Monday, October 10, 2011

Windows 2007 Geddit?

Windows seem quite topical, given what is going on across the pond. So here is the result searching ''window'' at Good Quality Wristbands. Or put another way, an exercise in buggering about. There will be stuff that is a bit repetitious, but what harm?

Leicester Constabulary Dereliction of Duty. Corruption. Perversion of Justice. J'accuse!

Jim Gamble, Your Witness

Let's Not Concern Ourselves, They're Only Details

A Reconstruction? After All The Lies We've Told! Don't Be Silly

A Considerate Criminal by Dr Martin Roberts

Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted: The Shutters Revisited

Jane Tanner: Liar

CEOP: New Evidence? plus Intercalary Report

The McCanns, The Dogs, My Fellow Citizens, The Media. May I Draw Your Attention?

Two Ways of Looking at Things. How Bad does Journalism Get and Who The Hell is June?

If You Can't Read it in The Mail, You Certainly Won't be Able to in the Mirror

A McQuestion Or Two

A Blight On Humanity: Gerry McCann

Within The Bounds Of Responsible Parenting: Doing A McCann

The Lies of Gerry McCann: The Bed Covers

The 1000 Day Madeleine McCann Memorial Gala Ball Charity Auction List

A Good Day For Kids A Better Day For Integrity: Gamble Gone

The Lies of Gerry McCann: The Bed Covers

Wanting It Doesn't Make It So

You're Doing What Gerry!?

Jim Gamble: Judgement or Agenda?


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Let's not concern ourselves, they're only details.

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