Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Tale From The Concrete Jungle Book

Thought For Today: A State of Emergency - Martial Law

Will this be the opportunity for the establishment, in their impatience or in their fear, to lash out as the fearful do, and impose a State of Emergency or Martial Law?

Because if they do, unlike previous occasions, their will be no coming back from the next decree. And the infrastructure for just such a situation, is after all, already in place.

A few lines of semi-surreal writing, if that's the right description for it, to go with my little bit of philosophising. It's funny sometimes what you write in the middle of the night. What made me draw the analogy between what is going on all around us today and the few featured lines from Kipling's Jungle book, I have no idea; and it's not as though I have opened the thing this fifty years past.

Have a go at it then, see what you think, there's not but a few lines in any case. If you don't like the writing, the two little photo essays speak plainly enough. Reminding us I should say, that if things don't change, they'll stop as they are.

I, the man, have brought here a little of the Red Flower which ye, dogs, fear
He flung the fire pot on the ground, and some of the red coals lit a tuft of dried moss that flared up, as all the Council drew back in terror before the leaping flames.

And real was the terror for the Council feared above all, those Red Flowers of democracy. Knowing once lit, the Red flowers would join with other Red Flowers to rage through the land unstoppable. Sweeping before it, all the Councils of Mammon, their overlords and all their lackeys alike throughout land, back to the foul swamps from whence they came.

And in their fear the Councils invoked Tienanmen, the great God of repression, who called for all the Red Flowers to return to their pots. And the Red Flowers rose as one, and with a voice singular cried, 'Democracy!' Thus causing the great Tienanmen to order his war chariots to roar down on the Red Flowers, to crush and maim and extinguish this Spring of peaceful blooms that they feared so greatly.

And lo, all the right wing gun nuts who had prepared for just such a day, rose up, and became the true patriots of the land. And they too did rise as one and cry: Over my dead body! If needs must, replied the great God Tienanmen.

Kent State University 1970 Wiki & in depth.

Supreme irony.


Anonymous said...

"The sweet innocence of Kipling's fables about a boy who learns to live among the animals is replaced here by an "Indiana Jones" clone, an action thriller that Kipling would have viewed with astonishment." (Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times)

Life in Color: Red

Anonymous said...

Supreme song, written by Florence Reece in 1931.

When there's no love in town,
this new century keeps bringing us down.

Himself said...

He said the film "has so little connection to Rudyard Kipling or his classic book that the title is beyond explanation."

It's like the author who got the idea for his second book, from the film about his first.

'Florence Reece' I will look her up once I have settled down a tad, I'm just in.

Himself said...

The Cottage.

Little red cottage not far from the sea,

Oh that it belonged to you and to me.

Little red cottage needs more than one,

It aches as I, now you are gone.

Little red cottage knows it’s feeling,

Nothing happier than four feet reeling.

Little red cottage feels so blue,

It comes to life with the breath of two.

Little red cottage wants fairie girl,

To keep this man’s heart all awhirl.

Little red cottage misses your touch,

Darling girl, I miss you, I miss you

Oh so very much.


Himself said...

She hadn't run orf, this was just between weekends.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cottage. Thank you M

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Cutie yourself.

Ain't it just, lovely little thing, spikes n'all.