Tuesday, February 15, 2011

US Army: Bible Bashing For Jesus

I received email notification which took me to this page, which I daren't even look at, which linked me through to this post, itself containing a bunch of links, which I have cherry picked for your wonderment and amazement. (and any other emotion that might ensue)

I did well actually, to keep it together and compile this post, because I tell you something, 'tweren't easy, 'tweren't easy at all, not at all at all it weren't. Avid disbelief in the messages your eyes and ears are sending to your brain, tends to have quite a debilitating affect on a fellow.

All I can manage to say about this ???, because words really do fail me, is, that one half of these ??? are running the country, and the other half are running the great big killing machine. Oh! and Congresscritter, Gresham Barrett SC, I shouldn't leave him out, because I can say something about him, what an absolute cunt of a man an excuse for a man he is.

Is there any wonder that the Allah-wallas take one look at the Jesoids, and instantly it's game on, Holy war game on. Crusades I think they used to call them.

Update: Having come back down to earth somewhat I can only reflect that; I knew this lot had a hard on for Jesus, but to have it presented to you in one big syrupy compilation as this, well, it just astounds me. These are grown men for Christ's sake, half of them professional killers, and they are sat around holding hands at their prayer breakfasts and their Bible study classes, I mean, do none of them ever get embarrassed or what? Stroll on! it's so culturally alien to me, I think I shall have to watch the thing again, just to make sure I didn't dream it, or nightmare it, or whatever it.

Christian Embassy.

Christian Embassy page Youtube

Link to "this Kind" of conversation, I can't think which word to use, bizarre or surreal.

Similarly "1.3 million tracts" what do I use for this little gem, arrogant, batshit, or just plain old Southern Baptist?

The first of the two videos featured in the, "get the pattern" link. What can I say?

And they don't miss a trick, or should that be anybody? Listen to this whackjob talking about his direct line with God and the distribution of Swahili Bibles in Iraq. Yes Iraq! I mean who the fuck speaks Swahili in Iraq? The Ugandan base workers evidently.

I think I have just fried my brain with this lot, or I have a touch of the vapours, or something, in either case, there's only one place for me; bed, and with my head under the covers.

A few from the early days. Not aged much.

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Anonymous said...

Brainless puppets on the string of 'intelligent' scoundrels. Will never end unless at least the half is intelligent enough to handle power. IMHO

Almost wish you had a nightmare.