Sunday, October 09, 2011

The McCann Gallery of Bad Acting: Special Edition

Not something that I had planned, but sometimes something comes along and inspires a fellow. So let's have a look at that inspiration.

Prediction: Bail set at five million dollars before the week is out.

Previous acting related post: Why Do Killers Speak Out? I Don't Want To Speak Too Much About It The essential part of the post is the video link, Why do killers speak out? 6mins.

Some fine McCann School of Acting going on there. And that Susan Smith! I'm not surprised everybody's hinky meter went off. She's about as convincing as our Kate.

The obvious apart, posted in alphabetical order.


Anonymous said...

...including recent trips to Holland and Spain where a taxi driver said: "oh, you're the parents who're accused of killing your own daughter. What happened."

Anonymous said...

(61) an honest and unintentionally 'funny' comment despite the tragedy of the case