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Why? Billion Dollar Embasy In Iraq.

Has a kind of permanency about it somehow, would you not agree?

Deja Bloody Vous

Oh stop please, find a more credible line, how many times have I heard this uttered around the globe over the past fifty years?

"It is not accurate to say that the United States is occupying Iraq," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino. "When it comes to the coalition forces being in Iraq, we are there under the U.N. security council resolutions and at the invitation of the Iraqi people," she said.

Saudi King Abdullah surprised Washington on Wednesday by telling an Arab summit that,
"In beloved Iraq, blood flows between brothers in the shadow of illegitimate foreign occupation and hateful sectarianism, threatening a civil war."

Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee acknowledged the administration was "a little surprised to see those remarks" and would seek clarification from the Saudis.

Seems clear enough to me. Article.

Why George Bush is Insane

By Harold Pinter

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From My Travels

Although not planned or designed for a sideshow I just used these few images to explore the various sideshow format options.
I think Tinkerbell does it for me, particularly for seascapes, puts a little life in the sea as it were.

Wicked Hailstones

Score: Hail 1 Truck 0

The World According To Leiberman

Lieberman thinks the president's changed policy in Iraq has successfully decreased the violence in Baghdad and increased the confidence of U.S. forces there.

Check out the Australian reporter on Blitzer.
Leiberman is such scumbag.

How Green Is My Zone?

Iraqi insurgents are increasingly hitting Baghdad's fortress like Green Zone with rockets and mortar shells, officials said Wednesday.

Shame On You Sisters

When I first looked at the photograph I thought the sisters of "Ninja" had taken up arms to free one of their own, (gender) but the story reveals that it was the ninjas that were doing the "moral policing"

The Jamia Hafza Madrassa

Sweet Jesus What Next?

It would appear the idolators are a bit miffed, I would be too, can't stand milk chocolate.

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On The Road For Thursday

Where ever it is Boopy Doopy, I'm going there.

Slime Doesn't Pay. Not this time

A good ending for the day.
Slimeball has nomination withdrawn.

Original Post.

The Pentagon’s Power to Jail Americans Indefinitely

A lawyer I ain't, but... more

No Sex Please, We're Daddy's Little Girls

Purity Balls back in the news.
Only in America.

Two Peas In A Pod. Zimbabwe-USA

I'm starting to be at a loss for words describe this kind of behaviour, little wonder we hear so little moralising from this administration about the goings on in Zimbabwe.
In a regime who's hypocrisy seemingly knows no limits, I think even they must know when it hasn't a moral leg to stand on.
Were Bushco to try to utter any moral word to Mugabe over his human rights record the evil sod would fall about laughing, perhaps halting just long enough to tell the US to look to it's own house before criticising anyone.

And who could blame him, personally I cannot differentiate between Mugabe's regime or Bush's.
America and Zimbabwe equals, brothers in the cesspit if you will.
This then the latest from Candace Gorman at Huffpo, but a more stunning read is to be found in the "brought up on charges" link to an earlier piece she wrote.

David Hicks, the Australian man that has been held in Guantánamo for five years, (the last year or so in solitary confinement) agreed to plead guilty yesterday. There are a few things you should know about his plea. First, and most importantly, Hicks is pleading guilty to a crime that did not exist on the books until September of 2006.

All of the original charges (the serious ones) were dropped against Hicks because the military had no evidence against him. Mr. Hicks was confined at Guantánamo until a new law could be passed that he could then be charged with. Never mind the fact that our constitution prohibits ex post facto (retroactive) laws, I mean that is why we are holding him at Guantánamo right?

The Ark, Creationists, And A Case For Mandatory Baby Shaking. Chapter Two

The plot thickens.

Survival of the fakest, it's very interesting that in the history of the evolution of evolution that there have been a number hoaxes, some of them in the very foundations of so called evolutionary science to the point where you really wonder how any intelligent person could really believe this and especially teach it to wide eyed bushy tailed kids whether in the high school or the university level.

Davies gives Mendez another quick blow job, but still fails to name the university, and then the fun begins, cut to mendez and his model ark and watch this "science teacher" from a "major university" strut his stuff.
As he tells us and shows us just how big the ark was supposed to be it never occurs to him that the more he makes his case for this "huge" ark the deeper the hole he is digging for his case.
Given the so called biblical timeline for all this, I have a question for Mendez.

It's twenty five hundred years before the Iron Age, what did our Noah use for a goddamn saw?

There would not be just tens of miles of saw cuts, there would literally be hundreds of miles of the feckers.

A case for baby shaking if ever there was one, grab hold of this idiot and shake the stupid bleeder until his head fell off, because I don't think you could ever shake sense into it, not if you shook it all the way back to the beginning of the universe, and I'm talking our timeline not his.
Give me bleeding strength
Clip Two

Scientific American was appalled that the average American just doesn't want to believe in evolution. snip.
On the Smithsonian: Isn't it a problem that Americans don't believe in what the Government is promoting. It wasn't a question just rhetoric.

Appalled? they must be mortified. Cut to Mendez's "Science class" lots of Jesus talk, and have a look at the age of his students.

It's not natural for animals to eat each other, they have taken on the nature of Satan. What is natural for animals is to live in the way they were created in the Garden of Eden.
Clip Three.

Another violent shaking moment if ever there was one.
Enough for now, a man can only take so much, more later.

Wash My Blog

I have just woken from a nightmare to find that my blog has been visited by one, someone who runs a blog called hott cops, you fucking sad cunt.

Road Trip Week With Cute Boop

Boop-Boop-a-Loop. Click for a wave.

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The Ark, Creationists, And A Case For Baby Shaking


In the beginning there was clip one. Before we move on to view some of the most amazing examples utter stupidity and how readily and proudly it is displayed by these fundamentalist clowns let us first examine some portions I have transcribed.
That I have taken the trouble to do so is for the main two part. The first , the obvious, no write no article. The second, it will save you rewinding the clip when you have one of those "I can't believe what I just heard" moments, believe me you really did.

