Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spag Bol

Makes a big big potful. Half all the ingredients and it will fill a pressure cooker pan.


4/6Lb Best Mince

6 good size carrots diced very fine

6 green peppers diced medium + red/yellow optional

4 medium/large onions diced medium

6 sticks celery diced fine

6 handfuls mushrooms diced in chunky slices

2 whole bulbs fresh garlic crushed

2 large glasses red wine

4 beef oxo cubes

12 good shakes Worcester sauce

4 level teaspoons crushed chillies or + to taste

8 level tablespoons mixed Italian herbs

A good few turns of black pepper

12/16 Bay leaves

4/6 tins/tubes tomato puree

2/4 tins diced tomatoes (with herbs if available)

2 Large jars Dolmio/other bolognaise sauce

Don’t miss out any ingredients.

Gently brown mince (you can leave it a bit chunky) pour off any fat, add to pan

In a good amount of olive oil sauté and stir (5mins) all veg, add both oil and veg to pan.
(Sauté each veg separately) leave mushrooms raw and add very last or next day.

Add everything to pan and bring up to bubbling SLOWLY (pressure cooker pans are best, thick bottomed)
Turn down heat and simmer for at least 2 hours, stir the sauce periodically.
Leave to stand overnight.


Anonymous said...

Delicious! H

Anonymous said...

bring your own food

Himself said...

How very enterprising.

I fear it is the same here, but it is pubs that have been closing in their thousands countrywide. Bar cafes not being an English thing, or they weren't. (see link)

The country-wide smoking ban was the death knell for pubs. Who on earth wants to stand outside, freezing your arse off while having your fix?

I'm rather glad I stopped drinking.(Jajem);-) Because I still smoke like a chimney, so a pub would hold no attraction for me these days.

What has happened to the coffee shops, do they have dispensation from the smoking ban?

I think I have done the full 180 on sweety things. Once upon a time I wouldn't have eaten a chocolate bar from one year to the next, but nowadays it's, 'get thee behind me Satan' when confronted with such temptations.

Oh! and linked from the same page, three kisses. But of course, I'm entirely continental when it comes to greeting the fairer sex.

Ciao xxx

Anonymous said...

You can smoke a classical joint (weed or hash with tobacco) if the coffee shop has a smoking room. Some small bars and coffee shops are currently dodging the smoking ban as they could not install a smoking room. More coffee shop news

Because I can get high naturally, a coffee shop holds no attraction for me. We’re also allowed to grow five plants at home and some species are quite decorative in the garden.

In the context of the cultural integration, I drink less coffee and more tea these days, I’m glad I started drinking. Oh! and I love chocolate.

More tea.

Continental greetings, not to be confused with Dutch comfort M

Himself said...

Interesting, thank you.

More tea?

More tea vicar!


Although it must be said, I'm normally a hash man.

Himself said...

Closer to home.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Wow! one to bookmark. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dutch generosity

In the United States people tend to pay more if they can set the price themselves, but that did not happen here. LOL

Himself said...

How not to enjoy your meal, as one woman said, you would be preoccupied with what you were going to pay, even for someone someone such as myself, possessed of a generous disposition.

Fail on that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi H, all you never wanted to know about herbs.
Good night, sweet dreams M

Himself said...

And you too my lovely. May all your dreams be as sweet as yourself.


Himself said...

Thanks Chuck.

No T Shirt though, that must be for permanent subscribers

As it happens I have recently downloaded series 5 Whale Wars, I think I might go and watch another episode right now.

H x

Himself said...

Can I remove this Chuck?

Anonymous said...

Hi H. It was not until today that I read your question. Not sure if I do understand. Do you mean the receipt? Chuck

Himself said...

That's the one. tell the truth I had forgotten all about it.

Not looked at the girls for a day or two, but they are coming nicely.

It's all a learning curve of course.

Take care my lovely.

Anonymous said...

The girls become more independent, such is life m'dear. Send my love. <3

Talking of learning, I started conducting research into emoticons, very instructive and informative.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Himself said...

Anonymous said...

The entrance to Northumberlandia takes the visitor through woodland before revealing the figure.

"Local hands made this structure that will last for generations to come."