Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wordpress? No Thank You

The easiest way to explain, is to post this little update from the post below

I wrote this piece back in February 2007, I have used it as a first up on my new dedicated whale blog hosted by Wordpress, aptly named, as you will see by the header, Don't fuck With Teddy.

I had a new dedicated whale blog, until that is, I came to realise that I hadn't enough years left in me to become conversant with the thousands of totally unnecessary (for your average blogger) bells and whistles that infest the site. Simply put, a feckin nightmare.

The same blog back up, only now hosted by Blogger.


Anonymous said...

my love to you and your family M

Himself said...

Thank you Maren.

My mother had a fall on an escalator earlier in the week.

She scraped her leg but hurt her back quite badly.

And at 93 you can well imagine how worrying it is.

So at present it is shift work between my two sisters and I, to see to her.