Clip one opens with Howard Davis, minister for the United Church of God, hosting the television programme "Tomorrow" and after some initial gobble de gook explains the subject for today is "Evolution as a religion"
Davis goes on to introduce his pundit as Arnold Mendez, a university instructor of hard science who is with a "major American university" but fails to name this seat of learning.

It is not my intention to transcribe this verbatim, but you have to know, as Mendez explains in his opening gambit that evolution is not based on science, it is based on slanting of the data and other misconceptions, so now you know.
As Mendez continues to enlighten us with more of his scientific facts, Davis takes a moment out from blowing Mendez to ask some inane questions, but mentions this "major university" "that a lot of other people would recognise in other parts of the United States." but still fails to mention the name, why am I starting to smell a rat? (it turns out to be Texas A&M, Corpus Christi) anybody want to enlighten me?

Then the clip cuts to various players that will feature in this series of clips (Hat tip Johnplex)
Watch Mendez teach some "science" and take note of the age of his students, and we shall see more of Reverend Ricky in the next clip. I am at a bit of a loss as to the significance of the toilet seat, it's not something we wear in England, perhaps it's fashionable, but surely only in America.

It's not been the best couple of days that I have been having but will get clip two up in a few hours, so don't go watching the rest of them, do you hear?

Do As I Say Not As.......

Australian detainee David Hicks has pleaded guilty at a military court at Guantanamo Bay to a charge of providing material support for terrorism.

a former US state department counter-terrorism agent, who said: "The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran's ethnic minorities to destabilise the Iranian regime."


A senior American commander in the Gulf has said his men would have fired on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard rather than let themselves be taken hostage.

Translation: Why use your brains when you have bullets.

"Agreed. Yes. I don't want to second-guess the British after the fact but our rules of engagement allow a little more latitude. Our boarding team's training is a little bit more towards self-preservation."

Translation: Leave it up to the gung ho redneck from bumfuck Georgia to assess the situation and to weigh the international/global consequences of any confrontation.

Vastly outnumbered and out-gunned, the Royal Navy team from HMS Cornwall were seized on Friday after completing a UN-authorised inspection of a merchant dhow in what they insist were clearly Iraqi waters. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy appeared in half a dozen attack speedboats mounted with machine guns..
Our reaction was, 'Why didn't your guys defend themselves?'"

Translation: Why didn't you get yourselves killed fer chrissakes, what are the deaths of fifteen grunts compared to a missed opportunity to car park Iran.

Road Safety Message

All you boys drive safely now, ooh-boop-boop-a-doop.

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Is the American Empire on the Brink of Collapse?

U.S. military expert Chalmers Johnson argues the catastrophe in Iraq and the staggering cost of running a military that stretches across 130 countries on 737 bases may finally cost America its empire. More

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The Truth About The Mushroom Cloud

The Truth About The Mushroom Cloud
Turned Out To Be Just Another Giant Porky Pie.

Greensboro Boy! Why Greensboro Is God's Own

Greensboro boy! Why Greensboro North Carolina Is God's Own Little Bit Of Country.

It has lurked there for many a year, tucked away in the back of the mind, but still there nonetheless.
Not unsurprisingly then that it should be brought to the fore after my recent re-hash of "Dildos in South Carolina" article. I know the true heading should be "sex toys," if one were to be pedantic, but somehow the word dildo by far better captures the essence of the story, never more so than associating it with Davenport the sponsor of the sex toys bill.

A bill incidentally that would exact far greater penalties for selling a dildo (5 years + $10,000) than would be received for transgressing most of South Carolina's firearms laws,(section 16-23-20) scant few that they are. (That is some wicked amount of jail time.)
In fact one only has to have a brief scan as to how few controls are in place for gun purchase that the very thought of it is enough to give us Europeans the heeby jeebies.

That said, given the amount of guns that are in circulation, the murder rate, the violent nature of American society and the disproportionate number of nutters that abound there, I too would want weapon, in fact I would want one for every day of the week and two for Sunday's, definitely two for Sundays, one should always make adequate provision for running foul of those suffering from extreme delusions.

I don't write as an anti-gun activist, after all the damage is done, the guns are out there already, little point then in trying to take away the legal ones, can't have a situation where it's just the black hats running around shooting up Dodge, old Hopalong wouldn't have lasted long under those kind of circumstances.

No not anti-gun at all, I couldn't be, not after being a keen skeet shooter myself, so keen in fact I look back and think about the amount of money I smoked down the end of a barrel and think small countries were run on a lesser budget. If that was the case with my skeet shooting, when I took up trap shooting as an added discipline, well, let's not go there shall we.

But there were reasonable controls in place for gun ownership, and after an incident with a nutter of our own controls went from reasonable to strict. Steel gun cabinets bolted to the wall became mandatory for shotguns, pistol clubs disappeared, in fact I don't think Joe public can own a handgun under any circumstances these days.

It was some time after this I had a wee brush with the law, getting pulled for a DUI, subsequently resulting in a riot act letter from the head honcho in blue. The usual yada yada as to my suitability to own a shotgun , the whole nine yards in fact. He sounded a biteen upset, I can't help but wonder how he would have sounded if he knew I had the gun in the trunk at the time of arrest.

You will have to forgive my little digressions, I quite enjoy going off on little tangents, it keeps my interest if not yours.

The late seventies saw me, my wife, and two small daughters living in Canada but tiring of the place somewhat and before our planned return to England a year later fancied a change of scenery, stateside seemed to fit the bill.
Securing a job wasn't a problem at all at all, held in high esteem are we toolmaking Brits, and soon narrowed it down between a choice of two, just let me at this juncture mention pay rates, for no other reason than to highlight how dismally low the minimum wage is at present.
I was making eight dollars an hour in Canada, one of the job choices was in Covina California, a place that was looking the favourite of the two, that rascal paid, albeit for fifty hours per week, twenty eight thousand a year, handy enough money by anybodies stretch.

Still sitting on the fence as to which job to accept I read a bit of something in the paper, not whilst sat on the fence of course. Some poor lass not too far from Covina had run afoul of a crazy who took it upon himself to cut the arms off this lass at the elbows, and really didn't have a reason other than he was an evil bastard, well as the parents of two pre-teen girls you can imagine how quickly the luster of California tarnished. So there we were, mind made up for us.

