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Odd Choice of Picture That

I happened across this picture this morning, at the McCannfiles I add, not at the "Official Find Madeleine Campaign" whatever that may be.

Given I had used something similar in the past, an odd choice indeed. I have no idea who composed the thing, but I suppose I must credit the composer, that the symbolism employed within, was deliberate and not accidental; as indeed was the symbolism employed in my own composition.

But any similarity in the use of that symbolism, ends right there, the "light at the end of the tunnel" representing as it does, two entirely different messages. And it is this that prompts me to say a few words.

On two occasions during this twelve months past, I have noticed that my efforts over the years, to show this farce for what it is, has come into question. Or perhaps I should say, my motives have come into question.

On the first occasion, and one I find somewhat of a betrayal, given that emitted from within confines of these shores and came from someone who is equally as sceptical as myself. The other mention came from across the pond, but I suppose that in itself is reason enough not to take too much umbrage with the writer.

The opinion of both writers it seems, is that I shouldn't "make fun" of the McCanns. Is that what it is, making fun? And described that way, apologetically I add, by our domestic opinion giver, to, of all people, Jim Gamble, then of the CEOP   Shame on you.

As for our second opinion giver, the one from across the pond, I could say a lot of things. Such as, where were you during all those dark years when this abomination, led by the odious Clarence Mitchell, was playing out daily in the shameful British media?

Where were you all those years, when, except for the dedicated few, we had no voice against the injustice playing out daily before our eyes? Where were you, as we were enduring constant bombardment via the media, of material so offensive to anyone who still held on to the concept, that justice actually still had some meaning in this country?

Making fun of the McCanns! Is that what I gave over four years of my life to, making fun of the McCanns?

Do you think, to use an American expression, that I pulled all this stuff out of my ass, that it was all a bit of fun?

Well let me tell you something, seeing such injustice play out before my very eyes, wasn't fun, it was a travesty, and it was totally unacceptable.

And here's the point, something detractors cannot, or refuse to see.

Ninety five percent of what I produced over the years, wasn't fun, nor was it pulled out of my ass. Ninety five percent of what I produced was inspired by, and in direct reaction to, le plat du jour de merde de taureau. A daily dish of bullshit if you will, fed to us, not only by the press, but by the police, child protection "experts" official or self appointed, by spin doctors, shyster lawyers and every other piece of detritus with an agenda, that latched on to this ridiculous but tragic circus.

No it wasn't fun, it still isn't. And it's even less fun now the Metropolitan Police, with all their ridiculous theories, are involved. Theories I add, that take farce to a new level, to the, gor bleedin' blimey, you cannot be fucking serious, level.

But I will say to all those people, and that includes Prime Ministers and Home Secretaries that have nailed their colours to the McCann mast.

And I will say it without fear of contradiction; I shall be proved right before you are. It cannot be otherwise, there is only one truth, as well you know. Something you might wish to reflect on.

The symbolism explained, perhaps obvious to some, but there are others, ever growing in number, (Facebook acc reqd)) that are relatively new to the case, who might not be aware of what has passed previously.

This was a "commission" from that stalwart, lone Portuguese voice, Joana Morais. For which particular post I cannot recall.

There was talk at the time, more so after it was revealed that Smith  had spotted Gerry McCann carrying the body of Madeleine towards the beach, of the tunnels that abound around Praia da Luz.

The McCanns out running, (within the week) as all parents of little girls abducted by predatory paedophiles do.

The light at the end of the tunnel, representing in this case, and universally accepted, not of hope but of truth.

The far from accidental direction, of the running McCanns.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lizard Love

If you are wondering why the lizard pic, well it's simple. It's to avoid being grossed out every time I open the blog. See below.

Better still. I've moved it down the page a little.

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God Gaol and Kate McCann

Prompted by this tweet, a re-up for the relevant parts of this 2010 post.

Philip Prince OBE ‏@PhilipIndigo: Can't think what's going to be worst for McCann's, prison or public humiliation?

My thoughts below, after the usual sycophantic drivel of, Tracey Kandohla.

Kate McCann: About as Far Away From God as You Can Get
Kate McCann: I pray for the people who have kidnapped Madeleine

by Tracey Kandohla

Kate McCann has admitted that she will try to find it in her heart to forgive whoever kidnapped her daughter Madeleine.

In a moving interview Kate, 42, a devout Catholic, says: 'It is hard to say but I would like to hope I could forgive. It would be a bit difficult. I just want to know why they have taken her.

'I always pray for the family. Most of the prayers are centred on Madeleine. But I pray for the people who have taken her and the people who know what has happened to her.'

Kate and her husband Gerry, 41, were among 450 people taking part in a fun run in London's Hyde Park yesterday to raise funds for the charity Missing People.

During the 10km run the couple wore tops bearing a picture of their daughter smiling and the words 'Don't give up on me'.

In the interview broadcast on Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday this weekend, Kate, from Rothley, Leicestershire, tells how she takes sanctuary alone in the village's Sacred Heart church.

She says: 'I've got the key to the church. It's kindly been given to me. It's a bit of a sanctuary - a refuge - and I can go and speak out, when no one else is there, and get it all off my chest really.'

