Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bill Maher on Things

Initially this was only going to be Bill Maher on Michael Jackson, but I thought I would pad it somewhat, pasting videos being about as creative as I feel today.

I could have almost written this Michael Jackson script myself.

I don't think Maher has quite grasped the concept of a coalition on this clip featuring the UK.

Bill Maher and David Icke, not all the batshit crazies are on the other side of the pond.


Anonymous said...

An inspirational article by Big Daddy Drew.

"Oprah has basically built a career out of tricking people into being inspired by Oprah talking about herself."

"This woman’s a fucking billionaire with no kids who travels around in a private jet, and yet her audience still believes they have something in common with her."

From the comments:
"I’m proud to say I’m married to a woman who hates Oprah as much as I do. Awesome job Drew." (Upstate Underdog)

Anonymous said...


A lock of Michael Jackson's hair is expected to sell for over $5,000after it was reportedly recovered from a shower drain.

On November 8, a pair of silk pyjamas and a bed on which he slept once were sold in Ireland.

Himself said...

I think I shall go and look for a tall building.

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic that Bill 'believes' in Climate Change. Every bit as dogmatic a concept as religion. I guess he has read the IPCC report or looked at its bibliography? IPCC=Bible for Bill and the warmists...

Anonymous said...

That said, David Icke is crazier than any of your American second rate crazies. Flat out Batshit crazy.

Himself said...

You don't do yourself any favours do you?

Himself said...

Yes, I do have to agree with you, when it comes to batshit, he must take some beating.

Perhaps the only one that has come close, and it's on this blog somewhere, is the ''fixed earth'' fellow.

But we do have to make allowances, he is afterall, from Georgia.

Perhaps he has a degree in astro-physics from University of Pheonix?

Anonymous said...

Earth, and Himself

Himself said...

Yes things are looking rather grim. Predictions for an ice free pole within twenty years.

It's only two meters at the pole now in summertime.

The greatest threat will be if melt water stops the Atlantic conveyor and shuts the Gulf Stream down.

It will be a far different world if that were to happen. Game over more or less.

Scary stuff.