Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Little Nonsense To Finish The Day


A hopping mad frog tries to mate with a plastic duck. Mike Coleman noticed the yellow toy bobbing in his garden pond in Hexham, Northumberland.
'I went to have a look and it was clear the frog had gone a bit barmy,' said the charity worker.
The odd photo was captured by charity worker Mike, 49, in his nine ft by six ft garden pond.more, if you must.
On my mooring in Ireland, the red boat was laid up and the nearest other boat was half a mile away. This is high water of course, but I was always afloat at low water.


Anonymous said...

Hi H, are you OK?

A beautiful sighting here, a heron landed by the pond; scaring off the neighbours cats I hope.

It's amazing, standing motionless for 10 minutes now. In vain, I fear, no goldfish, only red tail shiners.

Too bad, I tried to take a picture, he/she flew away.

And finally, it stopped raining. Mx

Himself said...

Good morning Maren,

I'm not bad thank you, but not bouncing.

Herons, sea otters and mullet swimming round the boat where all part of my daily life when I lived in Ireland.

It was quite a unique little spot where I moored my boat. I shall have a look on the other PC and see if I can find a pic or two.

Himself said...

Himself said...

Teddy @TeddyShepherd 16 Oct

@JnConstitution You're demented John, you really are You're past redemption Sorry for you that you are so rapped up in this myth of religion

John Constitution

@TeddyShepherd On the contrary, I am redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

We have a real problem in this country with bullying. And the reason why we’re not coming up with a solution is because we have people who make excuses for the bullies.

I disagree, I think bullying is the result, not the problem. The problem is much more complicated. It has something to do with the dark side of capitalism. I cannot describe it exactly, at least not in English. I’ll summarise it as "talking much and saying almost nothing." Ostentation from public media to private (family)life. Is it any wonder religion flourishes.

When everyone (Ana Kasparian too)screams for attention, then who can pay attention?

Food for thought Maren

Anonymous said...

Herons, sea otters and mullet swimming round the boat

That sounds much better than pets.

Himself said...

Hi Maren. just back in.

My thoughts.

But on the first thought, what room have I to talk?

For reasons obvious, we could never fall into this trap where the net represents, to this generation, reality.

Much as the same I think, that internet "reality" is, as anorexia is, a modern day phenomenon.

But where you and I were growing up, our contact and interaction with others was limited at most to our contemporaries at school, not so with modern day social media.

It only takes one asshole, which this guy obviously is, to make someone's life a misery. but the ability, via the net, to include anyone that wants to listen, is a pretty scary thing, especially if you are not mature enough to handle peer pressure on such a scale.

The other thing, and it's only a personal observation and I hope I'm not being to unkind, but I couldn't help but get the impression the lass was a victim just waiting to happen.

But it is so terribly tragic that such a lovely young thing should end her life so. It's hard to comprehend that such a good looking girl could let things get to her to such an extent.

I only make mention of her looks as an opposite to the type that normally gets bullied, the fat ugly kid as it were.

I didn't, until I watched the clip again, that she was only twelve when she flashed her tits at her tormentor. But if he has been on her case for four years? I hope they nail the fucker to a cross.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...