Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a Funny Old World: Breast Milk Edition

Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in Covent Garden

A restaurant in London's Covent Garden is serving a new range of ice cream, made with breast milk.

The dessert, called Baby Gaga, is churned with donations from London mother Victoria Hiley, and served with a rusk and an optional shot of Calpol or Bonjela.

Mrs Hiley, 35, said if adults realised how tasty breast milk was more new mothers would be encouraged to breastfeed.

Each serving of Baby Gaga at Icecreamists costs £14.

Mrs Hiley's donation was expressed on site and pasteurised before being churned with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest.

Icecreamists founder Matt O'Connor placed an advert appealing for breast milk donations and believes his new recipe will be a success.
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“Start Quote

What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?”

End Quote Victoria Hiley Mother

"If it's good enough for our children, it's good enough for the rest of us," he said.

"Some people will hear about it and go yuck - but actually it's pure organic, free-range and totally natural."

Mrs Hiley, who gets £15 for every 10 ounces of milk she donates to the company, said it was a great "recession beater".

"What's the harm in using my assets for a bit of extra cash?" she added.

"I teach women how to get started on breastfeeding their babies. There's very little support for women and every little helps."

Mr O'Connor said 14 other women had come forward to offer their services. Health checks for the lactating women were the same used by hospitals to screen blood donors.

"No-one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years," he added. BBC+clip
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SteelMagnolia said...

The last customer is a classic...

Anonymous said...

'I just can't get the breastmilk out of my head' :)

Anonymous said...

That babies face is a picture :)

Anonymous said...

The 'exclusive' breast milk video. is there no end to this frivolity ?:)

Himself said...

Invariably accompanied by the caption 'Early signs that you might be gay'

Or in certain circumstances, something a little more specific.

Anonymous said...

"... I had a Baby Gaga just this morning and I feel great." (Matt O'Connor)

Anonymous said...

It's a funny young world

Himself said...

I'm glad it ended like that, I thought any second now the dog is going to snap a lump out of the baby's head.

Good watching it the second time around.

Anonymous said...

shocking according to THE Sun

comments :D

Kind regards from the Land of the disgusting people

Anonymous said...

Oh I SEE, it's Dutch , oh well there ya go!
There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures.....and the Dutch.

sick disgusting pigs.

No wonder there is sex incidents all over the world some nutters think all women like this.

Grown-ups behaving badly on tv. I wonder if the lady has a husband/partner...Lowest of low

the reason why she lets him try, is that he is gay, and he does not approach her in a sexual way. I always think, if you ask, and the person who is intelligent and wise enough says it is okay, then there is no problem. People are curious beings. Lots of people could have had the same idea. What would it taste like. If woman who breastfeed donate their milk to third world countries, a lot of babies would get the important nutricians to get them started. It would make breastfeeding what was beautiful even more beautiful

@mayadebij77 Save your comments, sweetheart. You will never change the minds of those repressed individuals who look for something they can find disgusting in the most innocent of acts. Do you know that over 200 years ago, British people (Puritans) insisted that tiny skirts were made to go around chair legs to stop men getting excited?

Blaster4, thank you for your comment! Everybody got their opinion. Can only say that i am so proud to be dutch. And that we are a free country, where everybody can do what they want. And if people can make something so small into something so big, means that the world does not have serious problems. But i also want to thank everybody for their comments. Keep the conversation flowing Greetings from lovely Holland

the dutch get this while we get 4 hours of just isn't fair !

Himself said...

Bonjour Dutch person,

LOL I love it, all good clean fun.

Lactation and nudity, it's how we come.

But as we know from past experiences, the comments are oft times better than the article.

By the by, I ignored it at the time, although I nearly opened the post to thank her for her vibrant input, but see the latest comment here:

No prize for guessing where she comes from.

Anonymous said...

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Anonymous said...

interesting that DM clouds out this womans breasts, but yesterday they showed a group of African dancers breasts with no problem. Why is that DM?

- Anon, London, 21/5/2013 21:17

Anonymous said...

‘De Kwis’ is an independent part within the program ‘Langs de Leeuw’ and is written and developed without host Paul de Leeuw. The creative team is responsible for what they do.

'The joke with the two Britons was actually not at the expense of the dead soldier. A very absurd side of reality (the insane attack) was compared to a trivial side of reality (the madness surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest). If people will feel hurt, we regret that.'

Anonymous said...

Don't let it be forgotten that it was the Dutch that financed the slave trade for hundreds of years.

- Selena, Texas, United States, 28/5/2013 13:09

I'm afraid the Dutch have just as big a problem as we do with islamists..... as distasteful as this is, perhaps developing a gallows sense of humour is what is needed to face the battles ahead?

- gold8, london, 28/5/2013 12:49

Himself said...

interesting that DM clouds out this womans breasts Faux English modesty/morality.

To say nothing of PC gone wrong.

Coincidently I was watching this yesterday

Where the contemporary voice-over described Jamaican immigrants as: "A simple, happy people."

But that is nothing compared to the cringe-worthy English television of the Seventies.

Search term - Love Thy Neighbour Nig Nog

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Himself said...

What did I just say? Faux English modesty/morality.

And nobody has more than the Wail.

Credit where it's due, the Portuguese started European slavery.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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A symbol of the idea of equality, and of the importance of children.

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