Monday, October 10, 2011

Juan Jose Padilla My Heart Bleeds For You Not

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I normally reserve my little saying: Isn't it nice, when the twats of this world get theirs? for fallen public figures. But I shall allow myself a little divergence today and say, in the case of Juan Jose Padilla, bullfighter, isn't it nice, when the twats of this world get theirs?

Shame the bull didn't poke your other eye out, you twat.

Juan Jose Padilla, Spain Bullfighter, Suffers Terrifying Face Goring
by Harold Heckle
Oct 8, 2011

MADRID -- A Spanish bullfighter is likely to suffer facial paralysis and lose the sight in one eye after a terrifying goring, the hospital treating him said Saturday.

Television images showed the moment when the bull's left horn ripped into Juan Jose Padilla's lower jaw to emerge beside his protruding eyeball as spectators in the northeastern city of Zaragoza screamed in horror.

Padilla is in a stable condition and recovering from a five-hour operation to repair his face, the statement from the Miguel Servet Hospital said.

It said Padilla, 39, suffered eye, bone, muscle and skin damage when the bull pinned him to the ground and gored him. Surgeons had not been able to repair a severed facial nerve.

TV footage also showed Padilla getting up from the ring, his face gushing blood, as the bull was distracted by bullring assistants.

"I can't see, I can't see anything," the matador shouted as he was rushed to emergency facilities at Zaragoza's Misericordia bullring before being driven to the hospital.

The bull, named Marques, weighed 508 kilograms (1,120 pounds) and was the second fighting beast Padilla had faced late Friday, during the second day of the annual Virgen del Pilar festivities in Zaragoza.

Surgeons used titanium plates and mesh to reconstruct parts of Padilla's facial bone structure and eye socket, doctors Simon Sanz and Nadal Cristobal said in a very detailed, signed statement.

Padilla was lucky the horn did not penetrate his brain, said Vicente Yesteras, one of Padilla's retinue of bullring helpers. huffpo

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Anonymous said...

"Padilla was lucky the horn did not penetrate his brain, said Vicente Yesteras."

Just a smart bull, wasting no effort on a brain dead man.

Anonymous said...

Spain's King Juan Carlos, 74, underwent surgery after an accident while he reportedly hunted elephants in southern Africa.

It was not the king's first hunting controversy. In 2006 there were reports that while on holiday in Russia he had shot and killed a performing bear called Mitrofan which had first been fed honey mixed with vodka.

Juan Carlos also enjoys bear hunting. In October 2004, he angered environmental activists by killing nine bears (of which one was a pregnant female) in central Romania.[21] In August 2006, it is alleged that Juan Carlos shot a drunken tame bear (Mitrofan) during a private hunting trip to Russia. The Office of the Spanish Monarchy denies this claim, which was made by the Russian regional authorities.

Anyhow, Juan Carlos also enjoys bear hunting.

Don't fuck with Teddy!


Anonymous said...

Corinna has a rich social life. She is fond of sailing and hunting, "two passions she shares" with King Juan Carlos.

The hunt has begun. It is now open season in Spain, especially.

Spanish Bullfighting: Beginning of the End?

King Juan Carlos is a well-known bullfighting fan, but Queen Sofia recently said, "Making a bull suffer in the plaza for the public's enjoyment while a few people do business? Let them do what they want, but I won't share it."

Spain: Why should we stop bullfighting? US factory farms are cruel too.

US: Why should we change factory farms? Spanish bull-fighting is cruel too.

Bulgaria: Why should we ban bear mutilation? China mutilates wildlife for aphrodisiac amulets.

China: Why should we stop cutting off tiger penises for amulets? Japan kills dolphins.

Japan: Why stop killing dolphins? The Koreans kill and eat dogs.

... and so on until forever. Why should anybody do anything? Look at the other guy over there, he's bad too. And that makes me less bad. Somehow. And justifies my actions.

Brilliant logic, Spain. - Didi

Himself said...

Thank you.

Did you read the comment from Michel Michaeljohn? it's horrific.

I do, or I did follow him on twitter. People do have a habit of disappearing off your follow list on occasion though.

Anonymous said...!/BULLFIGHTBANU

Anonymous said...

How can the WWF accept him as a Honorary President?? The WWF knew about his passion for hunting and still does not find it necessary to exclude Juan Carlos from their organization! Is it only about collecting LOTS and LOTS of donations??! Please rethink your WWF membership if WWF does NOT react on this scandal!

Petition closed

Spain's king loses WWF title over elephant hunt