Thursday, December 12, 2013

American Prophesiers: These People are Insane

Perhaps I might let William Tapley, third eagle of the apocalypse and co-prophet of the end times, no less,  open the show with his own particular brand of neurosis, before we move to the main feature.

William Tapley Youtube Seatbelts essential. William Tapley has his own tag on this blog.

But it is this below that is our featured video. Is it just coincidence that it was an American that directed me to the thing? And it is here things start to get a little bizarre; if they aren't already bizarre enough.

For it was on a Japanese website, reporting on the recent explosion at the nuclear plant at Russelville Arkansas, that this particular piece of insanity was embedded.

But Mark, the uploader, is far from alone, not if the comments from his Youtube page are any yardstick. Where, if you visit, you will discover that this insanity is not an aberration, but the norm. Typically, as shown below. Includes mention of Denver Airport, I add.


Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus in-depth. Who would have thought.
4:05 Well, right here. I’m not kidding about this. There is the bear!

Seeing bears on the road.
(only for explaining the saying)

Also, a mysterious picture.

Himself said...

Hello Chuck, I'm only just in, but have just spent five minutes reading the comments at the link.

I tell you something Maren, the way these people divorce themselves from reality, really is scary. It blows the mind just how wrapped up they are in this particular brand of cultism.

I often berate mildly, American atheists who keep rattling on about their atheism, but it's only when I read such comments, that the true appreciation of what it must actually be like to live among these loons, comes to the fore.

Little wonder then, that they are so vocal, it must be like finding sex, and discovering you like it.

It makes me wonder how long I would have lasted had I taken up my job offers to work in States?

California might not have been so bad, but Greensboro North Carolina!