Saturday, October 08, 2011

Music and Poetry For The Weekend: Rod McKuen


Anonymous said...

Rod McKuen's got a unique style, matched by charisma; only in America :) Thanks. V

Himself said...

You're welcome m'dear.

It is for his poetry that I admire him the most, how else could he be my favourite contemporary poet?


I wanted so
To bend the bough
But never once
To break the branch.

I hoped
That I might see
The blossoms
Fall intact
Without the petals
Coming loose
Or even once detached.

What I wanted most
Was love
In a straight
Straightforward way.

I wanted you
Not as you could be
Had I made you up
But the way I found you
No different from
The way you really are.

I thought by now
We might have earned
A chance to come down close
And lie against the earth.

But I’m convinced
The earth will not allow
Even its truest lover
To belong to it
Now or straight away.

I cannot care
A little for you
I love only just enough
To love you all the way.

Rod McKuen.
Coming close to earth.

Anonymous said...

poet among the landscape painters