Thursday, January 20, 2011

The United States of America The Greatest Nation of Hypocrites on Earth

"They hate us for our freedoms"

No they don't, they hate you for your genocide wrapped up in a cloak of pious hypocrisy. What a shitty bunch, what a shitty nation.

Air Force Academy Taps Member of "Lord's Army" to Speak at National Prayer Luncheon

Wednesday 19 January 2011
by: Mike Ludwig, truthout | Report

During the first two weeks of February, military bases and schools across the country will join dozens of other organizations in holding annual "prayer breakfasts" and luncheons in coordination with the controversial National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC.

While military chaplains are expected to provide non-denominational options to those in uniform, critics charge that prayer breakfasts sometimes favor conservative and evangelical brands of Christianity that are intolerant of other faiths and perspectives.

Consider professional motivational speaker Lt. Clebe McClary, a veteran from South Carolina whose web site features praise from right-wing Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham. McClary is a retired Marine, who was wounded in Vietnam and now serves the "Lord's Army," and believes that USMC (US Marine Corps) will always stand for "US Marines for Christ," according to his web site.

McClary will be speaking at the National Prayer Luncheon at the US Air Force Academy on February 10, one week after the National Prayer Breakfast.

McClary joined the Marines after witnessing Vietnam War protesters burning an American flag on a college campus, and he was seriously wounded during hand-to-hand combat in Vietnam. He now travels the world speaking on veteran's issues, teamwork and born-again Christian values.

Chris Rodda, a researcher with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), is concerned that the Air Force Academy's decision to hire McClary as the main speaker at its National Prayer Luncheon is another example of how the Air Force and the military favors evangelical Christianity over other forms of faith.

"It's like they're flaunting it," Rodda said of the Air Force's support of evangelical Christianity. "They're not even trying to hide it."

Rodda pointed to the academy chaplain's web site, where the only regularly scheduled Protestant services offered at the academy chapel are "evangelical" and "gospel" services.

Catholic masses are also offered at the academy, and information on Buddhist and Wiccan services are available upon request.

The Air Force Academy's National Prayer Luncheon was inspired by the National Prayer Breakfast, a controversial annual event in Washington that brings more than 3,000 international power brokers, lawmakers and politicians together for a day of prayer and reflection.

The National Prayer Breakfast is sponsored by The Fellowship, a foundation associated with The Family, a secretive group of influential Christian lawmakers and politicians whose mission is to advance the evangelical Christian agenda in Washington and across the world. more Truthout


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Thanks H for showing it like it is...truly heartbreaking BUT facts are facts and we can no longer bury our heads in the sand to the reality tht calls itself America.

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Reflections and Warnings

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Himself said...

Same bloke, same story ish, but not a patch on the Guardian's.

White supremacist James Douglas Ross was a military intelligence officer in Iraq.

Intelligence officer! he doesn't look like he has two brain cells to rub together.

But he does look like the complete and utter wanker.

Joe said...

You talk about hypocrisy yet what have you done to prevent anything? All over the world there are victims like the ones you show on here but the vast majority are not caused by the United States military. When was the last time you ventured to those areas and tried to convince them lay down their arms? My guess is never. I am willing to bet you just hide behind a computer criticizing others.
You are pathetic.

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Joe said...

With regard to the Vietnam era violence: How about looking into who the Americans were fighting and what the Viet Cong were doing.

Or what about the Khmer Rouge? Where is your outcry there?

Number of deaths from Khmer Rouge

Modern research has located 20,000 mass graves from the Khmer Rouge era all over Cambodia. Various studies have estimated the death toll at between 740,000 and 3,000,000, most commonly between 1.4 million and 2.2 million, with perhaps half of those deaths being due to executions, and the rest from starvation and disease.[36]

The U.S. State Department-funded Yale Cambodian Genocide Project estimates approximately 1.7 million.[37] R. J. Rummel, an analyst of historical political killings, gives a figure of 2 million.[38]

A UN investigation reported 2–3 million dead, while UNICEF estimated 3 million had been killed.[39] Demographic analysis by Patrick Heuveline suggests that between 1.17 and 3.42 million Cambodians were killed,[40] while Marek Sliwinski estimates that 1.8 million is a conservative figure.[41] Researcher Craig Etcheson of the Documentation Center of Cambodia suggests that the death toll was between 2 and 2.5 million, with a "most likely" figure of 2.2 million. After 5 years of researching grave sites, he concluded that "these mass graves contain the remains of 1,386,734 victims of execution".[36]

As for the Iraq body count post: look at the lists of cause of death resulting in those casualties. Suicide bombers, IEDs, etc sound like deaths that Americans are not responsible for.

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Joe said...

