Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Over For Palin! Don't Kid Yourself

I'm long overdue a rant, and this is it.

And what makes me say that?

Because it must be manifestly clear, that in comparison to her supporters and potential voters, Sarah Palin is an intellectual. And I'm saying that of a woman, who, by that same comparison, makes George Bush look like Richard Dawkins.

Just how mind-blowingnly fucking stupid does a country have to be to have the likes of Sarah Palin in the political arena in the first place? Sarah Palin, Sarah fucking Palin, I've witnessed more intellect in a falling rock than I have witnessed in Sarah Fucking Palin.

I mean really, think about it for a moment, Sarah Palin, Sarah fucking Palin, Vice Presidential nominee. Sarah fucking Palin, Vice President of the United States of America. And Sarah fucking Palin, President of the United States of America! Will you fucking stop!

And her "career" is over because of what!? some gaff she made over a phrase ninety five percent of Americans probably wouldn't have clue what it meant in the first place. Fuck me! thirty percent of Americans cant find America on a goddamned map for fucks sake. Sarah Palin, the only woman I know that can make Mormonism and Scientology appear rational.

A week is a long time in politics said Harold Wilson. I don't know about a week being a long time, a commercial break is a long time in Ameriki, why else would American program makers have a re-cap of the story so far after every commercial break, if not for the fact that the program makers were well aware of the attention span of its audience. I don't know another country in the world that adopts this practice.

But Blood Libel! Fucking Blood Libel! Americans don't give a toss about Blood Libel! If you want to know what Americans care about, listen to this Fox News bint at 1m35s out of a 1m40s clip, she'll tell you what Americans care about.

Sarah fucking Palin! just watch the look on Katie Couric's face as Sarah fucking Palin tries to tell Couric about her reading habits. That look I think, tells you all you need to know about Sarah fucking Palin. I mean, does the woman have no friends? does her family hate her? They must do I'm sure, but you would think one of them at least might show a bit of pity, might do the noble thing and take her to one side and whisper in her shell like and tell her to sit down and shut the fuck up. I can say one thing without fear of contradiction, it's a good job she was only running for VP and that she wasn't on the Gong Show. And talking of the Gong Show, this has to be the best ever Gong performance, which as it happens, I saw as it was first broadcast in 1978. Janice Jackson's nipple! eat your heart out. (Now embedded at the bottom of the page.)  

  Update: What happened to these pics, I have no idea. Due to a Blogger/Picasa balls up, PNGs no longer display, which is even stranger because these below are jpgs. I think I will forget all about it, but here is a web page with a probable fix.      


Well at least we were spared the crib sheet. And wasn't it Palin that recently criticised Obama for his use of an autocue? Right so! let's get a bit nearer crux of things. Being the ever considerate blogger that I am, I can offer you a very short clip of Sarah Palin's performance that supposedly caused all this ruckus. But it's not the content that I want to draw your attention to, but Palin's performance with the aid of an autocue.


  Now compare that with her resignation speech below. And even if you don't watch any of the other clips, you have to watch this one.


  Did you get that? 

No? Let William Shatner give you a clearer version of "Palin's Poetry."

Try a few tweets?


  And what show would be complete without Bill Maher? And as he says: Only in Ameriki folks, only in Ameriki


Unembedable higher definition here. Recommended

Chucky explains, and the woman says: If two twins can't fellate popsicles on a game show, what's the point in living in a democracy? Oh! I almost forgot, here's the story if you're interested, Her Candidacy is Over I'm certainly not, but there is a link to Sarah's Top Ten, or direct access here.

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