Friday, January 21, 2011

Blair Roundup: Regrets I've Had a Few

But there again, what else can I say as I try to look ever so contrite at the deaths of hundreds of thousands and justify my part in starting an illegal war.

Two short videos and the usual blah blah blah from UN Middle East peace envoy, Tony Blair. And it's not all Only in America is it?

Blair ‘gung-ho’ on Iraq war a year before invasion

A full year before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair told his chief of staff the West should be “gung-ho” on toppling Saddam Hussein, a panel looking into the conflict disclosed Friday.

Mr. Blair, wearing a dark blue suit and tie, flashed a wide smile at the panel as the hearing began, returned to testify for a second time before a five-member panel scrutinizing Britain's role in the unpopular war — having been recalled after witnesses raised doubts about sections of his testimony at an initial appearance a year ago. more Globe and Mail

Blair acknowledges that warning ignored

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has acknowledged that he ignored the warning of his then-Attorney General that attacking Iraq was illegal without United Nations approval. Radio New Zealand

Downing Street ordered a 'cover up' over Straw's bid to talk Blair out of Iraq invasion, explosive new evidence reveals

Downing Street ordered a cover-up after Jack Straw made an 11th-hour attempt to stop Tony Blair going to war in Iraq, it was claimed last night.

Explosive anonymous evidence given to the Chilcot Inquiry said Mr Blair responded to his Foreign Secretary by insisting that he wanted to go to war.

Officials at Number 10 then allegedly ordered that no record was kept of the confrontation. The Wail

Iraq War Inquiry website deletes memo

In yet another blow to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's credibility, the Chilcot Inquiry into the war on Iraq has released several declassified documents which open the door to quite serious evidence about the build-up to the US-led invasion of the country.

The Iraq War Inquiry has found out that the private secretary at No 10 routinely deleted any mention of Blair's correspondence with the US President Bush from the government minutes at the time.

Meanwhile, it was reported that after talks with Blair, Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell has refused to declassify the letters, written in the run-up to the 2003 invasion between Bush and Blair.

One of the declassified documents and the most important one, maybe, was the transcript of the minutes of a private hearing attended by former chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee, Sir John Scarlett, and former chief of the assessment staff, Julian Miller.

Scarlet has admitted his team were 'bulldozed' into drawing conclusions about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction 'by the military time-table' which created a rush to war.

This document was immediately deleted from the list of the released declassified documents, but to our readers' fortune we managed to download a copy of the transcript which is attached to this article. Source and download PDF

Iraq war inquiry: 'Tony Blair's taken away something that we'll never get back' – video

Rose Gentle believes that Tony Blair is responsible for the death of her son, Gordon, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2004. She travelled to London to hear the former prime minister give evidence to the Chilcot inquiry for the second time. Guardian video
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