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"..after the slaying of Tiller the Killer" Re-up

Update September 12, 2011 Anti-Choice Zealots Go After Clinic Owner's Children

This is a re-up for a much expanded previous post. It relates to the post above.

A brief look back at a previous instrument of God murderer.

That what is writ below is the only contemporary comment (to the recent goings on) left on the Paul Hill message board

Paul Hill was the Bible put into action."Speak up
for those who cannot speak for themselves."
He was unjustly put to death for defending "the
least of our brethren." He left his family in
order to follow the Lord's leading...may his reward
be great in heaven! I read about Paul today in 2009,
after the slaying of Tiller the Killer. I am praying that Scott Roeder will not be unjustly executed like Paul Hill was.

That may well be the only recent comment but here are one or two from the past.

Dear Paul Hill,
You are not forgotten. We are praying for you and your family and the children you loved so very much. I pray that all our tears will rain heavenwards and not be forgotten. Oh, that the throne of God give us mercy and finally put an end to our abomination. We love you, Sweet Brother. Your face is beautiful to us. God's peace be upon you! We are so tired. Please pray for us all.
Yours forever,
Abortion doctors commit premeditated, cold-blooded murder 10 or 20 times a day, What Paul Hill did was absolutely justified.
Reverend David Trosch
Some day, I hope I will have the courage to be as much as a man as he was.
dan holman more the Paul Hill message board.

I take it that any such courage would be in the name of Jesus Christ our saviour mister Holman?

Who was Paul Hill?

If you were to pass by the Ladies Center abortion clinic
in Pensacola, Florida on a Saturday morning in the early 1990's, you would see a tall, slender, blonde man carrying a sign and calling out to women who entered the building.
His cry of "Mommy, Mommy, don't kill me," could be heard inside the walls of the facility, by staff and customer alike.

On March 10, 1993 A.D.
Michael Griffin shot and killed abortionist David Gunn outside
an abortion mill in Pensacola, Florida. Five days later, Paul Hill appeared on the Donahue television program, and justified the shooting.

July 29, 1994 A.D.
In July of the following year, Paul Hill shot and killed John Britton, (the abortionist who took David Gunn's place at the killing center in Pensacola) and his usually armed escort James Barrett. more Who was Paul Hill

James Barrett.
Inspired by the 1993 shooting death of another abortion doctor in Pensacola, Hill purchased a new shotgun and went to a gun range to practice. The morning of the murder, as Britton and the Barretts entered the clinic parking lot, Hill shot James Barrett in the head and upper body. He then reloaded and fired again, hitting Britton in the head and arm. June Barrett was wounded in the arm. more Paul Hill executed Fox News.

Barrett and his wife seem to be conveniently forgotten by the crazies, but hey what's the odd murder matter when you're doing God's work.

This is Hill writing in "I Shot an Abortionist," just a small part of his demented justification for being God's instrument on earth.

I realized that using force to stop abortion is the same means that God has used to stop similar atrocities throughout history. {Really?} In the book of Esther, for instance, Ahasuerus, the king of Persia, passed a law in 473 B.C. allowing the Persians to kill their Jewish neighbors. But the Jews didn't passively submit; their use of defensive force prevented a calamity of immense proportions. (In this case, the government also permitted the Jews to defend themselves, but the morality of their defense was not dependent on men's approval.) In much the same way, when abortion was first legalized in our nation, if the people had resisted this atrocity with the means necessary, it would have saved millions of children from a bloody death. It is not unwise or unspiritual, thus, to use the means that God has appointed for keeping His commandments; rather, it is presumptuous to neglect these means and expect Him to work apart from them. more

Warning: The deeper you explore the sight be prepared for some pretty ghastly images of late term abortions, late term abortion is after all a pretty ghastly business. There is just the one image however on the links I have featured.

And finally a reflection on a cultural (if indeed this is the correct term) note.

From what I have seen of Bill O'Reilly's previous ranting against Tiller, had he been in the UK he would probably have been arrested for incitement to murder.

Billo, full of contrition? eer, I'll give you three guesses.

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

 Update:  The above isn't the original clip, but rather a ten minute compilation, and all the better for it.  Olbermann responds to Billo, and below, two of seven videos on the "Soldiers of the Army of God." (The Paul Hill nutters) Yes folks, the Soldiers of the Army of God, now there's a scary name for you if ever there were. Seat belts advised.




Jeebus! guns and God, how scary is that one?

And for balance, six minutes from the Invisible Man the left. From the 2m.10s mark yer man talks about the injustice served on Edward and Elaine Brown, giving the impression that the Brown's were refusing to pay (all or part?)of Federal income tax that was due. As with most stories, there are usually three sides to them; my side, his side, and the truth.

 It seems there was a tad more to this story. Wiki Ed Brown, 67, was sentenced to 37 years in federal prison, His wife, Elaine Brown, 68, was sentenced last year to 35 years more Be it the Branch Davidions of Waco Texas, murdered by the US Government, or the many other cults that have attracted the attention of the "all dressed up and nowhere to go" brigade. (Swat teams)

 And to UK police force reaction to the tens of thousands of party people who neck a pill and rave their tits off each weekend, (do they still do so in such numbers?) it's not what they are actually doing that makes these groups such a target, it's flipping the bird to society that singles them out.

 The fuck you and fuck your society attitude, we want no part of it, sends shivers down the spine of the establishment. It poses a big problem for the fat controllers, how do they control various groups that don't or won't recognise the authority of the State? And they won't recognise that authority because they have no faith in it. No faith in its laws, its judicial system, and least of all, faith in the corruption that is inherent in any organisation that has drunk of that heady brew called power.

Bellow is a fictionalised account of one such person who refused to pay that part of her federal taxes that was allocated for the war in Iraq. I say fiction, because it is of course, Alan Shore - Boston Legal, giving one of his famous closings. Pity he didn't represent the Browns, they sure could have used him.


I possess all four seasons of Boston Legal; it has crossed my mind on more than one occasion to take the time off from blogging and edit into a great big compilation, the closings of James Spader as Alan Shore. Perhaps I might.

And just to re-confirm my position, I am pro-choice, but late term/partial birth abortion is a pretty ghastly business.

"Bill O'Reilly is a great American."  A comment  once left on some post or other, here on this blog.


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It would be just GREAT if you could take such time off...

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I am truly sorry for the apparent unintentional ambiguity...

My thought simply being that if you ever have the time (and patience) to make such a compilation, it would indeed be super!

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Don't concern yourself too greatly, I did say it rather tongue in cheek, well almost.

And you are quite right, it would be super; it is after all, probably the best scriptwriting ever for a TV series.

I have mentioned James Spader in dispatches previously.

I assume you are a fan of his.



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A fan of his?

Alright, I won't - this once - object to the common implication of the term, if in the end it translates a personal appreciation for someone I do find overall interesting.

As it addresses a topical question, I just twitted the "Boston Legal Speech on America" video.

Thank you for the link!