She believes God is looking after and protecting six-year-old Maddie, who vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007 just days before her fourth birthday.

She adds: 'There are times I have got angry with God but my faith has sustained me and it has got stronger.'

She said having a child snatched was 'the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. The pain is just incredible and I cannot help but worry about her.

'The wounds are less raw now and the pain doesn't go away but I am a lot stronger than I was a year ago.'

She says enduring her third Mother's Day without her eldest child is painful and 'a constant reminder that one of my babies isn't with me'.

But she vows to 'get through it like any other day'. She adds: 'I am still Madeleine's mum and always will be.

'I just want to bring her back into the warmth and love of our family.'

Kate was expected to attend a church service in the village to mark Mothering Sunday. She is due to be given a bunch of daffodils there by her five-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

She adds: 'The twins are really positive and keep us going. I have a lot of hope that Madeleine is still alive but the difficult task is trying to find her.'

She describes Maddie as 'an amazing little character' who has 'loads of energy, is really funny and quite knowing. I want everyone to meet her'.

Asked if she had a message for mothers who are facing similar heartache, she says: 'Dig deep and just keep hoping. Surround yourself with positive people and don't give up.'

Daily Mail

You just couldn't make it up could you, Kate McCann is possessed of piety, I wonder if she exchanged it for her daughter's body?

I've no intention of crawling in the sewer to parse this hackneyed drivel, but just let me pick up on this:

"I've got the key to the church. It's kindly been given to me. It's a bit of a sanctuary - a refuge -"

I should consider it training if I were you, get yourself acclimatised to being alone behind a locked door. For when this house of cards comes tumbling down, that's just the kind of place you're going to find yourself, only this time it will be someone else that will be in charge of the key.

They are going to put you in a little hole all by yourself, what else will they be able to do with the world's most hated and reviled woman? For that is just what you are going to be, that tag is yours, it has your name on it.

They are going to lock you in hole madam, so deep, they will have to pump air to you. Lock you in a hole out of fear that someone will get to you.  But they will get you, there's always a way, be assured of that.

Think about that one madam, think about that one when next you are telling us all about your prayers and your anger that you direct towards your God.

Try giving it a little more thought before you utter obscenities like this:

She describes Maddie as 'an amazing little character' who has 'loads of energy, is really funny and quite knowing. I want everyone to meet her'.

I want everyone to meet her.

Madeleine McCann is dead. She died in the "care" of her parents.

There was no abductor, there was only her parents.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Only in Ameriki Folks Only in Ameriki Fat Arses and Bad Ink

And that's the back if you're still trying to work it out.

Two more for my No Regerts post.

Bad Tattoos & Family Pics Team Jimmy Joe

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"The 'pyjamas' have always bothered me"

"The 'pyjamas' have always bothered me."

I quote the researcher and compiler of this quite extraordinary piece of research. And it is, as anybody who has ever undertaken such a task would readily agree, not least me. I do know the time and effort that goes into projects such as this. So to researcher and compiler, Maren, from The Netherlands, a more than well deserved tip of the hat.

 "The 'pyjamas' have always bothered me."  I know the feeling well, only with me it is the "Jemmied Shutters" that weren't and the "Curtains" that have been both open, closed, and depending on which McCann version of events you read, flapping in the wind; or not. (The Window: Kate McCann's Red Herring)

I won't take up much more of your time, but I have to reiterate a question that I have asked on more than a few previous occasions. (Bottom of page)

Had the McCanns shall we say, been suspected of robbing a Post Office, and given such contradictory testaments, as we know them to have done; just how far do you think they would have got?

Testaments, not just contradictory, but on many occasions, diametrically opposite to what had been uttered previously by this scurrilous pair.

Conflicting testaments, not just overlooked by the police, I have to say, but totally ignored. And one cannot help but ask the question, why? It is after all, the fate of a three year old we are talking about here, not the unauthorised withdrawal of a few money tokens, from our aforementioned Post Office.

What we must never loose sight of, are the "Jemmied Shutters" that weren't. The cornerstone on which the McCann's built their argument for "stranger abduction" was the jemmied shutters. No jemmied shutters, no abduction. It's that simple.


May 3/4, 2007. It starts with white pyjamas.

Kate and Gerry McCann called family and friends.

October 14, 2013. It ends with long-sleeved white pyjamas,
as witnessed by Aoife Smith and which can be seen in BBC1 reconstruction, October 14, 2013.
(at the 23:56 mark)

In the meantime, for more than six years, the world is overdosed and brainwashed with Eeyore’s white bottoms with a floral pattern and a frill at the end, and a short-sleeved pink top. Backed up by Jane Tanner’s sighting, as far as a man carrying a child and the pyjama bottoms is concerned.

It is almost as if we had to look for Eeyore pyjamas instead of a real, living and findable little girl.

Mathew Oldfield, the most malleable of the group ("get down to reception and see what’s happening with the police!") and Jane Tanner, the most vulnerable, become the foundations of the fairy story. As always Kate & Gerry McCann work from behind the scenes.

Next comments: a sort of pyjamas history.

May 3, 2007

The telephone rang at around 11pm [03 May] at Trish Cameron's home near Glasgow. She picked it up to hear the voice of her younger brother. "He was distraught, breaking his heart," Mrs Cameron said. "He said: 'Madeleine's been abducted, she's been abducted.'

