Saturday, December 07, 2013

We The People

I don't suppose I would have made the effort to post these photographs, had I not posted a few others in the meme of "Officer Friendly."

I most certainly wouldn't have posted them, had I had not dropped on The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2013 For the most part, quite an emotional and visual experience and thoroughly recommended.  

The images below were not all gleaned from the 2013 gallery, but from the equally viewable previous two years as well.

Apart from the obvious, posted randomly. And they are quite large, right click and open in tag, if you wish.

H/T John ‏@goodinohio (Twitter)

Iconic photo of what must be the most famous pepper-spray incident in the world.

See: "Photoshop Justice" Cop Art: The Rise of the Citizen Satirist Link

I don't know how this snook in, but I shall leave it.

This just in today, obviously from a different source. Maybe the rose wasn't a futile gesture after all.

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The photo above though, was from the same source, and I post it here, because it was my own choice of picture for iconic photo 2011.

Not only that, it gives me opportunity to post another personal choice, for iconic photo. Frankie Hughes American Icon

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