Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Brief Statement of Hate. Layla Anwar

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A Brief Hate Statement
by Layla Anwar

I have this idea of taking an old sheet, a dirty sheet...burn the edges, stab it with knifes and make holes in it, over a million holes, then throw in some bright red, like rain drops...

At other times, I fantasize about using the Abu Ghraib excrements and smudging the sheet with it, then collectively wipe your faces with it. Wipe your faces with the shit of the detainees you tortured.

Sometimes, my fantasy takes on a perverted twist, you must be a contagious lot with your perversity.

So I imagine a dirty sheet, covered with semen from forced masturbation, and have a few penises dangle on the corners, the penises you castrated, have them dangle there...and then give it a few brushes and strokes of hemorrhaging blood from the wombs of the women you raped. And this will be your new American flag.

Then you can all gather under that flag and we will take pictures of you. Don't forget to say cheese, will you ? more

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