I'd be thinking, I better check out just what kind of gaff the other place was. So I duly phone yer man down there and basically ask him if it's safe for my wife and kids to walk the the streets, you already know the reply:
Greensboro boy! Why Greensboro North Carolina is God's own little bit of country.

Not two days later the wife and I were watching the evening news and low and behold, an item of news from God's own little bit of country. The action proper, starts at the two minute mark.

This is the footage of a anti-klan rally held in Greensboro, NC back on November 3rd 1979 named, "Death to The Klan" The organization that held the rally was named The Communist Workers Party. The people driving up in the cars are with the KKK and local Nazi groups all from around NC to show up the Communist Workers Party. After watching this violent act keep in mind that the klan were all acquitted of murder due to self defense. That is what the defense in the State Trial based their case on. Does it look like they are deffending themselves or on the attack? What footage was the jury watching?
Never did get to the States.

Every Cloud Has.....

Boop In Black

Just as well after the previous post.

Watch American Heroes Murder Unarmed Iraqis

American heroes having so much fun.
I'm so glad they were dumb enough to film it.
It you thought Abu Grahib was shameful, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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"The Gulf" BBC Page

Updates and insights.

Troubled Japan Whaler Back Home

Ship Of Shame Sulks Back Into Port.

Japan's main whaling ship has arrived back in port after an Antarctic hunt hit by setbacks including a fatal fire.

Do everybody a favour, keep it there
and come and join the human race.

It's Not Really Plagiarism, Just A couple Of Words

So when someone has created the perfect description for something, well..... you just kind of borrow it.
A befitting file name is I'm what I'm talking about. I shall return to searching my own archives for what I am actually looking for, but I dropped on this so I thought I would take two minutes out and lash it on to this page.
I don't offer it as a written article per say, it's pasted straight from the folder, the accompanying text is only there as a reminder to myself as what delights are to be found at each website.
How current it is I have no idea, I can't be bothering my arse to go and see, but you might want to have a look around and then it will become quiet apparent why I found it in my "Batshit Crazy" file

May God's name be lifted up
during this Presidency,
and may there be
thousands fasting daily. is a non-denominational, non-partisan ministry dedicated to lifting up President George W. Bush in Prayer as he serves this country as President of the United States. For over four years, God-fearing Americans have gathered to lift up the man whom God has placed in the office of the Presidency. During this time of national triumph and tragedy, we have seen God work in marvelous ways in the life our our country and its president.

God Bless You, God Bless America, and God Bless President George W. Bush!

Pray for President and Mrs. Bush as they spend the Christmas holiday at their Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, TX. Pray for the President as he has met with the members of the National Security Council, including Vice President Cheney, Secretaries Rice and Gates, Gen. Peter Pace, Stephen Hadley, and J.D. Crouch. Pray for wisdom for this team as they consider options for the way forward in Iraq.

Prognosis For Alberto Gonzales

Saturday Boop-A-Doops

Friday, March 23, 2007

Are GM Crops Killing Bees?

A mysterious decimation of bee populations has German bee-keepers worried, while a similar phenomenon in the United States is gradually assuming catastrophic proportions. The consequences for agriculture and the economy could be enormous. More

Click pic for big.

UK Sailors Captured at Gunpoint

No comment. Story

Trivia. The much misnamed Union Flag becomes the Union Jack only when flown in the manner shown in the photo, IE. on the sharp end.

US In Iraq: What Went Wrong?

Since the invasion of Iraq four years ago, some 134 British troops and more than 3,200 US service personnel have been killed. It is harder to quantify the number of Iraqi deaths, estimates range from 60,000 to more than 600,000. One thing is certain; the cost in human life of the conflict has been huge. And the killing goes on.

But given this was not a snap conflict and had been planned for months, some say years, how did things go so wrong? To find out our diplomatic editor Mark Urban spoke to some of the senior US military figures who were charged with putting Iraq back together after the invasion.
You can watch his film by clicking here

I can't opine on the film (29 mins) I am having problems streaming a lot of stuff at the moment, but given that it is "Newsnight" it should be the business.

It's A Funny Old World

My site meter showed a recent visitor from Saudi Arabia (the first) the result of being directed there by a Google search for "Laura Bush vibrators"

Talking of dildos, Republican Representative Ralph Davenport seemingly wants South Carolina to join other states in the Global War on Vibrators.

A sex toy ban has already happened in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas. South Carolina could be next on that list.

But here I can't help but wonder, can you buy a gun in those states?

And not unnaturally some people asked the reasonable question and called Rep. Davenport to ask him the state purpose for such a law.

He said some constituents had asked him to introduce the bill, and he hoped that if someone is caught kidnapping someone and using these devices on an unwilling victim, that this would be another offense with which they could be charged.

Whoa boy,whoa whoa whoa, say that again.

if someone is caught kidnapping someone and using these devices on an unwilling victim,

Well Freud I ain't, but Jesus H, what is going on in this tiny suppressed little mind? If that little sentence alone doesn't set the alarm bells a ringing, the hooters a hooting and the whistles a whistling I don't know what will.

Un fucking believable that anybody could come out with such a statement, if that is what is in your head, what else is in there?. Lawdy lawdy

But Davenport, who professes not to know what a sex toy is (the hell you don't) also proposed this bill.


In the state house grounds this fellow wants to build a monument to a foetus! A nutcase you'd be thinking, a lone nutcase. Sorreee, there are thirty, yes thirty sponsors of this bill.
Now at this point I have to tell you, I'm struggling with this story, struggling inasmuch that I'm having a problem getting my head around the fact there are thirty grown up men and women that have put their names forward to endorse the building of a "Foetus for Jesus" monument, I'm struggling with it a great deal indeed.

I asked further up the page what was it that was going on in Davenport's head, well if you pop over to Pam's House Blend where she asks you to Look at Davenport's level of detail and research that obviously went into crafting this masterpiece of legislation.

