Monday, October 03, 2011

Feeding The Hungry and Protesting Wall Street In The Land of The Free

This picture gallery is to accompany the post above. (God, hate and hypocrisy)


Jay Fullmer, 38, yesterday became the first American to get to grips with the concept of irony. "It was weird," Fullmer said. "I was in London and, like, talking to this guy and it was raining and he pulled a face and said, "Great weather, eh?" and I thought "Wait a minute, no way is it great weather." Fullmer then realised that the other man’s "mistake" was in fact deliberate. Fullmer, who is 39 next month and married with two children, aged 8 and 3, plans to use irony himself in future. "I’m, like, using it all the time," he said. "Last weekend I was grilling steaks and I burned them to shit and I said "Hey, great weather!".


the slave said...

When a 90 year old pastor gets arrested arms behind his back cuffs on, the works, for FEEDING the HUNGRY (as instructed by Jesus) you know a country has completely lost it's moral compass. It makes me want to hit things. It's cruel, it's barbaric and EVERYTHING Jesuswas AGAINST. He was a bit of a Commie.
A.K. x

Himself said...

The graphic says it all.

But do read and watch.

Then apply the same delusion, bullshit and hypocrisy, to every aspect of US life.

Not forgetting of course, to wrap it all in Jesus.

Scroll down for "American woman said"

There reams of such stuff under the Hypocrisy tag.

the slave said...

I cannot imagine what this 90 year old man of Compassion must make of the State of the US these days. They've 'Gone Full Fascist' as far as I can tell. When the race riots started in Ferguson I saw REAL Fascists , Kevlared up to the max looking like Robo Cops. They're fully militarised now. It's scary. Tanks on streets, Tazers, machine guns, batons, boots. PROTECT and Serve, isn't it?