Friday, February 25, 2011

Texas The Lone Neuron State

I say lone neuron, because if they had two that they could bolt together, then it's unlikely that there would be half the stories that there are on this just stumbled across website, Dumbutt Texas.

In what manner I stumble upon it, I can't remember, not that it matters in the least. It might have been this 'quote of the week' uttered by Tom Delay when he was initially found guilty by a Houston jury: (earlier report)

“This is an abuse of power,” he said. “It’s a miscarriage of justice. I still maintain my innocence. The criminalization of politics undermines our very system.”

Which, coming from the likes of Tom Delay, ain't bad, ain't bad at all.

Update: On the subject of quotes of the week, I just tripped over this US comment: I didn't even bother reading it when I saw bbc as a source. UK terrorist state propaganda. Can't argue with you there old lad.

Or perhaps what really might have caught my attention, was what the writer of the story had to say about. Tom, The Hammer, Delay.
DeLay holding a Bible and quoting scripture in and around his trial did not help as he expected. Sentencing is scheduled for December 20th with punishment for the crime at 5 to 99 year in prison, just in time for Christmas. Tom DeLay, a bigoted intolerant asshole deserves a few years in the Walls Unit in Huntsville which he has bragged is one of the harshest prisons in America. Merry Christmas Tom! Keep yer butt covered... more and video
Not a lot of love lost there by the sound of things. But there is this little gem featured near the end of a Tweety clip, where it reported that Delay has a bitch about that same Houston Jury:

Poor pitiful Tom DeLay. Somewhere a million tiny violins play the unjust jury serenade. This morning on the Today show DeLay argued that not only was his conviction for money laundering politically motivated, but so was his conviction by a liberal jury as well. To hear him talk he had no chance with the most liberal jury in the most liberal county in Texas! (Where the Jury Foreman was a Greenpeace activist no less)

A 'Liberal' jury in, 'the most liberal county in Texas' That would put them a touch to the left of Attila the Hun then?

And talking of Republican Congress Critter for Sugarland, means for the enlightenment and entertainment of my readers outside the US, I shall. when finished here, have to go in search of a certain map!

There is much to astound as one takes a stroll around the site, seemingly every other story is about some batshit crazy motherfucking redneck, calling for someone to be shot, but they ain't all from Texas. And of course no show would be complete without some good ol' boy calling for the murder of Julian Assange.

And where no doubt all this violent rhetoric, not just that of the rednecks but the press as well, contributes to a climate where robbers of convenience stores murder store clerks, not by accident, but by pre-designed plan. And if watching the short clip of this asshole gunning down another human being for the sake of a few bucks, if it don't scare the shit out of you, I don't know what will.

For as we all know, down here in Texas and most of the rest of yokel American, it is a matter of how many guns one has, how big they are, how fast they can fire and how quick on the trigger one is. Everything else is secondary, especially education. shooting

This little lot gleaned from just two pages, there is a rake of other stuff on subjects various.

Dumbutt Texas

Or Main site page.

Now, I have a map to find.

Better still, here's a clip explaining redistricting, or more accurately named, in the case of Tom Delay, gerrymandering.

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