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Body Language: Spotting the McCann's Lies

Disclaimer: First let me clear up a little something, for I know the question gets asked on occasion.

Their were no ulterior motives for me in closing my McCann related blogs. No outside pressures, and I wasn't nobbled. The turning point came when I could no longer find the enthusiasm to research an article in the depth that was required. Consequently, if I couldn't research things properly, then I had no right to blog them. I mean, it's not as though I'm the Daily Mirror is it? Fortunately. 


Update: An updated version of the video can be found below the original. There are also updates to the Body Language archive.

Body language, behavioral patterns, patterns of deception, call it what you will. Those well documented, subconscious and uncontrollable traits that someone displays when, and I used the technical term here, when someone is lying like a bastard. Or, in this particular case, a pair of bastards.

Now I'm not going to drone on, I have said it all in the past, and all seemingly to no avail. Well, to some avail I suppose, to those that have two neurons bolted together, that have eyes in there heads, those that weren't born yesterday if you will.

But for those that might, long ago, have put an early end to this grotesque and obvious farce, there is but stony ground to nurture the seeds of my efforts. And I have no problem in naming those that have been, at very best, derelict in their duties.  But I think it would be far too generous of me to assign this protracted miscarriage of justice to mere dereliction of duty.

But of the many, I will name but a few. Principally, we have former Chief Constable of Leicester Constabulary, Matt Baggott. A devout and Christian man, so I'm told.

Next up, former head of the CEOP, Jim Gamble. But one thing I could never accuse Gamble of, is being derelict in his duties. That his duties never included any of the anomalous activities that he undertook in his efforts to sanctify this scurrilous pair, is quite another matter altogether. I have written much of Gamble in the past, for which I shall provide links below. As I shall with of many others. That being the purpose of this post, apart that is, from presenting an exceedingly informative, and well put together, short video.

And last but not least we have Bernard Hogan-Howe and the Metropolitan Police Service. Not having been long in the job, his predecessor resigning in disgrace you may recall, Hogan-Howe might be better remembered as CC of Mersyside, where, as you may also recall, he led the release of balloons for Madeleine McCann.

But that's by the by, what we have to remember now, is that Hogan-Howe is now Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Under who's remit it must be noted, includes the multi-million pound review of the Madeleine McCann case. Which in turn, includes a team of forty Met Police detectives, under the leadership of one, Detective Chief Superintendent, Andy Redwood. None of whom seemingly, have experience in observing and interpreting, the subject before us today, as it has been before for these six years past, that of body language.

Which only leaves me now to introduce our featured clip. A quite remarkable composition, so well researched and most cleverly edited; achieving more or less in ten minutes, what I managed to achieve in hours immeasurable. A first class piece of work.

Many thanks to compiler and uploader National Insecurity

Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar 18 minutes

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I am sure there are many more such posts on the subject of Body Language, throughout all the blogs, but I think there are sufficient for purpose posted below.

I was about to say, that there is enough materiel to write a dissertation, but on reflection, there is probably enough for a degree course.

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Update: Relative to the video, Too many details


Anonymous said...

Hi - I've made a newer version of the video. Could you update the video link to this one:

herself said...

You did so much work and left so much pointed comment that many of us felt bereft when you chose to close the blogs. I do completely understand why you took that decision however. Perhaps though, now that so many previously disinterested people have begun to become inquisitive about the facts, it might be a good idea to put a new post on each of your previous, and excellent, blogs so that search engines bring new readers to y(our)sites.
Please consider doing this ... It would be much appreciated, by those who have missed your input and could be influential in bringing to brook those who have resented it.

Anonymous said...

August 10, 2007

Gerry McCann: I think it's something tangible that could benefit other people and give a renewed interest to other missing kids in a medium that younger people use, tens of millions of people use YouTube. There are over 229 videos of Madeleine on it already and that's interesting.

7 February 2014

But You Tube keeps them on an eternal loop, revealing more and more of themselves as time passes. And why do we get this access to the truth? Because You Tube isn't part of the UK MSM and it isn't as easy for fund-financed lawyers to get "unhelpful" footage archived away as it is with the state bureaus like ITN or Sky, just as it's only the MSM-free Internet that prevented the lawyers getting Gerry McCann's blogs back from the public so that their nauseating lies could be hidden away.

Himself said...

Hello Chuck, just in.

Not a bad piece of advice.

Anonymous said...

Although the ruling is intended for private individuals, it opens the door to anyone who wants to whitewash their personal history.

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