Monday, October 03, 2011

Missionaries of Hate: American Evangelicals Spread Gay Hate in Uganda: Extension

This should have been an update to: Missionaries of Hate: American Evangelicals Spread Gay Hate in Uganda: Updated but the thing just grew and grew, so now it's a post. But it ain't all bitterness and hate, it gets progressively lighter as you move on down the page.

Further gay hate reading at the link, includes the first video below.

Arizona "Pro-Family" Group Linked to Campaigning for Gay Discrimination within the UN; Uganda "Kill the Gays" Pastor

h/t Maren.

From the clip:

''If you want to join in the fight against extremism, call, People for the American Way.''

Americans, what are they like? Americans don't do irony, but I do.

''It is no slogan that America remains the most resolutely religious country on God's great earth, and it is no slogan that America will always occupy a special place in God's heart.'' George HW Bush.

Yes of course, he his after all very much like yourselves, a petty, vengeful, jealous, genocidal maniac.

God wilfully directs or commands the wholesale slaughter of thousands of men, women, children and animals, for no other reason than that "his" people should have their land. The Village Atheist

And who better to carry out God's work than you lot? You are after all ''His'' people.

Here's a video below, showing America carrying out God's work. He really must have had a special place in his heart for America on that day. And one or two others. What was the butchers bill for that little genocidal jolly, three, or was it four million?

God bless America.

Featured at: Least We Forget: Fuck America Nothing further to see.

Featured at: USAF: A Most Ungodly Organisation A Perfect foil for the clip above. I think I've got that arse about, what harm.

Comment and plenty more clips of hired killers getting their freak on for Jesus at: US Army: Bible Bashing For Jesus

Featured at: "I was ashamed to be an American today" One clip on the Fred & Wilma Museum, and one on a schoolboard's persecution of a sixteen year old atheist schoolgirl.

Featured at: These People Are Insane More clips.

Featured at: These People Are Insane More clips.

Pat Robertson's true colours come shining through, and it ain't purple. But just as importantly see how he is being coached (supposedly off air) and the talk of better screening for the telephone calls he is to receive. And all this on that nice Mister Larry King's Show. Shurely Shome Mishtake?

Gay Marriage: End of the world for some Christians. Catch the second fellow, he has a vote!

He does come in for some stick, does poor old Mr Winky.

Bill Maher on the homophobic Jerry Falwell.

Maher on Mormons.

Might I remind you that there is a man, two in fact, that aspire to become the next President of the United States of America, who believe this shit.

Featured at: Utah Tops The Wanking League More, ''everything you wanted to know about batshit crazy religions'' including the best ''Scientology explained'' clip that I have come across. Strap in, five point harness and airbag essential, check your brain at the door.

Spitting Image, Bush 41

Well he would be wouldn't he, he is after all an American.

Religion ala Eddie Izzard.

Rowan Atkinson Amazing Jesus

Further comment and clips.

"..after the slaying of Tiller the Killer" Loads o' crazies.

It's a Funny Old World SC "Foetus for Jesus" monument. Strap in.

United States Air Force AKA The Ministry Of Truth Interesting story on USAF censorship. We trust you to bomb shit out of people with multi-million dollar war planes, but we don't trust you enough to let you read blogs. Nasty old bloggers!

Admiral Mike Mullen Talks Shite Includes a Bill Hicks clip.

Who Would Jesus Kill? Ex Marine Colonel Totally Mad Strap in!

"we should not condone immoral (Gay) acts" Said top General, taking time out from genocide in Iraq.

Warmongering vs. the Sanctity of Life Hypocrisy at its best.

A Horror Story: Depleted Uranium Text only, you really wouldn't want to see a video of that.

Although there are stills showing the effects of DU (and bucket loads of hypocrisy) featured in the two posts below.

The United States of America The Greatest Nation of Hypocrites on Earth (Graphic)

Onward Christian Soldiers (Graphic)


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Thank God it gets progressively lighter as I move on down the page. "My god is bigger than your god" - brilliant.

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Janice Shaw Crouse, spokesperson for the conservative women's group Concerned Women for America, said the pressure from Obama's statement amounted to "cultural imperialism" and was dismissive of the religious beliefs that many Americans share.

Uganda in particular has been a hotbed of American evangelical activity.

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December 17th, 2012

American Pastor David Dykes Wants To Kill Gay Ugandans

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What is Chuck? :)