Friday, March 14, 2008

Starving? WeWill Soon Cure That: North Korea

I'm a bit late in the day for posting I having been visiting the Mammy, but it was there I saw this report in hard print so I thought it worth bringing up.

How evil does a regime get that it does this to it's own people, and it gets worse, at the bottom of the page read about the fishermen who were executed.

North Korea has publicly executed 15 starving people, mostly women, for illegally entering neighbouring China in search of food, an aid group said yesterday.

The 13 women and two men were shot on a bridge in the north-eastern town of Onseong as local residents watched. It was the second mass execution to be reported this week.

The group of 15 were sentenced to death for illegally crossing the border into China or for helping others to do so, to ask for help, in money or food, from relatives living there.

The report of the shootings, on February 20, came from the South Korean group, Good Friends, which works in the North.

Officials in South Korea's unification ministry, who handle relations with the impoverished communist North, could not confirm the bridge killings.

But Good Friends said residents were appalled by what they saw.more


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Himself said...

It's hard to tell what's real or what's posturing and rhetoric.

NK; such an alien culture.

I read somewhere were the army is in charge of distributing food aid, so you can imagine what a can of worms that will be.

In comparison to the rest of the country, I should imagine the army is spoilt rotten, got to keep them on side.

Much like Jong-un I shouldn't I wonder. (spoilt rotten)

I know you shouldn't judge by appearances, but he looks like bad news to me. Extremely bad news.

If history is anything to go by, NK will collapse sooner or later. Singular states don't last long, they have nothing to fall back on, no diversity to see them through times of change and adversity.

All inward looking dynasties have suffered that fate, for those very reasons.

o/t Have you ever watched an animated move called Wall-E? I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Technically staggering, creativity and imagination, peerless. And a cute little story line to boot.

Anonymous said...

Hi H. Wall-E is a wonderful story, a classic plot.

I "watched"

Actually I am not a movie buff at all but I love story lines. Mostly, I have no patience to watch movies which is quite odd, because I spend hours reading and constructing English 'sentences', patiently. Besides, I am under the delusion of creating better images myself, well, nobody is perfect.

As for Jung-un, I find he looks unhappy, as if he does not love himself, that is always bad news, isn’t it. My appearance-based judgement, he does not look very clever, and I really don’t know if that is bad news.

Anyway, it is not cosy in NK.

Good night M

Anonymous said...

I mean Jong-un

jung - German
jong - Dutch
young - English

Jong-un, too young, never been young.

Himself said...

Glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is more changeable than a human being. (literal translation of course) M

Anonymous said...


During our vows, my bride said, "After what Katie Holmes went through, it's so great to be marrying someone normal."

Himself said...

Now that's what I call funny. Lol

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