So what conclusion can I reach about yer man Davenport, well for a man that don't know nuttin about sex toys, he knows a great deal about sex toys, and strangely enough an awful lot about all the Icky places that they might go.

I must stop this practice of getting up in the middle of the night for a cuppa (tea) it was never my intention to write this piece, not the first under similar circumstances, and I doubt the last.
So to round it off a couple of limericks that I dashed off at the time.

All us girls down South Caroline,
Scrub at sin 'till we do shine.
But to take away,
So we can't play.
Don't you dare it's mine mine mine.

My Daddy has asked me to,
Keep myself so pure and true.
But my little toy,
Gives so much joy.
Bet it knows much more than you.

(2) 'patently offensive' means obviously and clearly disagreeable, objectionable, repugnant, displeasing, distasteful, or obnoxious to contemporary standards of decency and propriety within the community.

(3) 'prurient interest' means a shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion and is reflective of an arousal of lewd and lascivious desires and thoughts.

I think this must be Davenport's way of saying it's worth watching.

Which only leaves me only to say: Only In America.

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Friday Boop

Only In America

Armor of God!

What parent would put their kids in these, tell me?
Check out the side bars as well.

Euthanasia Alive And Well In Texas

Not unsurprisingly so is hypocrisy.

Let me guess, mamma is a brown person, no insurance and no money.

Texas: Brief Reprieve for Little Emilio Gonzales

According to News 8 Austin ( Mother gets more time to find new hospital for dying son , March 21, 2007 , 11:30 AM ) , little Emilio, the toddler that was scheduled to be executed under the Texas Futile Care Law on Friday, March 23, 2007, has been given a reprieve. It appears the hospital is giving the mother, and those assisting her, until April 10th to find a facility that will accept him into their care.

Last year, the family of Andrea Clark, the patient at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston TX, was fighting the decision of the so-called ethics committee that had scheduled her for execution under the "Futile Care Law" as well . This scheduled execution was in spite of the fact that Andrea Clark was actually CONSCIOUS and had expressed her desire to live. With attention drawn to her case, and especially due to the efforts of her family and attorney, Andrea received a reprieve and passed away naturally instead of being forced to die at the hands of man.

One would think the Clark case was enough to draw attention to, and concern about, this "FutileCare Law", but apparently it wasn't. The law still remains on the books and in use by hospitals in Texas. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

People are learning about the "Futile Care Law" -- some for the first time -- and exactly what patient/family rights it gives away and puts into the hands of the doctors, hospitals and so-called ethics committee. I'm sure is was more than a shock to many to learn such a law exists in Texas and could someday threaten their life or the life of a family member.

With information coming forth and the public and public officials becoming aware and informed about this law, it appears changes are being attempted.
According to an article appearing on 3/20/2007 on the , "Dying toddler brings futile care bill to forefront " By PAUL J. WEBER, Associated Press:

"State Rep. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, said that while he is respectful of doctors' opinions and hospital resources, no one but the family or patient should decide when to pull the plug.

"Ten days is not long enough for a patient in these circumstances," said Hughes, author of the House bill."

Maybe changes are before us and this will be the last time any have to write about the pending execution of someone who is guilty of nothing more than being ill or disabled. We shall see! We shall see! God knows we will be watching!

When I Think Of All The Harm The Bible Has Done

When I Think Of All The Harm The Bible Has Done I Despair I Shall Ever Write Anything Equal To It. Oscar Wilde

The Bible! despair! you'd be distraught trying to equal this one Oscar.

Muslim pupils at a secondary school in northeastern Nigeria beat a teacher to death on Wednesday after accusing her of desecrating the Koran, police and witnesses said.

Angry!? angry doesn't come anywhere near when I read shite like this. I would like to take all the religious books in the world, make a huge bonfire and fuck all these religious cocksuckers onto it.

A Real Life "Novel"

It certainly reads like one helluva crime story.
It may be "Old Hat" to some but it was novel to me and worthy enough for an article, but I fear it is one I shall never get around to writing.
It was the length of the jail sentence, for perjury, that was doled out to Alisha Owen that had my bells ringing.

The case is well documented and covered so I will just post the links, it makes quite a read, more than interesting but especially so if the story is new to you.
The main story in the second link but it does no harm to read the first one to begin. There will be a link to the video in the second link I'm sure. The whole lot are worth bookmarking, something to read in a quieter moment.

Daily Boop

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bonus Boop

Press the Boop Button boys I have a little surprise for you.

"In the End I Would Have Confessed to Anything"

I was in a place no one knew and where no one could help me. I kept having to sign documents after the interrogations. I read the first ones, they confirmed that I had not been tortured. Afterwards I just signed everything they put in front of me. I didn't care.

Us And Them, Ignorance or Enlightenment

Neither us nor them having the monopoly on either, other than the chosen ignorance that both east and west share when jointly embracing the ignorance of religion.

Once having chosen one's deity, or more accurately had it chosen for them, (Dawkins) this then becomes a passport for pursuing seemingly any form of cruelty, acts of barbarism, mutilation, and yes even murder.

Then having invoked the name of their own chosen man in the sky mythological super being this then seems to be taken as an endorsement of the said passport, giving the bearer carte blanche to adopt the most bizarre theories and practices, that to us, the non afflicted, could only describe as totally irrational if not quite insane.

And I employ the word rational or irrational if you will for a purpose. Is there not some passage in the good book that makes reference to the wise spending or using of talents or that the squandering of such talents is a sin? I'm sure there must be.

Now whether we consider the sin above great or small depends much if one has embraced the religion of the good book, one path leading to sin and the other to righteousness, but not quite as you might think.
For one such as I, the ungodly, there can be no greater sin than the wasting of talents, and not least the wasting of the greatest talent that is "gifted" to us, that talent which sets us apart from the beasts of the field, sets us apart and sets us above all the beasts and other creatures on the planet for that matter, and this great talent is rational thought, the very basis of our success as a species.

Perhaps not an oxymoron and maybe not even a contradiction, shall we call it an invitation, an invitation to take up this religion and in doing so automatically commit the gravest of sins, not the sin of misusing or even squandering our greatest talent, worse, to cast it upon stony ground to go unused, to suffer the fate like that of an unused limb, to simply wither away and die. My little thought for today.

