hear with his ears and let him walk." The righteous man said to her, "O woman, this is sufficient now; when I call him, he shall hear my voice, and shall walk and perform my words;" and she was unable to answer him a word, for she saw that his face was like that of an angel of God.

Caught on tape: More deputies accused of brutally beating inmate

Tampa, Florida- Former teacher Paul King says he used to be one of those people who said lock 'em up throw away the key.

However King has changed his mind since being arrested on public intoxication last July. A video shows deputies pushed him against a glass wall as he was being frisked, threw him to the ground for no apparent reason, held his neck back more than 2 minutes as he was being put into a restraint chair, put a hood over his face and then appeared to try to hide the action from cameras by moving paperwork to cover his head.

King says it's something like out of Guantanamo.More and video.

Isn't it just mister King, welcome to the real world.

Update: Video down, remainder of story below.

King says when he was out of camera view, two deputies took him out of the restraining chair and says they both started kneeing him up against a bench or a wall, as he was pleading please, please, please.

But it didn't stop there. King says they made him say you're a fucking pussy. And he says they were hurting him so he said “ I'm a fucking pussy and the deputies all laughed.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has ordered an inquiry into all the allegations, however a spokesman for the McCollum says it is too early to determine whether these are isolated incidents or there is a pattern of abuse occurring.

But despite the fact the attorney general and the sheriff's office each launched separate investigations, some have said they fear this is an attempt to sweep things under the rug rather than to find the truth.

Attorney John Trevena, who represents some of the people claiming abuse, met with McCollum's office on Thursday and says he believes there is a need for federal oversite in this. Trevena says he hopes he is wrong but he is losing confidence in the state's ability to handle this.

And those who claim they have been abused in the jail are losing confidence in the system. King says when he was going through this he thought it was something like the Orwell novel, "1984." King says they can do whatever they want.

And critics say right now no one is stopping them.

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