Sunday, October 09, 2011

Somebody Deserves to be Locked Up

Him, if he changed his name by deed poll. His mother if he didn't.

CPS office worker 'sold cannabis to his colleagues' while working on drug smuggling cases

A corrupt Crown Prosecution Service worker sold drugs to colleagues right under the noses of Britain's top prosecutors, a court heard yesterday.

Michael Prince Jackson-Bailey, 31, allegedly peddled drugs at CPS headquarters, where he worked in a UK Border Agency team that deals with drugs cases.
The father-of-one is accused of supplying cannabis to staff who worked on drugs smuggling prosecutions.

In a hugely embarrassing case for the CPS, Jackson-Bailey was allegedly found to have secretly stashed seven bundles of cannabis in a rucksack under his desk at Rose Court, Southwark, South London, where some of the most important criminal cases in British history have been handled.

Inner London Crown Court also heard how he received text messages from colleagues asking him to bring in drugs.

Jackson-Bailey denies dealing drugs, claiming he has been framed in an extraordinary conspiracy by CPS prosecutors and management who wanted to sack him because they were racist.

Jackson-Bailey, who had previously worked for Revenue and Customs prosecution teams for eight years, was caught on February 3.

He was stopped by a routine police patrol on his lunch hour, after he was seen behaving suspiciously with another man down an alley in Brixton, South London. more blah blah


Anonymous said...

You bunch of stupid people. You all love gossip and live in the Matrix.

Michael Jackson-Bailey was found NOT Guilty for supplying drugs.

So what now happens to the staff at CPS HQ who made false statements? Tania November and others; will they be prosecuted for purjory?????

Himself said...

Try reading the line under the header.