So let us then address the task to hand. I had already planned to review and bring you these short clips, but as is the way of the web, distraction, like sin, is all around. It was a middle of the night browse of a friends site that jogged this old memory and as such here we are, but of that later.

The first clip is a Hamas TV interview of the pre-school age children left motherless when the children's mother, Palestinian Suicide Bomber Rim Al-Riyashi, blew herself up and killed five Jews.
I do find it hard to describe all that is wrong with this clip, it offends everything that is decent from start to finish, I leave it to you.
Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber Rim Al-Riyashi on Hamas TV: Mama Killed Five Jews and She Is in Paradise

Who else but an Islamic cleric could make statements such?

The objections to female circumcision are illogical and unnatural.....
......while others see it as a noble act......
But throughout the history of Islam, nobody has ever said performing female circumcision is a crime.

The title says it all really, and yes "it is all about culture."
Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak: Polygamy and Female Circumcision Can Only Be Abolished Through Education, Not by Force. A Female Egyptian President - Not in the Near Future

I loved this old girl, you can see the weariness in her that overcomes the true academic when facing ignorance one more time, I'll wager she has had a lifetime of such experiences. She reminded me of Wafa Sultan only not quite as voluble. Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Nawal Al-Sa'dawi Talks about Her Beliefs and Explains Her Decision to Leave Egypt: I Am Nauseated by Accusations against Me

When I first watched this fellow have his little rant I had to admit he wasn't a long way off the mark on a number of issues, he mentioned something in relation to Italy, and it was only through watching a clip in the early hours via the Barefoot bum that I twigged the reference. (clip. Last link.)
Al-Jazeera TV Host Faysal Al-Qassem: Western Media -Neo-Goebbelism

This is the clip referred to in the programme, it doesn't throw a very good light on the man/woman in the (US) street.

Dinosaur Den Diggers Discovered

Montana is the scene of many great dinosaur discoveries

The fossil remains of small dinosaurs that burrowed into the ground have been found by scientists in Montana, US.

The 95-million-year-old bones are from an adult and two juveniles and were unearthed in a chamber at the end of a 2.1m-long sediment-filled tunnel.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daily Boop

Off to the feathers, mmmm Boopy Doopy kisses.

Ark Ark, Is That A Boat Or A Laugh


It wouldn't be much of a laugh if you had to hand saw five hundred miles of timber down the grain.
I did some rough calculations based on god's instructions to Moses and using six inch wide planks.
Mind you, when you live for six hundred years, what's a saw cut or two?

What A Goddamn Eyesore. Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon glass bridge to open. Story/video

Update. A web page with comments and a video (second link in second comment)

McDonald's Seeks 'McJob' Rewrite

The Oxford English Dictionary says it is: "An unstimulating.......

Steady On Now Lad, Priorities, Priorities Tha Knows

After all it is the Icky zone you're entering now.

We have the will to endorse criminal penalties of all sorts including a crime against showing a partially obscured human nipple on television,

If an American citizen talks about farting or nipples on the radio, they can be fined $325,000

How about we start with a fine equal to the FCC fine for broadcast indecency? Every elected or politically appointed official found partly or mostly responsible for botching the war must pay $325,000 for each and every time they lied about the reasons for- or progress of the war.

Water Boarding

The accused suspect lay on a board tipped so that his head was lower than his feet. The guards had stretched him out full length and bound him tightly. A metal device held the jaws open. His nostrils were stopped, allowing breathing only through his mouth. He struggled, but his bounds permitted little movement, and days of relentless questioning had left him exhausted. The guard draped a piece of linen loosely over the suspects open mouth. Jugs of water lined a nearby wall.

A doctor observed the suspects reactions and assessed his general condition. The army’s field manual required the presence of a physician to monitor the health of the accused. The purpose of interrogation would be nullified if the accused were physically unable to hear and understand the proceedings. A confession, if it came, had to be coherent.

A man in plain clothes, probably CIA sat at a table, poised to record and write down the particulars of the session.

When the Arabic speaking investigator asked the suspect about his Al Quieda involvement in the alleged plot and received only strenuous denials he looked to the doctor who gave him a nod of assent. The Investigator then pointed to the jugs of water and told the sergeant to be ready. The sergeant lifted one of the sloshing jugs; each contained one litre of water. The suspect's eyes widened in panic, he knew what was coming, and tried to scream.

Water is poured into the accused's open mouth. The linen cloth is washed into the opening of the throat, preventing the accused from spitting the water back out. The overwhelming sensation of drowning forced the accused to swallow the water. The rules of method as written in the army manual stipulated that no more than eight litres of water could be used in a single session The sergeant held the jug in his arms, ready to follow the investigator’s orders. The suspect cried and struggled for breath, anticipating the worst.

The CIA man stepped forward and spoke. "We shall begin."

It all sounds quite horrific and you might be more horrified when you go here and read the original account and realise just how few words I have had to change in order to bring you the Gonzales/Bush edition.

Daily Boop


Monday, March 19, 2007

Iraq In 2020

Tonights lineup below, this is avaiable online now for twenty four hours.
You may wish to bookmark the link, Newsnight is running an Iraq series for the rest of the week, programs to include the "Neocon view" and the "Bloggers view"
It will give Americans and those from other countries around the world that would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so to watch Brit style TV, if nothing else I can only guess it will be a lot less sanitised than what you are used to.
Click on the "Latest Programme" link, top right, not the previews.
Can't say I'm impressed with the loud mouth Dem that's on the show, wouldn't be in the running for something perchance?



IRAQ IN 2020

Jeremy Paxman presents a different and fascinating edition of the programme tonight. On the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq we are debating what Iraq might look like in the year 2020.

We've asked two leading academics - both of whom are used as advisors on Iraq by governments around the world - to paint us a vision of Iraq in the future. We've fictionalised their assessments to give a dramatic interpretation of Iraq in 2020.