...the little girl they had left asleep in her white pyjamas, had disappeared.

May 4, 2007

Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV at 7:45am, on the morning of 04 May, that the distraught parents were certain that Madeleine had been abducted. "They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half-hour."

Speaking to the BBC later, Ms Renwick said ...

Ms Renwick described the missing girl as a "very pretty, very blonde three-year-old". Madeline was said to have been wearing white pyjamas when she went missing.

May 4, 2007, at 11.15am
Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann

At the time of her disappearance she was wearing pyjamas, the trousers were white with a floral pattern, and the short-sleeved top was predominantly pink and there was a blue and grey figure of a donkey on the front, with the inscription "Eeyore".

May 4, 2007, at 11.30am
Witness statement of Jane Michelle Tanner

About the child whom appeared to be sleeping, she only saw her legs. The child appeared to be older than a baby. She was barefoot and was wearing what appeared to be cotton pyjamas of a light colour (possibly white or light pink). She is not certain, but has the impression a design on the pyjamas, possibly a floral pattern, but she is not certain.

As regards these details, she does not know what Madeleine was wearing at the moment of her disappearance, because she did not talk to anyone about this. As she concerns the man she saw, she only spoke to Gerald about this, not entering into details, and to the police.

May 4, 2007, 12:01AM BST
The Telegraph publishes first report of Madeleine's disappearance.

May 4, at 14.20am
Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy

At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing pyjamas with white bottoms with a floral pattern. The short-sleeved top, mainly pink with a blue-grey figure of a donkey bearing the inscription, "EEYORE", an inscription which is also on one of the trouser legs. The pyjamas are "Marks and Spencer" brand.

May 7, 2007
BBC News

About 50 volunteers have been helping to search the area for signs of the girl, including the clothes she was wearing when she vanished.

Her family confirmed she was wearing white pyjama bottoms with a small floral design and a short-sleeved pink top with a picture of Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore.

May 8, 2007

The direct appeal was the idea of Mrs McCann and her husband, Gerry, rather than of the Portuguese police. The couple also released a description of the pyjamas Madeleine had been wearing when she was taken as her parents dined at a nearby tapas bar. In contrast to normal British police procedure, Portuguese officers did not issue a description of Madeleine's clothing.

May 8, 2007
BBC News

Madeleine's family have confirmed she was wearing white pyjama bottoms with a small floral design and a short-sleeved pink top with a picture of Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore when she disappeared.

May 9, 2007

She was wearing white pyjama bottoms with a small floral design and a short-sleeved pink top with a picture of Eeyore on it when she vanished.

May 10, 2007
BBC news
Kevin Bakhurst

We passed on the accurate details of Madeleine's pyjamas, at the family's request, correcting the police's [?] initial description.

May 10, 2007
Items of clothing found locally did not belong to Madeleine, he said. A picture of the pyjamas she was wearing when she vanished has been released.

May 10, 2007

Some volunteer search teams had been operating under the assumption that Madeleine was wearing white pyjamas, when they were in fact a pink t-shirt with the character Eeyore and white trousers with a small floral pattern.

May 10, 2007
Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann,

Only about 01h00 on 4 May 2007 did he learn through RUSSELL that his companion, JANE, at 21h10, could have seen an individual crossing the top of the road with a child in his arms, that may or may not have been his daughter MADELEINE. Asked, he relates that he does not recall to have described exactly the type of pyjamas (colour, designs, etc.) that MADELEINE had worn at the time she disappeared.

May 10, 2007
Witness statement of Jane M. Tanner

Subsequently, she had no doubts that it could have been MBM because, through conversations with Fiona Payne in which Fiona Payne described the pyjamas that MBM had worn that night, which coincided with those she had seen. Questioned why she had not commented to KH [Kate Healy] what she had seen that night, namely that she had seen a male individual who carried a child with pink pyjamas, she relates that she always avoided making this comment to the McCanns so as not to torture them more in their suffering.

May 15, 2007

"Kate dressed Amelie in her sister's pyjamas and the baby said: 'Maddy's jammies. Where is Maddy?' But she is too young to understand. And how do you explain?

May 17, 2007

Many toys have been tied to the railings of the war memorial, including characters from Winnie the Pooh, as Madeleine was wearing Eeyore pyjamas when she disappeared.

May 26, 2007
Witness Aoife Smith

She did not see the child's face because she was lying against the individual's left shoulder in a vertical position against the individual.

There was nothing covering the child, a comforter/blanket or any other piece of clothing but she only saw her back.

She was wearing light trousers, white or light pink, that may have been pyjamas.

She also had a light top, with long sleeves.

June 4, 2007

New Madeleine TV appeal BBC News video
BBC Crimewatch
Recorded in Praia da Luz: 04 June 2007, Televised: 05 June 2007 Transcript by Nigel Moore

Kate McCann: "These are virtually identical to the pyjamas that Madeleine was wearing when she was taken. As you can see it's a pink top, errm... with gathered short sleeves and it has a picture of Eeyore on the front. Errr, the bottoms are white with a... a floral design and have an Eeyore, errm... on the bottom of the right leg."

