Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ist Teddy's Neue Unterwasser boat to join Meer Hirten?

I'm not too sure about the translation.

Update: But what I am sure about, Babylon is malware, download it at your peril.

Header: "Is Teddy's new underwater boat to join Sea Shepherds?"


Arch said...

I know it's not relevant to the blog H and in fear of driving you mad, I am so disgusted I have to share this with you.

Himself said...

I think what you have to realise about all this Arch, be it paedos, S&M, Oedipus complex, wanking off from the tops of tall buildings or any one of the zillion other quirks that make up human sexuality. No matter which set of demographics you use, I'll bet figures don't vary enough, across all the different sections of society, that it would even be noticeable.

The same percent of cops are just as likely to be paedos as are the same percentage of dustbin men. Or whichever peccadillo you want to pick.

It's only when someone has a public persona, like yer man in the link, or is judged to hold a "position of trust" does the shit hit the fan. So I wouldn't be getting over zealous about it, it happens every day, only you just don't hear about.

That said, on the paedophile issue, there does appear to be demographic variations where Politicians are concerned. Just as there are definite variations when applied to the Catholic priesthood.

It's all part of life's rich pageant I'm afraid, just ask the nasty Nazi, Ratzinger.

Anonymous said...

You are right,
the translation sucks and makes no sense at all. Sorry.

Himself said...

Don't blame me, blame Babylon, and if you think that sucks, you should have seen Google's effort.

So I can rely on you for a better translation?

Himself said...

As was expected, just another cunt arse troll.

Anonymous said...


Deutsche Waffenlieferungen Heikler U-Boot-Deal mit Israel

Ein fabelhafter Blog Himself.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
ein Fan aus Deutschland.

Himself said...

"Equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles."

An atomic fucking bomb in other words.

"Tactical air strike."

Bombing raid.

OT Google - gone with the wind in the vatican

Sounds like it might be worth a read.

I must have a look for it myself (English edition?)

You might want to see what the latest is regarding DNA of bones found in mobster's tomb in the Vatican. (It would save me a job) wink thingee