To debate what Iraq and the world should do now to produce the best possible future we'll be joined by a high powered group of thinkers, analysts and players: including the US State Department, the Syrian Ambassador, a former member of the Iraqi government, the Kurdish Ambassador, a leading Democrat opponent of the war and congressman, and the British Special Envoy on human rights in Iraq.

Out-Smarted. Bush/Cheney Lies Corrupt Court Cases

Guest Post by Bill Arnett

Well, the chicken(hawks) have come home to roost and provided proof positive that the terrorists are smarter than our American Leaders.

Khaild Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), after four years of relentless torture has confessed to practically every terrorist attack or plot for the last thirty years. The consequences of this sheer stupidity will be felt immediately, as every person previously convicted for any of the acts of terror to which KSM has confessed will appeal their conviction, citing KSM's confessions as proof of their non-involvement. There will be convictions overturned around the world and those suspected terrorists released based upon the confessions obtained by Americans, used as evidence against KSM, and now a matter of un-retractible public record.

An appeal has already been filed for three of the four men in Pakistan found guilty of killing Daniel Pearl. KSM has admitted he personally beheaded Pearl, the three men had been found guilty on the skimpiest of evidence, and now a confession from the "admitted" killer may well result in the release of these three men.

What will American authorities say? Uh…you…uh…you can't use that confession as it was…uh… obtained through the use of torture? No, no, it is a matter of record that KSM confessed and any court which chooses may treat that as valid evidence that those prosecuted for a crime could not possibly be guilty and must be set free.

Talk of being hoisted on your own petard! I strongly suspect that every important, real terrorist, would be trained to do exactly what has been done: Hold out while being tortured long enough to make what you say seem legitimately obtained as a result of the torture, and then confess to every single terrorist attack they can think of in order to corrupt any/all prosecutions possible, to provide alibis for those in custody and not yet tried, and to give those already convicted a basis for appealing their convictions.

And it is happening as you read this. See this article from CBS News:
A defense lawyer appealed Wednesday to a Pakistani court on behalf of three of the four Islamic militants convicted of the kidnap-slaying of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl.…The journalist was killed by British-born Islamic militant Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three others. Saeed was sentenced to death by hanging and the three other men received life prison terms.…Calling the prosecution's case "false and baseless," attorney Rai Bashir asked the Sindh High Court to overturn the conviction handed down Monday against Salman Saqib, Fahad Naseem and Shaikh Adil. They received life sentences, which in Pakistan means 25 years in prison.…There is not even a single piece of evidence against the appellants to prove the offenses in which they have been convicted, hence the judgment should be set aside," Bashir said.

It can already be difficult enough to obtain convictions in a terrorism case, but the fouling of the water by the confessions of American held suspects will make it more difficult still, and opens the door for appeals by any suspect previously convicted.

This is precisely why – aside the total amorality and the immorality of the act – that torture is a lousy tool for obtaining information. People under torture will confess to anything the interrogator wants regardless of whatever the real facts might be.

So it is once again clear that the "terrorists" are much smarter than our leaders and have found an easy way to call into question every terrorism conviction obtained for the last 25-30 years.

Way to go, bush, corrupt the country with your lies, destroy our integrity with torture, make America the third worst country in the world on human rights and the number one threat to world peace, and for what? To create more terrorists, increase terror attacks world-wide, and now introduce confessions obtained by torture that may result in more terrorists being released from custody.

We lost this GWOT the minute we sacrificed our values and terrorist organizations know it, will take advantage of it, and will tie courts in knots with possibly untrue confessions admitted under American law.

Guest Post by Bill Arnett

The Dangerous Deception Of "Dubya"

Inarticulate, dumb, fumbling. lazy, failed, ignorant, unworldly, under qualified, not a ticket you would choose to run on for the most responsible job in the world. Whether he ran on that ticket I do not know, when he did his running it was during my dropped out period, when the ways of the world meant nothing to me and I cared even less.

But ran he did and somehow managed to get elected, (yes I know, let's not go there) in spite of his more apparent shortcomings. Those with much more political savy than Bush could ever have, no doubt turning these shortcomings into political gain.

Just a simple boy from down home, inexperienced therefore uncorrupted man of the people, just what America needs, a god fearing dumbfuck President for a bunch of god fearing dumbfuck voters.

And how it worked, as millions upon millions associated with him and aligned themselves with him, "There's no harm in Gee Dubya, just a good ol' boy," and so was elected the dumbest, meanest, most under qualified, most dangerous President ever to sit his sorry arse in the White House.

And it worked so well, that no matter the amount of scorn or ridicule that rained down on this abject failure, he was forgiven. That he couldn't string a coherent sentence together or that his IQ was so obviously lacking, he was forgiven, in fact you could say he got away with murder, ho ho de fucking ho.

And to those of us who knew better, and I say us, for I am as guilty as others, we joined the chorus and took the easy route, almost an endorsement of the man and his policies really, instead of addressing matters with the gravity that they warranted,we just poured more ridicule on him as he and his bunch pursued their deadly agenda, no doubt laughing away quietly, as the ridicule ran, as did the proverbial water, from the backs of both ducks and men.

Having said this I hope you can still find some little humour in these Dubya and other American pol limericks. As I mentioned previously they fell with ease from the pen and none taking more than a minute or two to compile, whether they are any good or not is for you to judge and not I.
Most, if not all written in haste in replies to contemporary topics.

There are more featuring other pols and events, but for now, these.

All his life he's suffered affliction,
Such a looser, reads like bad fiction.
With all this power,
Should be "Man of the hour"
Somebody help him with his diction.

A halfwit did so aspire,
To positions lofty and higher.
The press sounding glum,
“We backed someone dumb”
Who would have thought such a liar.

I am a man of no great stature,
Diebold did the country capture.
Times were great,
In lone star state.
A nuke or two then the rapture.

President number forty three,
Part the job foreign policy.
Condi give me a lesson,
So I'm not guessin.
Just where all these countries be.

Georgie Porgie pudding 'n pie,
Told the voters one big lie.
Swallowed whole by the trolls,
Now he's tanking in the polls.
Three more years collective sigh.