June 5, 2007

But, of course, the pyjamas she was holding so carefully in her lap were not Madeleine's, but those of Madeleine's younger sister, two-year-old Amelie.

Smiling wanly, Mrs McCann looked down at the pyjamas in her lap and added: "These are virtually identical, but these are little bit smaller because they are Amelie's."

June 6, 2007
McCanns Appeal for Help in Germany

The McCanns hold up pyjamas similar to those their daughter was wearing the night she was abducted.

June 7, 2007
The McCanns hold up a set of pyjamas similar to those worn by Madeleine.

September 6, 2007, at 3.00pm
Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy

She noticed a stain, supposedly of tea, on Madeleine’s pyjama top, which she washed a little later that same morning. She hung it out to dry on a small stand, and it was dry by the afternoon. Madeleine sometimes drank tea; nevertheless the stain did not appear during breakfast, maybe it happened another day, as Madeleine did not have tea the previous night and the stain was dry.

September 19, 2007

But the McCanns say the fluids probably came from Madeleine's unwashed pyjamas and sandals which were carried in the boot when the family was moving apartments.

April 8, 2008
Jane Tanner - Record Of Tape Recorded Interview

So I'd spoken to the GNR Police and then when the PJ came, they came to get me to talk to them to say, to say what, what I'd seen.

01.04.52 4078 "Sorry, was that on the night that Madeleine had disappeared?"
Reply "That was at three o'clock in the morning after she'd disappeared, yeah".

4078 "So when you went into Gerry and Kate's apartment who else was there?"
Reply "I think there was Russ, I think Russell came with me and there was Sylvie who was the translator. I can't remember which, there was some, there was a PJ chap was sitting on the, by the table. And there was Gerry who was standing by the, the bedroom door".

4078 “And how was Gerry at that point?”
Reply “Oh he was just, well obviously, obviously distraught. And I think it was quite hard for me to be saying at that, you know, looking in his face and to be explaining what I’d seen, at that point was quite hard because, you know, Gerry was obviously standing there, I don’t know whether, and you sort of think ‘Oh God, here’s me, if I’d tried to stop them this wouldn’t have happened’ sort of thing.

I think, just going back a bit, over again, this is something, I think when I realised the true significance of what I’d seen as well was almost like a couple of days afterwards when, erm, erm, I was talking to Fi about the pyjamas, because again it seems madness now why I hadn’t asked Kate and Gerry before this what the pyjamas were like, but it’s all sort of rha rha, you know, so I didn’t know what, what Madeleine’s pyjamas were before this. And I’d actually read in a paper that they were white, it was in the Telegraph, I think it was the day afterwards Dianne had bought a Telegraph paper and in there it was saying she was wearing plain white pyjamas, so I think when I read that I almost thought ‘Oh maybe I have got it wrong’, you know, because I’d, out of everything, I thought ‘Oh they weren’t just plain white’, I thought they had got some sort of thing on it. So I think it might have actually been the next morning, which would probably be the Saturday morning, I think I said something to, about oh, to Fi ‘Oh what were the pyjamas like’ and she actually described the pyjamas and she sort of said ‘Oh no that is what they were like’. And that was, I think that was almost the moment when I couldn’t convince myself anymore that it wasn’t that, you know.

“With, with a turn up, and the turn up I mean I can’t stress this enough, that is the bit that makes me think so much that it is the same pyjamas.”

“Okay, so you think it was pink but you accept that it may not have been, the colour may have been distorted or it might have been such the power of suggestion I suppose.”
Jane Tanner: “That could have been that for me because the pyjamas I really tried to, it was in the interview the next day when they really pushed me you know I think you call it cognitive interview or whatever, really pushed me to get an idea of you know more details about the person and it was then that you know sort of the description of the pyjamas was more in my head than I’d initial, it was mainly the feet as an initial thing.

“Yes. I think the point they’re trying to make is that you had no knowledge of what Madeleine was supposed to have been wearing when you gave that description”?
Reply “No I think, no because when, I wasn’t there at the table when Kate gave a you know, I think Kate gave everybody else, when she came, you know when everyone was looking for her, they had a description of what to look for but I wasn’t, I was in the room at that point so no I definitely didn’t know what she’d, and I’d never seen her in pyjamas, I’ve never seen Madeleine in pyjamas at home and or anywhere so”. 

April 11, 2008


you know I can't remember exactly what, what you know the night attire, what the children were wearing but white was the predominant err colour

And really didn’t think twice about it at the time and that’s why it wasn’t mentioned then. But she [Jane Tanner] definitely mentioned it to me you know after Madeleine had been abducted and you know on the, the following day before she’d actually mentioned it to Kate and there was a, a newspaper report, I think it was in the Telegraph err certainly one of the newspapers anyway, that was sort of describing err Madeleine’s pyjamas and, and err Jane said that’s not right, how did they get that, well she said you know, that in, I don’t know how they get that information anyway, my recollections were this was what she was wearing and described it you know differently you know to what the, the, the press had, and that was before she’d even seen Kate so you know, the strength of that argument is just absolutely overwhelming, you know given the time frame err you know of when Madeleine must have gone, gone, that you know and for her to have described in detail the pull ups at the bottom of the pyjamas err you know the colours, you know and the timing is just, you know well, so.

