Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Nice Company Mister Blair

Yes, you might well look embarrassed.

There's nothing much new in this Al Jezera report on the Medal of Freedom being awarded to these two mongrels below, but it did remind me of who else has been the proud recipient of this gong for their role in this genocidal jolly.

What! no Scooter, no Judith?


Charles Frith said...

L Paul Bremmer, about as definitive a 9/11 insider as you could possibly wish to conjure up - YouTube

By the way you write beautifully I'm going to paying more attention to your posts from now on and chipping in from time time :)

Himself said...

You're too kind, but I thank you nonetheless. And yes, feel free.

I shall View your link presently, because a short nap takes priority.