To those that swallow his credo,
Albeit his IQ is zero.
I have to say,
In my limerick today.
Don't make a half-wit your hero.

Whitehouse crimes are almost blase,
Standards and morals in total decay.
Your presidency's flawed,
Don't go abroad.
You could end up like Pinochet.

For war how he hungered and lust,
Now it’s all turning to dust.
Gas so high,
Don’t look to the sky.
Not even in God can you trust.

A captain is no ordinary seaman,
He’s learned and adept for a reason.
To safely navigate,
The great ship of state.
But Dub, in hurricane season.?

Truthiness showed it's face today,
Must have soured the creme brulee.
Far from happy,
The President chappy.
Colbert you're next for Gitmo Bay.

Old gee dub gonna keep y'all secure,
Same old line you have to endure.
Forget the spin,
You're easy in.
When you're an active gay male whore.

You can't toot rocks says old Dubya Bush,
Better hit after credit card crush.
Must have order,
Fence the border.
Stay at home like my friend Rush.

Hey George you d man,
Can't do it? yes he can.
On this runaway train,
What can we gain.
Such fun, let's nuke Iran.

Much talk of truth has been said,
And fishes that rot from the head.
But makes me do wonder,
The words of boy blunder.
Could he lie straight in his bed.

For five long years he's been having his say,
From course once set he'll never stray.
Don't panic,
On Titanic.
"Hey there iceberg get outa my way."

Come back Napoleon Bonaparte,
In all the wars you did start.
You led from the front,
It weren’t no stunt.
That’s the message to impart.


What a state the country's in,
Whitehouse bullshit wearing thin.
So we must,
In pardons trust.
One for you and one for him.

Tricky Dicky to Gerald said,
Be VP it's serious bread.
Just one favour,
Might need a saviour.
No problem, lets go ahead.

Do not fear so much to die,
When it comes one big sigh.
All I can say,
Won't be today.
The rapture's coming bye and bye.

There’s certain kind of fundie says you gotta abstinate,
Others chuck rocks if you find a little playmate.
When all said and done,
These religions can’t be fun.
If she wants to put out don’t hesitate.

In backing the war and its slaughters,
Joe ain’t doing what he ought to.
Like some two bit whore,
Of that you’re sure.
Just look at his sackful of quarters.

A Senator named Russ Fiengold,
Argued that truth be told.
From colleagues, scant backing,
Seems backbones are lacking.
Russ, you're out in the cold.

A Whitehouse aid named Scooter,
Did dastardly deeds for a shooter.
Outing an agent named Plame,
Got stuck with the blame.
Pity it wasn’t Anne Coulter.

Down the Straits of Hormuz,
Oil tankers perilous do cruise.
Should one get a rocket and sink,
Then problems abound me do think.
Dub, are you still on the booze?

Neocons have most surely,
Run the gov extremely poorly.
Better fun,
If they could run.
A piss up in a brewery.

Neocondi for VP,
What a site that would be.
It would be nice,
If little miss Rice.
Had a touch of diplomacy.

How easy the words would come over,
To rhyme and joke about Rover.
Better words I just might,
Scribble down and write.
After all, if Dub can get sober!

Well Karl what’s it to be,
Obstruction of justice or perjury.
Has shafting mizz Plame ,
Ended your game?
Bit of a shame national, security.

Double super secret girl called Plame,
Nobody ever heard her name.
Words from Rover,
Career over.
Nuclear intel down the drain.

Hurry up Armageddon,
Then I get my suit of lead on.
My spuds will grow.
With internal glow.
Serve up well with some gammon

Evil will not have the final say,
Let us all to god now pray.
I thought that you might,
Come down and smite.
Guess you're having a merciful day.

So much clamour he be put to the sword,
A lifetime sentence says the rest of the horde.
His sentence be,
If up to me.
I’d get him a crib in the lower ninth ward.

Can't get enough of corruption and graft,
Does my flying on private aircraft.
This here bill,
Keeps things still.
A fine example of our statecraft.

What's an honest dissenter to do.
Hail to King George but can't say boo.
Senate repent,
Remember Kent.
Patriot vanguard ACLU.

When I see or read or hear,
Folks all a quaking like frightened deer.
Government spin,
Has sucked you in.
Right where they want you, a climate of fear.

To make predictions is full of pitfalls,
Will it be sunny or will it be squalls.
Hard to predict,
A simple verdict.
That's why gypsies have glass balls.

Heartthrob Fitz is close to deciding,
Rover's neck is on this riding.
Fitz take care,
Of Gov. beware.
Accidents happen when hang gliding.

Young Stevey Colbert says he's a soaring,
All us Libs laughing and a roaring.
Poor trolls,
See the polls.
Red Alert tomorrow morning.

I’ve been reading your blog Sir, for the left such hate,
And of WMDs and the reasons you state.
That they were not found,
All scattered around.
The Coalition of Willing got there too late.

Tweety my nerves are on edge, how you do them grate
The way of the lapdog is normally castrate.
Your sweetheart is tanking
Will this stop you wanking
Or forever and ever will you yearn to felate.

Hardball is a big misnomer,
Tweety is a Whitehouse gofer.
One look at George Bush,
On knees he do rush.
Oh daddy let me play with your big soldier.

Patrick Fitzgerald please hurry on,
Haste is indecent but we pray bring it on.
Efforts of years,
Might end in tears.
If you get upstaged by Armageddon.

Can’t stand Joe Scarborogh makes me wanna puke,
Rare as a unicorn gave the prez rebuke.
Maybe he’s nervous,
About phone service.
Somebody listening maybe a spook.

The net is closing and the trap it narrows,
What's it to be Karl, jail or gallows.
Fritz I do implore,
Let me settle for.
A ball a chain and a few broad arrows.

Having all power is omnipotence,
That’s a fact there’s no pretence.
Another fact is you so depress
Because you don’t possess,
The tiniest hint of competence.

The aim of five lines is to come across witty,
But for place named after, some small pity.
Would I lie to you,
It really is true.
Limerick town is known as Stab City.