 April 30, 2008

Mrs McCann stayed in a bedroom praying. She said: It was really cold. I knew what pyjamas she had on and I just thought she’s going to be freezing.

2009 and 2010
No pyjamas?

 May 7, 2011

In extracts printed by The Sun, she tells of how windy it was, and says she kept imagining how cold Madeleine would be in her short-sleeved Eeyore pyjamas, and wishing she’d had her warmer Barbie pyjamas on.

May 8, 2011

I ran out into the car park of our holiday apartment, flying from end to end, yelling desperately: 'Madeleine! Madeleine!' It was so cold and so windy. I kept picturing her in her short-sleeved Marks & Spencer Eeyore pyjamas and feeling how chilled she would be.

May 8, 2011

As everyone started to search she ran into the car park shouting Madeleine’s name. She added: “It was so cold and windy. I kept picturing her in her short-sleeved Marks & Spencer Eeyore pyjamas and feeling how chilled she would be. Fear was shearing through my body.

May 9, 2011

Her final few minutes with Madeleine are forever etched in her memory.

Madeleine, in her Marks & Spencer Eeyore pyjamas, nuzzling her toy Cuddle Cat beneath a ‘princess’ blanket ...

May 9, 2011
Published in The Sun

Although Jane had never seen or known about Madeleine's Eeyore pyjamas, her description of this child's night clothes matched Madeleine's almost exactly.

May 12, 2011
In book Madeleine by Kate McCann.

"The police did not appear to feel that Jane’s sighting in Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva and the man and child reported by the Irish holidaymakers in Rua da Escola Primaria were related. They seem to have concluded that these were in all likelihood two different men carrying two different children (if, they implied, these two men actually existed at all). The only reason for their skepticism appeared to be an unexplained time lapse between the two sightings. They didn’t dovetail perfectly. To me, the similarities seem far more significant than any discrepancy in timing".

"(…remember – Jane’s description had not been released to the public before the Irish witnesses made their statements), I am staggered by how alike they are, almost identical in parts.

May 16, 2011

The only other unexplained detail I remember from that morning was a large, brown stain I noticed on Madeleine's pink Eeyore pyjama top. It looked like a tea stain.

May 17, 2011

I didn't think of it at the time but the day Madeleine disappeared I noticed what I thought was a tea stain on her Disney pyjama top,' she says. 'I washed it without thinking but looking back, the children hadn’t drunk any tea that day and I can't remember her mentioning that she'd spilt anything.'

 June 21, 2011
Interview McCanns in the Netherlands

At the 1:19 mark

Question: He kept the child in his arms?

Kate McCann answers: He was carrying the child [Gerry tries to interrupt] across his arms, like this. You would think he might carry the child ... the shoulder, but he was carrying the child like this.

Gerry McCann: Jane didn’t know what Madeleine was wearing ...
She also described the pyjamas, ... remarkably similar... and she didn’t know that, and another really key thing is, later on that evening, probably about forty minutes later, an Irish family saw a man and they gave an almost identical description of the man and the child.

 March 25, 2012
By Dr Martin Roberts

But whoever it was that members of the Smith family actually saw being carried, it could not have been Madeleine McCann in her Eeyore pyjamas. The child seen by Aoife Smith was said to have been wearing a long-sleeved top. If one is prepared to accept that Jane Tanner can discern the colour of a garment from some distance away, in the dark, when she cannot even see the item in question, then it is even more reasonable to accept the accuracy of Aoife Smith's close-up description.

August 23, 2012
By Dr Martin Roberts

Kate's transient preoccupation with those Eeyore pyjamas may have been indicative of nothing more than a concern for 'keeping up appearances,

And then, irony of ironies, with Kate having made a special point of washing out a seemingly innocuous stain, the pyjamas are abducted, never to be seen again.

May 24, 2013

Madeleine was wearing pink pyjamas, with an Eeyore motif, on the night she was taken from apartment 5a on the ground floor of the Waterside Gardens at the Ocean Club complex.

July 8, 2013
By Dr Martin Roberts

He could not, therefore did not, exit the apartment with a child in his arms in the two or three minutes between Gerry McCann's last 'check' on the children and Jane Tanner's 'sighting'. Nor did he leave the apartment afterwards, carrying Madeleine past the Smiths. The child they witnessed was wearing the wrong pyjamas. And since the intending abductor was not discovered inside the apartment subsequently then he was not there at all.

 October 15, 2013

'Revelation moment': Police revealed a major breakthrough when a British father came forward to reveal he was the man who for six years had been considered the prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

Evidence: The girl seen at 9.15pm wore distinctive pyjamas and the prime suspect also brought these to police to prove his innocence.

October 15, 2013

We know the pyjamas their child was wearing… We are almost certain this [Tanner] sighting isn’t the abductor. - Detective Chief Inspector Redwood

October 15, 2013

The potential prime suspect is described as white, in his 30s, of medium build and height, clean shaven with short brown hair. He was carrying a child aged three or four who had blonde hair and was wearing pyjamas similar to Madeleine’s.

