Monday, October 17, 2011

Hugo Chavez Has About Two Years to Live

I know he's not everybody's cup of Darjeeling, and yes, he does have his moments. But I think he is one of the world's great political leaders, a truly caring head of state and a fine man.

He will be greatly missed when his time comes.

Hugo Chavez, under the South America tag. Includes full length documentary, John Pilger's 2007 film, The War on Democracy and other good stuff.

Hugo Chavez has about two years to live

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who undergoes anti-cancer treatment, may live for not more than two years. This opinion was voiced by Salvador Navarrete, who had been Chavez's personal surgeon in Venezuela.

"When I say this, it means that he has no more than two years left. Judging by the information from his family, Chavez has a tumor in his pelvis, or sarcoma, and this is why he is receiving such aggressive chemotherapy treatment," the surgeon said in an interview with Mexican Milenio Semanal publication.

According to Navarrete, the decision to bring forward the presidential vote in Venezuela is based on the negative prognosis in Chavez's treatment. The surgeon served as one of Chavez's personal doctors since 2002, said.

The interview with Navarrete was published on Sunday, when the Venezuelan leader had flown to Cuba for medical examination and four courses of chemotherapy.

On June 10, Chavez received surgery in connection with the intrapelvic tumor. Ten days later, the Venezuelan leader was operated on again: doctors removed a malignant tumor from his intestines. Afterwards, the president received four courses of chemotherapy.

Hugo Chavez has been ruling Venezuela since 1999. He has recently announced an intention to run for presidency in 2012. Despite his health condition, Chavez is determined to win the vote, RBC reports. Pravda


Anonymous said...

Matt Frei, formerly of the BBC now of Channel 4 News, drew commendation for his reporting of Obama as a “warrior president” and Hugo Chavez as a “chubby-faced strongman”. A study by the University of the West of England found that, of the 304 BBC reports on Venezuela published in a decade, only three mentioned the Chavez government’s extraordinary record in promoting human rights and reducing poverty.

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President Hugo Chavez has Died

Himself said...

Poor old Hugo Maren, how sad.

He wanted so much to live, not so much for himself I don't think, but for that of his vision, that it too could live on.

What the future holds now is anybody's guess, but I think there is one thing that can be guaranteed, the Yanks won't be able to keep their noses out of it.

We shall see lass, we shall see.

Anonymous said...


History will remember him extremely favourably. A man who helped Latin America throw off the shackles of Empire and tried to make a fairer society for the majority of people.

A good man



The people of Venezuela clearly wanted him as their leader. He was obviously doing something right that made them repeatedly vote for him. That is all that matters. Good luck to the people of Venezuela.


If we are to believe the western media he was a pariah. But in reality his people loved him and this love was not fear based.

Whilst I don't agree with socialism it seems to have worked well for this country.
RIP big fella.

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The Mourning of Hugo Chavez

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez Was A Miracle

By Paul Craig Roberts

In two short sentences totaling 20 words, Chavez defined for all times early 21st century Washington: “The imperium is afraid of truth, is afraid of independent voices. It calls us extremists, but they are the extremists.”