Friday, January 16, 2009

The Law Of What! Stop Please I Beg You

Were I to be entirely honest I would have to admit I'm struggling a tad to get back into the swing regarding blogging and calling the whole thing a day has passed my mind, but.

But when I come across the likes of what is writ below, a creeping sense of duty makes itself felt, and then for a while service to mankind overcomes thoughts of desertion.

And so today I serve you each individually, and mankind as a whole, by bringing to your attention something that is fundamental to our very existence and vital knowledge to be used in ensuring the continence of the human race.

On then! forward into enlightenment!

The Law Of Vibration

"This is the law of the first plane, and it governs all the atomic subplanes of each plane. It marks the beginning of the work of the Logos, the first setting in motion of mulaprakriti. On each plane the vibration of the atomic subplane sets in motion the matter of that plane. It is the key measure.

We might sum up the significance of this law in the words, "light" or "fire." It is the law of fire; it governs the transmutation of differentiated colors back to their synthesis. It controls the breaking up of the One into the seven, and then the reabsorption back into the One. It is really the basic law of evolution, which necessitates involution.

It is analogous to the first movement the Logos made to express Himself through this solar system. He uttered the Sound, a threefold Sound, one sound for each of His three systems, and started a ripple on the ocean of space.

The Sound grows in volume as time progresses, and when it has reached its full volume, when it is fully completed, it forms one of the notes in the major cosmic chord. Each note has six subtones, which, with the first, make the seven; the Law of Vibration, therefore, comprises eighteen lesser vibrations and three major, making the twenty-one of our three systems. Two multiplied by nine (2x9), makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system. Twenty-seven holds hid the mystery of the third system."
Taken from A Treatise On Cosmic Fire by Alice Bailey


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