November 15 2013 Final Comment

The McCanns altered the Smith sighting carrying style so as to match that of the Tanner sighting, in a McCann made reconstruction aired only a few days after Amaral's (in which he included the Smith sighting).
from 6:36: watch "Smith" man carrying a child horizontally across his arms.

Did the McCanns also alter the pyjamas style so as to discredit the Smith sighting (girl in white, long-sleeved, pyjamas) as soon as they became aware of Jane Tanner’s sighting early morning May 4, after they had already texted and phoned family and friends.

Gerry knew that he was seen by the Smith family.

Jane, unknowingly at that time, gave Gerry McCann a perfect alibi. Just one small problem, the pyjamas.

If not, then who is that girl in white long-sleeved pyjamas in BBC1 documentary, October 14, 2013?
(at the 23:56 mark)

Not the "Tanner" pyjamas, then also not the "Eeyore’s"?

Answers on a postcard please.

Compiled by Maren, The Netherlands

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Planet Our Future?

What you see writ below, is not in fact a post per say. Rather a comment in reply to two of my readers. The one highlight apart, which is the very crux of the thing, reproduced verbatim.

Read as a stand alone, or in conjunction with the post below.

Good morning Su, good morning Maren, yes it's all of those things.

And as far as keeping anybody informed, although I might write a few words of introduction and opine occasionally, by nature of the beast, there is little more I can do for the situation, than cut and paste information here.

That in itself though is quite telling. It tells us everything we need to know about the Main Stream Media's role in society. It is not our friend, nor is it a force for good. Not when you can source ten times the information from obscure blogs, than you can from the media.

I have though, written much in the past about the criminality of the Japanese Government, particularly in regard to the welfare of kids in the immediate area.

But as much as the actions, or more precisely, the inactions, and the deliberate withholding of information from the populace; as much as these things will turn out to be major crimes against humanity, it is to far greater things that my mind turns.

On a more philosophical level, I am more annoyed than I am worried, more angry than I am annoyed.

I don't think you need to be a soothsayer to forecast, where we as a species are headed. All we face is decline; civilisations don't last forever, they self destruct, history has taught us that much, and that is without the pollution and over-population that we witness today.

But when, on a global scale, societies start collapsing, when the money runs out or becomes valueless, when faced with the next catastrophic mass extinction, and there will be one, rest assured; who is going keep safe all the nuclear fuel and junk that will have been produced from the hundreds of nuclear installations that are dotted around the globe?

Out of the billions and billions of planets throughout the cosmos, this planet is totally and utterly unique in the universe, and it is as wonderful, with all its beauty and all its diversity of life as it is unique. But we for all our intelligence as top primate, for all our advances and staggering technical achievements, fail miserably in so many areas. But no greater failure have we, than our failure in our role, as temporary custodians of this unique, precious, but most fragile earth.

What does it say of us as a species, when as we speak, the world already being past its tipping point, we continue to rape and pillage and pollute our only home? Where greed has become god? Where ignorance and superstition take precedence over learning and enlightenment? Where powerful nations slaughter innocents in their millions, and do so to a cacophony of silence? Where we inflict unspeakable cruelties on each other because the followers of one outdated superstition disagrees with followers of an equally outdated, but different superstition?

I think it might say, that we, in spite of all our intelligence, are fundamentally flawed, we have become our own worst enemy, our cerebral evolution serving only to pander to those flaws, of selfishness, of greed, and the here and now.

Such a pity though, as we head inexorably to a fate that we are undoubtedly most deserving, such a pity then, that we shall take this unparalleled world, this pale blue dot, and all its creatures, with us in the process.
Original post.

As a Species We Are Insane

Originally published under the title:
Best read in conjunction with the post above.

A Short Conversation With Paul Watson or, Mankind Is a Bollocks

The more I get to know this fellow, Paul Watson, the more he is my kind of bloke. I particularly like his take on the Jesoids, if they worried about this life a bit more and not the next, the world might be a better place.

And the auld feller, Farley Mowat, he ain't too far behind the door either.

And Teddy is back.

A short conversation between Farley Mowat and Paul Watson at Cape Breton Island Nona Scotia.

From the documentary A Pirate For The Sea.

Transcript by Teddy.

FM: I’ll tell you what I think is going to happen, I’m convinced of this. I don’t like to be convinced of it because I’m a living organism, I’m full of optimism of life, but I see the next great extinction which will then be the sixth in line since life appeared on this planet. We will be the cause and the recipient of this extinction. But in the process of course, everything else is probably going to get screwed up. How do you feel?

PW: No, I agree with that completely, that we are the last surviving species of hominid and we haven’t done too well so far, and now we are about to take down hundreds of thousands of species with us. We have created this mythology where everything revolves around us. That we are the centre of creation, that it doesn’t really matter what we do to the rest of the world. The other problem of course is, a large percentage of humanity is living this pie in the sky fantasy where they believe real life begins when they die and they go to some afterlife somewhere so that….

FM: It doesn’t matter a hell of a lot what you do here.

PW: Yeah, the planet’s expendable.

FM: Yep yep.

PW: In fact I’ve actually had some Christians come to me and say, you know you’re interfering with God’s plan. That God has ordained that these resources are here to be used while we’re here, and Jesus is going to be upset if we don’t use these resources he’s provided for us.

