Monday, November 25, 2013

Odd Choice of Picture That

I happened across this picture this morning, at the McCannfiles I add, not at the "Official Find Madeleine Campaign" whatever that may be.

Given I had used something similar in the past, an odd choice indeed. I have no idea who composed the thing, but I suppose I must credit the composer, that the symbolism employed within, was deliberate and not accidental; as indeed was the symbolism employed in my own composition.

But any similarity in the use of that symbolism, ends right there, the "light at the end of the tunnel" representing as it does, two entirely different messages. And it is this that prompts me to say a few words.

On two occasions during this twelve months past, I have noticed that my efforts over the years, to show this farce for what it is, has come into question. Or perhaps I should say, my motives have come into question.

On the first occasion, and one I find somewhat of a betrayal, given that emitted from within confines of these shores and came from someone who is equally as sceptical as myself. The other mention came from across the pond, but I suppose that in itself is reason enough not to take too much umbrage with the writer.

The opinion of both writers it seems, is that I shouldn't "make fun" of the McCanns. Is that what it is, making fun? And described that way, apologetically I add, by our domestic opinion giver, to, of all people, Jim Gamble, then of the CEOP   Shame on you.

As for our second opinion giver, the one from across the pond, I could say a lot of things. Such as, where were you during all those dark years when this abomination, led by the odious Clarence Mitchell, was playing out daily in the shameful British media?

Where were you all those years, when, except for the dedicated few, we had no voice against the injustice playing out daily before our eyes? Where were you, as we were enduring constant bombardment via the media, of material so offensive to anyone who still held on to the concept, that justice actually still had some meaning in this country?

Making fun of the McCanns! Is that what I gave over four years of my life to, making fun of the McCanns?

Do you think, to use an American expression, that I pulled all this stuff out of my ass, that it was all a bit of fun?

Well let me tell you something, seeing such injustice play out before my very eyes, wasn't fun, it was a travesty, and it was totally unacceptable.

And here's the point, something detractors cannot, or refuse to see.

Ninety five percent of what I produced over the years, wasn't fun, nor was it pulled out of my ass. Ninety five percent of what I produced was inspired by, and in direct reaction to, le plat du jour de merde de taureau. A daily dish of bullshit if you will, fed to us, not only by the press, but by the police, child protection "experts" official or self appointed, by spin doctors, shyster lawyers and every other piece of detritus with an agenda, that latched on to this ridiculous but tragic circus.

No it wasn't fun, it still isn't. And it's even less fun now the Metropolitan Police, with all their ridiculous theories, are involved. Theories I add, that take farce to a new level, to the, gor bleedin' blimey, you cannot be fucking serious, level.

But I will say to all those people, and that includes Prime Ministers and Home Secretaries that have nailed their colours to the McCann mast.

And I will say it without fear of contradiction; I shall be proved right before you are. It cannot be otherwise, there is only one truth, as well you know. Something you might wish to reflect on.

The symbolism explained, perhaps obvious to some, but there are others, ever growing in number, (Facebook acc reqd)) that are relatively new to the case, who might not be aware of what has passed previously.

This was a "commission" from that stalwart, lone Portuguese voice, Joana Morais. For which particular post I cannot recall.

There was talk at the time, more so after it was revealed that Smith  had spotted Gerry McCann carrying the body of Madeleine towards the beach, of the tunnels that abound around Praia da Luz.

The McCanns out running, (within the week) as all parents of little girls abducted by predatory paedophiles do.

The light at the end of the tunnel, representing in this case, and universally accepted, not of hope but of truth.

The far from accidental direction, of the running McCanns.


Anonymous said...

Well said - and rightly so.

But we are still no nearer and the "SY Investigation" pushes us further into the muck than ever. But we also pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer filed a request for the court to evaluate the McCann couple's legitimacy to file a lawsuit in their daughter's name, as she is a Ward of Court in the UK.

He did not ask for any postponement. It was the judge that issued a 15-day deadline for him to submit the relevant documentation.

Afterwards, Dr Isabel Duarte filed a document that is related to Mr Alan Pike, and asked for a postponement of Tuesday's session.

This information is not covered by judicial secrecy and can be freely shared.

Himself said...

Thanks Chuck for all the links today, I have been through them all. Most interesting.

Back to my DIY in a short while, I just thought I would get the latest (conjoined) pic out.

If that's the right word, conjoined.

I'm sure it's not, but I've just fell out of bed.

Himself said...

Alan Pike + mccann

Himself said...

Good day Maren.

I have been doing a bit of catching up at The McCannfiles, not least, Dr Leal, who like so many before her, pulled an opinion out of her arse and called it fact.

Which set me off looking at all the others of similar ilk. The trouble now is, that there are so many, far too many to do anything about it today. (Mother)

But I shall, hopefully over the weekend, put a big link list together of all the hacks and whores who shill for the loathsome pair.

Consequently, your links will have to wait for another day.

Later then.

Anonymous said...

During the Hearing it is revealed that Madeleine became a Ward of Court, on 02 April 2008, as the result of proceedings which started on 17 May 2007.

Anonymous said...

Good day H. Thanks for links and info. Have a relaxing weekend. M

Anonymous said...

Then something unexpected happened. Alan Pike asked if he could use notes that were on his iPad. The judge said "yes of course" but when it became clear that Alan Pike was going to read extracts from the McCann book "Madeleine", the judge instructed that he couldn't read the book to the Court.

Libel Trial > McCann v Gonçalo Amaral - Day 3, Witness No 1
Alan Robert Pike

...In the summer of 2009 Kate was not well at all as a direct result of reactions to the documentary. She was helpless; she said she'd prefer not to be there. She was anxious (he thinks he's the only one with whom she shared), that is when the idea of an action against the book in Portugal first arose.

Alan Pike, who thinks that he is the only one with whom Kate shared her feelings at that time, has to read extracts from Kate's book "Madeleine", an account of the truth.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

20 Aug 2008

I blink more than normal, so even when lying I will, as the article suggests, appear to tell the truth,....where does that leave me,,,off the hook I guess!?, I think this is a misleading way of finding if someone is guilty, Lee Harvey Oswald had a nervous twitchy blink.

Anonymous said...

But Croydon police told the Advertiser: “These types of hoax appeals are, at best, extremely unhelpful and distasteful and can potentially divert public attention away from genuine appeals.

“We rely on the support of the public and media to help us when we release appeals to find our most vulnerable missing people.

“The support we get for these appeals is fantastic, but these hoaxes can really damage the effectiveness of genuine appeals.”

Talking of hoaxes

Anonymous said...

Judge rules that Kate and Gerry McCann do not possess the authority to sue Gonçalo Amaral in their daughter’s name.