Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Forget The $10 Gasoline Gallon


Petrol went over the £5 ($1o) per gallon this week. ($8 US gallon) and other things have just been hiked in the budget, some of the prices might raise an eyebrow for stateside readers.

It has been proposed, and if not already in force I'm sure it will be presently, London Council will levy a local tax of $50 a day to drive into town in a SUV or other gas guzzler.

AP/Raw Story bring you the English budget converted into dollars.

Britons Hit by "Sin Taxes" on Smoking, Drinking and Gas-Guzzling Cars

From this weekend, alcohol duties will rise by 6 percent above inflation — meaning an extra 8 cents for a pint of beer, which already costs about $6 in an average London pub.

They will go up around 26 cents for a bottle of wine and a whopping $1.10 a bottle for spirits such as whisky.

The duties will then rise by another 2 percent above inflation in each of the next four years, reversing a trend in previous budgets to keep increases low for most alcohol products. Duties on spirits were frozen for the past 10 years to boost British spirit makers' competitiveness, accounting for the large jump this year.

A packet of cigarettes, already a steep $11.20, will rise by 22 cents.more

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