Individuals must be relatively selfish, err in order that their species will survive, and the species must be selfish, but these things are very very relative and must be coordinated, must be taken into context with all other forms of life. If you separate them out as we have done and say, we are the only animal, the only form of life that is entitled to this self interest, we may pursue it as far as we choose, we must pursue it as far as we choose, then that is the recipe for suicide.

PW: As a species we are insane we’ve…

FM: We’re not insane a political? sense, we are out of control; in my opinion. Our whole structure is out of control, we don’t know what the hell we’re doing but we’re doing it as fast as we bloody well can.

PW: Right.

FM: Ah well, perhaps there’s hope for us in heaven.

PW: Laughs

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Edward Snowden Julian Assange Do Read

Because it might seem quite familiar, in spite of it being penned nigh two hundred years ago.

It was back in 2010, when I posted, and then proceeded to wax lyrical, about Aldous Huxley's near oracle-like predictions that he proffered in a 1958 interview with Mike Wallace.

What a shame, unlike the Huxley interview, we don't have the luxury of listening to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. I'll wager he sounded quite wonderful in this, dare I call it, rant?

But more's the point, even though Proudhon was raging against the contemporary machine of pre-revolutionary France, his words wouldn't be amiss in describing the present day situation, particularly in the US. So much so in fact, that I'm still undecided as whether I stay with the Snowden-Assange header, or go for: Just another Day in Ameriki.

Anarchy is Order Without Power

Original, though with line breaks added.

To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.

To be GOVERNED is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.

It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be place under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited, monopolized, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed, robbed; then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused, clubbed, disarmed, bound, choked, imprisoned, judged, condemned, shot, deported, sacrificed, sold, betrayed; and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonoured. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality."

General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century
― Pierre-Joseph Proudhon pp. 293-294.”

Graphic Glynn Thomas where I have chosen an entirely different photo for the link.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (French 1809 – 1865) was a French politician, the founder of Mutualist philosophy, an economist and a libertarian socialist. He was the first person to declare himself an anarchist, and is among its most influential theorists. He is considered by many to be the "father of anarchism". He became a member of the French Parliament after the revolution of 1848 whereupon he referred to himself as a federalist.

Proudhon, who was born in Besançon, was a printer who taught himself Latin in order to better print books in the language. His best-known assertion is that Property is Theft!, contained in his first major work, What is Property? Or, an Inquiry into the Principle of Right and Government (Qu'est-ce que la propriété? Recherche sur le principe du droit et du gouvernement), published in 1840. The book's publication attracted the attention of the French authorities. It also attracted the scrutiny of Karl Marx, who started a correspondence with its author. The two influenced each other: they met in Paris while Marx was exiled there. Their friendship finally ended when Marx responded to Proudhon's The System of Economic Contradictions, or The Philosophy of Poverty with the provocatively titled The Poverty of Philosophy. The dispute became one of the sources of the split between the anarchist and Marxian wings of the International Working Men's Association. Some, such as Edmund Wilson, have contended that Marx's attack on Proudhon had its origin in the latter's defense of Karl Grün, whom Marx bitterly disliked, but who had been preparing translations of Proudhon's work.

Proudhon favored workers' associations or co-operatives, as well as individual worker/peasant possession, over private ownership or the nationalization of land and workplaces. He considered social revolution to be achievable in a peaceful manner. In The Confessions of a Revolutionary Proudhon asserted that, Anarchy is Order Without Power, the phrase which much later inspired, in the view of some, the anarchist circled-A symbol, today "one of the most common graffiti on the urban landscape." He unsuccessfully tried to create a national bank, to be funded by what became an abortive attempt at an income tax on capitalists and shareholders. Similar in some respects to a credit union, it would have given interest-free loans.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Wiki more

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hidalgo County New Mexico Orwellian Doesn't Even Come Close

It's not often I'm stuck for words, but I'm stuck for words. But I shall try to string a few together.

This is not your typical, abusive, violent cop video by any means, it's far worse than anything of that ilk.

For what this short clip exposes, is the ever increasing mindset of the cops, a mindset, that they themselves are the law. Not upholders of law, other than of course, the law according to cops; the ones they just make up as they go along.

As you watch or read what this poor shmuck endured, never loose sight of that mindset, and accompanying attitude, that must be present in these cops and many more like them.. A mind set that says, yeah fuck! we can do this, we can do whatever we choose to do. And why can we do it? Because we're the cops, it's that simple.

But then, just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. It gets much much worse, not two times, but ten times worse. And why does the situation get ten times worse? With the compliance and the collusion of the facility that carried out medical procedures, that wouldn't seem out of place in some of histories most unmentionable regimes.

As I tweeted some minutes ago, this is the must watch video, to end all previous much watch videos.

4 On Your Side investigates traffic stop nightmare

This 4 On Your Side investigation looks into the actions of police officers and doctors in Southern New Mexico.

A review of medical records, police reports and a federal lawsuit show deputies with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, police officers with the City of Deming and medical professionals at the Gila Regional Medical Center made some questionable decisions.

The incident began January 2, 2013 after David Eckert finished shopping at the Wal-Mart in Deming. According to a federal lawsuit, Eckert didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign coming out of the parking lot and was immediately stopped by law enforcement.