Wow that was pretty laughable. You do realize that an article about one persons disenfranchised service is hardly support of any statement. You can find thousands of people who have had thousands of different experiences and opinions. Poor ole Jude from your article illustrates that he probably didn't amount to much with his wide arrange of colorful vocabulary while hardly illustrating a single point backed by anything other than an opinion. I also love his take on how all the US and its military have done is screw over the worlds poor and powerless. I would love to see where he drew that conclusion from.
I served over 10 years and trust me I have a very different view than Jude.

Pretty sad that you actually used a reference as pathetic as that. Kind of figures that you would think something full of hate and profanity would get your point across. Sad indeed

Anonymous said...

Then, on Christmas Eve, the BBC News magazine published an article marking the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Christmas bombing of Hanoi. The bombing, wrote Rebecca Kesby,“was President Richard Nixon’s attempt to hasten the end of the Vietnam war, as the growing strength of the Viet Cong caused heavy casualties among US ground troops”.

In fact, Nixon promised “an honourable end to the war” four years earlier. His 1972 Christmas bombing of Hanoi in the north was as much concerned with peace as Hitler’s bombing of Poland: a cynical, vengeful act of barbarism that changed nothing in the stalled Paris talks. Kesby cites Henry Kissinger’s absurd claim that the North Vietnamese “were on their knees”. Far from hastening “the end of the Vietnam war”, America’s savagery ensured the war went on for another two a half years, during which more Vietnamese were killed than during the previous decade.

Oh yes, quintessential John Pilger.

Himself said...

Agent Orange. Depleted Uranium.

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

Jude - profanity

USA - 5 million dead

Never mind, let's have a prayer breakfast.

Joe said...

Again your resources are laughable. Cambodia neutral contry? Ever hear of a little thing called the Ho Chi Minh trail?

Jude-profanity and lies

US-5 million? would love to see a reputable source for that statistic and not another journalistic video.

You complain about the US as the mass murdering contry of the world yet ignore the atrocities of others.

Thanks for the laughs its always interested with the crazy ideas, arguements, and "evidence" you come up with. I will let you all get back to slandering everyone who has actually put their lives on the line while you sit on your computer.

Besides I have to get back to my breakfast prayer


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The scandalous underestimation of Iraqi civilian casualties
by Dirk Adriaensens on 27-03-2013

Himself said...

Good afternoon my lovely, thank you for all your linkies.


Anonymous said...

What is the legacy of the Iraq War both for the Iraqi’s and the returning US Veterans?

Here, Plato is correct: “Only the dead have seen the end of War.” For those living in Iraq, the war hasn’t “wound down.” As mentioned above, the people of Iraq, and for that matter people around the globe, have endured the dual brutalities of American Empire and Neoliberal economic reforms for several decades now. So, for them, it’s 80% unemployment, skyrocketing birth defects due to the use of Depleted Uranium, a collapsed society and generations lost to civil war and foreign occupation. That’s the legacy of American occupation in Iraq, and we need to be crystal clear about that.

Now, for the legacy back home: The United States has over 100,000 homeless veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are experiencing unemployment numbers twice that of America’s national average, entire families and communities have been destroyed and veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 22 per day—that’s more veterans who’ve killed themselves than have been killed in combat over the past six years. Additionally, veterans are prescribed insane amounts of psychotropic medications and 1/3rd of America’s female veterans are reporting Military Sexual Trauma (MST) or rape at the hands of their brothers while serving in the armed forces.

Overall, it’s an absolute disaster.

You others vaagggg...asshole. said...

Well, I signed a check to support a cause that people like you bastadize because you are too stupid to see that I already showed that I would kill and die just for the sole idea of allowing you to have the ability to post this drivel. And yes, all Marines are all brainwashed maniacs who punch babies and shoot old people, it is a rite of passage. The hive just received a new directive: All Marines are programmed to come after you now. All of you are bases are belong to us.

Anonymous said...

Billy Graham Crusade




Himself said...

Those were the days.

Glad to see the world has moved on.

Well, most of it.

But it hasn't really, has it? Just our European enclave.

Are you well Maren?

Anonymous said...

I’m doing well. How are you H?

Busy days, holidays, reading too much, and following "the case of the century" of course. Many developments, nothing really changes and everyone is right. Or left, on fire or on the outside. Sometimes I wonder whether the case has anything to do with the McCanns at all. I still think there’s a possibility they are being used (says the conspiracy loon).

Interesting personalities on that McCann hashtag by the way, worth a study in itself. Anyway, the genuine sense of outrage from those on both sides is telling. Typically British perhaps? On the other hand there is the apparent indifference and silence from those in the know.

Well, stranger things have happened.

Good night m’dear, sleep well.

M xxx