Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Does This Remind You Of?

Firstly let me make something thing quite clear. I neither wanted to, or ever intended to, ever again blog about the two people responsible for Madeleine McCann's disappearance, her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. But...

But it's that damn twitter thing, it's almost as if someone is poking me every couple of minutes with a sharp stick and saying, what about this then, you remember this bit dontcha? And that's the trouble, I do, and unfortunately, all too well.

Perhaps before going further, and moving to the crux of the post, it might be politic to explain my reasons, however reluctant those reasons might have been initially, for my getting involved in this sordid circus.

More than happy blogging against injustice in my own little way here at Only in America, I can't in all honesty say what and when was the tipping point. I can only hazard a guess that it must have been a reaction to the surfeit of sycophantic mush and drivel that we were being constantly bombarded with from every shameful and irresponsible media outlet in the country. And that is bar none by the way, from the Guardian to the Star, the dereliction of duty by the media, being equalled only by that of Law enforcement in this country. Guilty all!

But get involved I did, in a light hearted manner, and soon thereafter The McCann Gallery came into being. And here I must stress, it was light hearted, because to us all, all of us with two neurons bolted together that is, that it was patently obvious who was responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, and that justice would be done, and Mummy and Daddy would get theirs. Justice all round, justice for Madeleine, and justice for those responsible for her demise and subsequent disappearance without trace, the same Mummy and Daddy, the Doctors McCann.

And just in case anyone should be in doubt as to where I stand on the issue, let me borrow this from a previous post; and I will even post a graphic to reinforce that stance.

....And what is it all for? Two chavy Doctors who are as clearly guilty of all they are suspected of, as equally clear they are both categorically insane. And insane they are, who else in their right mind would have the affront to talk about reputation given the circumstances that surround them?

People on occasion ask me how I can be so sure they are guilty, invariably my reply; I can use a spoon. And that really is it in nutshell, once you have reached that level of sophistication, this farce, this charade lays open to you, all Danae to the stars if you will.

And that's it! that's all the level of sophistication you need to attain, to draw the right conclusion in this case. I can use a spoon, therefore I can conclude. But what does that then say of the Home Office, Leicester plod, and England's finest, the Met?

eta: And all you plods involved in this ''review'' if you can't see the obvious (or choose not to) and if at the end of it all, these two aren't sat in a cell, then it's time to hand the badge back in. Or give it to the ape with the spoon, I'm sure he would make better use of it than you ineffectual fucks.

But then something happened to change all that light heartedness, it soon became obvious, thanks to both Portuguese and British Government machinations, that there was never going to be any justice. Justice, unlike Madeleine McCann had gone straight out the window. Aided and abetted in this country, by every Government organisation, and every NGO alike.

Aided and abetted by all, other than one small section of society who were having none of it, bloggers. Where would this case be now if bloggers hadn't dug their heels in? The same place Madeleine McCann finds herself, in a hole somewhere, I can't tell you where exactly, but I know two people who can.

I'm proud to call myself a blogger, whether I do any good I don't really know, but I know it's better than sitting on my arse and not railing about injustices in this world. Not when the tools to do so are so readily available to all, and at no cost to any of us. Long live a free and unrestricted internet.

Equally as people asked me, how could I be so sure that the McCann's were guilty, they then started to ask, particularly as my graphics became increasingly more cutting: How can you be so cruel? ....... It was at this point that I was going to write a few words by way of a reply, but a check of the archives show that they are already writ, here they be.

Cards On The Table

It would appear some of my recent posts are not to everybody's liking, not PC enough, nasty language and all that.

To my detractors I say this:

No matter what I produce, no matter what I say, no matter how I say it; it is nothing but nothing compared to what these two creatures have pulled, it is nothing compared to the people they have used and it is nothing compared to the people they are trying to destroy.

When I think what Goncalo Amaral has gone through, and continues to go through, it is not but scandalous, it is heinous.

He has effectively lost his job, his career is over after I don't know how many years. He finds himself in court on trumped up charges, and astonishingly convicted of them, but that part is a Portuguese matter.

But what is not a Portuguese matter is the way this country has behaved towards the man, a man who's only crime was to be a copper, do his job and try to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

And a crime it must be, for I can see no other reason why this Government should collude with the Portuguese in seeking his removal from the investigation.

A crime it must be, for I can see no other reasons that the man and his good name have been sullied and dragged through the mud and portrayed as everything from incompetent to lazy to smelly, sweaty, sardine muncher.

And who is it that presumes to sit in judgement on the man and write such xenophobic vitriolic trash? none other than those champions of morals, seekers of truth, the UK press.

A press more interested in reporting, and falsely, Goncalo Amaral's luncheon habits than it is of finding out just what happened to "Our Maddie."

A press, that had it given over just a fraction of its attention and one tenth of its column inches to inquire into all the glaring contradictions in this case, had it done that, then things might, as we stand today, look a whole lot different.

A press so obviously biased, so derelict in its duties and so utterly vile in its manner of reporting that it is the shame of this Nation.

And it is as a Nation that we should get down on our knees in shame and beg the forgiveness of Goncalo Amaral.

But our treatment of Amaral is but a nothing compared to that of Madeleine McCann by her own parents.

Just when I think this sordid pair cannot go any lower, they never fail to surprise me by plumbing new depths, in their equally sordid and undignified use of their own daughter.

A daughter I might add, for who's death the are responsible, as equally as they are responsible for hiding her body, but they are unequalled, they are unparalleled as parents in their grotesque and obscene manner in which they have used of their daughter's name, image and memory, as they hatch and move from one vile plot to the next in an effort to cover their crimes.

This is where I stand, this is how I will be counted, I will write what I want in any manner I want, and I say to my detractors, go and fuck yourselves, don't visit here, go to fucking devil, and take your PC with you.

OK, let's have a look at a couple of clips and words oh so familiar.

It's the first bloke, Scott Peterson, that is the star of the show, unless of course you want to compare Susan Smith with Kate McCann. (video provided)

Scott Peterson: At this point unfortunately, it has reached a point where suspicion of me, is keeping people from searching for Laci.

Its lost that um there focussing on me, we need to ask people when was the last time they really though about Laci missing? as opposed to when the suspicions that swirl around me. Currently um its important that we get people out there looking for Laci again. Transcript for all here.

Yes that's the one, don't look at me look at the bogey man, or straw man as the case may be. Change of plan, no link, here is the graphic in person.

A collection of McCann's odious utterances and malignant mantras can be found, along with the thoughts of a couple of others, here. A Blight On Humanity: Gerry McCann

And here below, a rendition of Susan Smith, performed by Kate McCann.

Vile creatures.

A couple of posts previous, that may be of interest.

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Anonymous said...

In 'Vile Creatures': Did she say "please continue to pay for Madeleine."? That'd be about right.

Anonymous said...

And what do you think about Dani/quadrille pretending, not only to be a woman, but also pretending to have breast cancer? Joana and her chums thought it was hilarious. I find it quite sick.

Anonymous said...

"... and we continue to hope for the best possible outcome for us ... and for Madeleine. (Gerry McCann)

Himself said...

Yes, the quintessential afterthought.

It didn't go unnoticed at the time, by me and a million others.

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lazy Sunday afternoon!mug6W1JMpPSi/

Anonymous said...

There's absolutely no tears, just the suggestion of tears. I've heard that before from the police in Portugal when they turned up on the night she went missing.