Friday, March 28, 2008

George Wallace "The Little Judge" and All Round Good Ol' Boy

I do hope Ethan Persoff doesn't mind me posting the entire strip (to save you opening all windows) of what I found a rather fascinating and probably unique comic sixteen page political manifesto.

It was only searching for a Montgomery graphic to adorn today's On This Day post that I happened on this comic book (and other publications) blog with a difference. Please pay him a visit as I shall be doing after this post, I think it might turn out to be a treasure trove.

Easier for me to post the introduction by Ethan Persoff but I cannot go without asking the rhetorical question, just what would be the average IQ of the person that this comic was to target.

Kind of reminds me of the tale of Billy Bob Bodean, who moved from Bumfuck Alabama to Scrotumville Georgia and the average IQ of both towns went up.

ALABAMA NEEDS "THE LITTLE JUDGE" - GEORGE C. WALLACE FOR THE BIG JOB - 1960/1961 Pro-Segregation Comic Book commissioned directly by George Wallace during his campaign for Governor of Alabama. This booklet is credited as one of the principle reasons Wallace won the gubernatorial election, later allowing him to become one of the South's most iconic and hostile voices against Integration and Civil Rights. GEORGE WALLACE FOR THE BIG JOB is also one of the most covered up pieces of comic book history, as most copies were destroyed or hidden away. We present it now, all sixteen pages, in full, for the official and permanent record -- Ethan Persoff,


Joana Morais said...

Hi Himself, I had this guys posting in my blog as well. I just delete them. They are trolls, coming from HTFM Forum, Red Crown Forum and the Green witches Forum, all sided with the McCanns or trying to disrupt the 3 arguidos Forum. Just like they did with the Mirror. Plus if they had 'balls' they wouldn't be posting as anonymous. Coward Rats!!

big kiss

Anonymous said...

3242 people in the United States currently are under a death sentence. Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, 1266 men, women, children, and mentally ill people have been shot, hanged, asphyxiated, lethally injected, and electrocuted by States and the federal government.

Himself said...

Thank you Maren, a very interesting link, I'm just wandering round the site as I speak.

I did use the bit you quote above, and supplied the link on a post at the MM forum.

I don't as a rule post on there, but on this occasion made an exception.

They don't love me over there because of my views on Saint Bennett. And I don't love them because they are too busy having a wankfest, or circle jerk if you will, to see the bleedin' obvious.

Bennett instigated controversy, most of it for his own ends, is somehow viewed as championing justice for MM, when in actual fact, the end result is just the opposite.

But try telling that lot.


Anonymous said...