Thursday, October 06, 2011

End of The Line

Rupert Murdoch The Fat Controller

Martin Brunt Owned By The Fat Controller

Silly Little Bollocks

Sir Paul Stephenson John Yates End of The Line

Neil Wallis Andy Hayman End of The Line

David Cameron Andy Coulson End of The Line


Anonymous said...

OT, I think

Anonymous said...

OT, I think

Anonymous said...

Double Dutch

Playing double Dutch involves at least three people: one or more jumping, and two turning the ropes. The ones holding the ropes are called the turners. A jumper usually performs tricks that may involve gymnastics or breakdance, and may also incorporate fancy foot movements.

Himself said...

Sure is.

End of the line, not OT.

For me and 99% of the English, Double Dutch would relate to language.

Double Dutch = Incomprehensible

Anonymous said...

Incomprehensible, not OT

The mystery couple - wristband man and right thing woman (photo end article).

Yesterday Mr Mitchell said McCann investigators would quiz Anna in Dutch.

He said: "The principal is always to speak to a witness in their mother tongue so there's absolutely no confusion over what they saw or heard."

Time for a break.

Good night, sweet dreams. x