Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thought For Today: God and His Creations

Why would the god of a 12,000 mile diameter planet, create a 136 billion light year universe?

Why did God instruct Noah to pitch the inside of the Ark?

Why is there no Stone Age in the Creationist timeline? Seemingly.

And; why does Donald Duck, when getting out of the shower to answer the door, preserve his modesty with a towel?


Ulysses said...

The Donald Duck issue has always puzzled me. BTW, have you seen the great Glen Beck meets Donald Duck short movie? Here's the link:

Himself said...

Yes Ulysses, one of life's true imponderables.

I never really got to know Beck, I was away blogging other things when his star was in its ascendency.

I'll tell you what he sounds like though, apart from that is, a dangerous batshit crazy right wing gobshite nutjob, he sounds just like a pretender for Limbaugh's throne.

But failing somehow, to bring to the airwaves, the same dignity that one has become accustomed to, when listening to right wing talk show America.