Thursday, March 13, 2008

US Lagging In High Speed Internet


The U.S. ranks 15th in the world in high-speed Internet adoption, behind Denmark, South Korea and even sprawling Australia, according to one international study.

And that's not good enough, many experts say.

Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, speaking at a conference last month in Boulder, said the country's economic growth depends on a stronger broadband policy.

A national policy, he said, could improve education, health care, public safety and job opportunities, especially in rural areas.

"I just believe it needs to be a higher national priority than it is," Adelstein said at the winter Silicon Flatirons communications conference hosted by the University of Colorado's Center for Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship.more

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High Speed Internet said...

Its too bad to see that the super power of world U.S.ranks 15th in the world in high speed internet adoption, the developing countries like Denmark, South Korea and even sprawling Australia. its true that if they want to improve their economic growth than U.S. should get the high speed internet facility all over their country to become more powerful in every field.