Eckert's attorney, Shannon Kennedy, said in an interview with KOB that after law enforcement asked him to step out of the vehicle, he appeared to be clenching his buttocks. Law enforcement thought that was probable cause to suspect that Eckert was hiding narcotics in his anal cavity. While officers detained Eckert, they secured a search warrant from a judge that allowed for an anal cavity search.

The lawsuit claims that Deming Police tried taking Eckert to an emergency room in Deming, but a doctor there refused to perform the anal cavity search citing it was "unethical."

But physicians at the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City agreed to perform the procedure and a few hours later, Eckert was admitted.

What Happened

While there, Eckert was subjected to repeated and humiliating forced medical procedures. A review of Eckert's medical records, which he released to KOB, and details in the lawsuit show the following happened:

1. Eckert's abdominal area was x-rayed; no narcotics were found.

2. Doctors then performed an exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.

3. Doctors performed a second exam of Eckert's anus with their fingers; no narcotics were found.

4. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

5. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema a second time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

6. Doctors penetrated Eckert's anus to insert an enema a third time. Eckert was forced to defecate in front of doctors and police officers. Eckert watched as doctors searched his stool. No narcotics were found.

7. Doctors then x-rayed Eckert again; no narcotics were found.

8. Doctors prepared Eckert for surgery, sedated him, and then performed a colonoscopy where a scope with a camera was inserted into Eckert's anus, rectum, colon, and large intestines. No narcotics were found.

Throughout this ordeal, Eckert protested and never gave doctors at the Gila Regional Medical Center consent to perform any of these medical procedures.

"If the officers in Hidalgo County and the City of Deming are seeking warrants for anal cavity searches based on how they're standing and the warrant allows doctors at the Gila Hospital of Horrors to go in and do enemas and colonoscopies without consent, then anyone can be seized and that's why the public needs to know about this," Kennedy said.

Search Warrant Concerns more

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Mad Dogs and Englishmen


Is it the Onion I'm reading here? Is someone really trying to take the proverbial?*

Even if  you knew me, as the cynical old git that I am, you wouldn't blame me; not with a story like this you wouldn't. But then I got to thinking, thinking about things past, thinking about past experiences that we encounter, along this road we call life. That road, as it happens, being a cul-de-sac on this occasion.  

Let me tell you a little story. Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin?**

Whenever I go foreign, and providing I have the time, I do like to get off the beaten track and explore a wee bit. Be that, searching out goat stew in the hinterland of Teneriffe, stumbling around the woods in the wilds of Canada, or just diverting through previous unseen parts of the Netherlands.

But it is none of those places that feature in my little story today, but rather that most beautiful of Mediterranean Islands, Mallorca. Shame about the tourists.

On no day in particular, and after a perusal of the map, Cap Blanc, says I, I wonder what's at Cap Blanc?   So true to form, it's in the car I sit, and off we go.

Now as you can see from the photo immediately below, Cap Blanc is a pretty isolated spot. And given the time of year, of which I haven't a clue, but it wouldn't be high season, one does not holiday in high season if one has any sense. But given the time of year, it was quiet, deathly quiet, so quite in fact, the place almost had an ethereal feel to it,  if you will.

Now Cap Blanc might not be the Cliffs of Moher, but still pretty impressive nonetheless. And where you find cliffs, invariably you find a bloke, me on this occasion, having a gander over the edge; as one does. So there I am, soaked in the quiet and the isolation of the place, doing a bit of gandering, oh, and philosophising, you can't can't stand on top of a cliff and not philosophise, can you?

And it is in this atmosphere that I hear a door open and close. I don't have to turn around, the sound could only have come from the keeper's cottage, the place wasn't exactly a metropolis as you night have noticed.

Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh my giddy aunt! as my mother might exclaim on occasion. There it it stood, with hate in its eyes; I'm convinced it was hate. I'm on its turf, a three hundred foot drop on one side of me, and the biggest fuck off dog I have ever seen in my life, stood between me survival, between me and my car.

Oh! and it had hate in its eyes, did I mention that? Pure fucking evil in fact, for want of a better expression.

I tell you, the son of a bitch was enormous, so big in fact, it made this bugger below, look like a puppy. Although I must say, they shared many of the facial characteristics, those normally associated with something that is going to take great delight in ripping your throat out.

Nice doggy, nice doggy.

Giant Fukushima Mutant Dog Wows Social Media

Picture of a giant Fukushima mutant dog has wowed social media. According to various sources, the dog was bred in Japan using in-vitro techniques. The gametic maternal cells were infused with Fukushima irradiated male DNA, then the eggs were grown in vitro. The result of the experimentation resulted in the giant dog above, which Japanese scientists are calling 巨大な犬, which translates to Kyodaina inu or Inukyodaina, ‘giant dog’ in English. No kidding. More

And I still need to be convinced the story ain't via the Onion.
As best I remember the situation, but I don't remember the wall.
Irrespective, wall or no, the beast would have stepped over it.

For readers not familiar.

* With it being the opening of the article,I chose to choose the proverbial, rather than the usual technical term of: Taking the piss

** Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin. Listen with Mother

Lighthouses of Spain: Balearic Islands