Everything I touch is doomed to fail,
Like Python's Circus looking for the grail.
We need a decoy,
The Guard deploy.
Or polish up the gun and go shoot some quail.

Ernie Fletcher was the protégé,
Of soon to be pariah Tom DeLay.
To the judge a request,
On their behest.
Adjoining cells, you really don’t say.

Little Tommy Tucker spins for his supper,
All the while trying the dems to scupper.
I wish he would stop,
And his balls do drop.
Then transition to manhood buy a hot hooker.

Little Tucker Carlson wears a bow tie,
Sartorial elegance not in my eye.
Fervent wish of mine,
Insert where no sunshine.
Then little Tucker no more can lie.

When I see that bloody bow tie,
Blood pressure rises far too high.
Little insufferable prick,
Sliming up my limerick.
It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Still Here

And still slow, I talk of the blog loading, let's see if a racy picture of boop-boop-a-doop can speed things up a tad.

It must have been shear coincidence that the page slowed down when I uploaded a different depiction of darling little Boopy prior to this one.
It was a big gif that had lost it's sparkle, and given the vastness of my knowledge as to the workings of this piece of kit I thought it worth a try to see if it was "Herself" that was causing the problem.

I have to admit though she does look more than a little cute stood over there. Mmm, do I feel that we might see a "Daily Boop" adorn these pages? better than Evens me thinks, in fact I would go for odds on.

I have just ran a Bot check but nothing lurking about, had there been I'm sure Spybot would have found it, a fine piece of kit if ever there was one. I sweep this yoke once a week with Ad-Aware and Spybot SD, in that order, and if there is anything to be found it's always Spybot that finds it, you can download it free at the link.

Talking of software, I'm less than impressed with the 07 Norton, that really slows things down compared to the 06 version. Apparently it wants to scan everything, and I can believe it, it would give your granny a CAT scan before breakfast if you let it.
I did turn the phishing off and stopped it scanning Word docs when it brought then out the archives, but that seems to be as much as you can fiddle with this year, (I only follow instructions, I know squat) anybody know of further fiddling?

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Might be quiet for awhile, taking myself off to casualty, feel grim.

DNA Database Rises By 600,000

Almost 600,000 people have been added to Tony Blair's national DNA database in the past 12 months, according to new figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

They show that the Government now holds samples of almost four million individuals - and one in four has no criminal record or even a police caution.

A recent Home Office report showed that 5.24 per cent of the UK population now has a DNA profile on the database. This compares with an EU average of 1.13 per cent and 0.5 per cent in the US.

Ambien Update

Update. It's not the first time Ambien has been in the news, about a year ago it was linked to various effects it was having on women's Icky areas and Icky activities.

Now for those of you that aren't repressed and enjoy a healthy sex life, the term Icky might be a stranger to you.
Strongly associated with the Christian right, Icky relates to the goings on in the Icky zone, that area lying 'twixt navel and knee.

It was around that time, a year past or more, I was going through my limerick period, a period that saw me posting my comments on a third party blog using hastily constructed limericks that were germane to the story.

And when I say hasty I mean within the five minute range; many being more or less instant, I seem to have a gift for them, how sad?

Maybe I will pull a few out of the archive when I can’t be arsed writing but in the meantime here is one for Ambien.

Jazus I do write some shite at times, hope this ain’t the start of a new period.

I called her my precious my chicken my hen,
Cigarettes post coital I turned to her then.
How was it for you,
My sweetheart true.
Er I'm sorry, let's just blame it on the Ambien.

The Devil!, Steady Lad, Steady

"The devil came here yesterday and it smells of sulphur, it smells of sulphur here today."

I don't know which I would prefer more, go walking with dinosaurs or watch Hugo Chavez strutt his stuff before the UN.

I was sorely tempted to juxtapose it with something of Bush's and do a Letterman "Great Presidential Speeches" number, but that would be just tooo bitchy, too bitchy I'm sure. Fun though, lot's of fun.

This twenty four minute delight is entirely novel to me.

Stuff On Your Doorstep

On March 6, the Russian Security Council announced plans to draft a new military doctrine, which commentators expect will be "more aggressive" than the previous one

This decision comes after Henry Obering, head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, announced in Brussels on March 1 that the United States is considering deploying additional mobile radar systems to the Southern Caucasus.

Hence, Russia's decision to draft a new military doctrine comes as a response to these challenges. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on February 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin openly stated that “the U.S. has overstepped its political limits in almost all spheres

Proponents of the American initiative believe that the missile defense base would protect their countries from a limited intermediate to long-range ballistic missile attack from the Middle East and from a limited long-range missile attack from North Korea.

Professor Roman Kuzniar,former President of the Polish Institute for International Affairs, has been a vocal critic of hosting the base.

"Stories about attacks from rogue states should be written off as fairy tales," he said, "because countries are not suicidal. Wars are begun by stronger, hegemonic countries, not by weaker ones." Full Story

Now Then Hugo, Less of The Porkies

Hugo Chavez in Haiti.

"It's not a question of a personal nature between Bush and I." He declared that President George Bush, "represents the cruelest, most cynical and most criminal empire on the planet,"

There is one thing you have to say for old Chavez, when it comes to winning hearts and minds he's figured it out that buck$ work better than bombs,

The Butcher Of Iraq

"People were moved to outbursts of laughter at Bush's granting of scholarships."

A Mexican take on the recent Bush/Chaves tours.

Captain America

Questions are being asked, not least.

There are so many doubts which assail us and so few answers, such as: Why does Daffy Duck put a towel around his waist when he gets out of the bath, when the rest of the time he went about nude?

Something a little different
from Argentina

Dinosaur Clips

A few clips from Walking With Dinosaurs, more on YouTube.
Off to bed.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Les Oublie

"The Forgotten" by most everybody, but as I try a venture into the sunshine I can spare a thought for these unfortunates. Many buried underground, many to never again see the light of day again as long as they live.
Bad dudes or not, nobody should be incarcerated under conditions such as these. Should I add in a "Christian Nation; under God?"

Supermax page 1 Page 2


Formula One

Half hour to go, brrum brrum. Eeeh Monty lad, come back all is forgiven.