Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Planet Our Future?

What you see writ below, is not in fact a post per say. Rather a comment in reply to two of my readers. The one highlight apart, which is the very crux of the thing, reproduced verbatim.

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Good morning Su, good morning Maren, yes it's all of those things.

And as far as keeping anybody informed, although I might write a few words of introduction and opine occasionally, by nature of the beast, there is little more I can do for the situation, than cut and paste information here.

That in itself though is quite telling. It tells us everything we need to know about the Main Stream Media's role in society. It is not our friend, nor is it a force for good. Not when you can source ten times the information from obscure blogs, than you can from the media.

I have though, written much in the past about the criminality of the Japanese Government, particularly in regard to the welfare of kids in the immediate area.

But as much as the actions, or more precisely, the inactions, and the deliberate withholding of information from the populace; as much as these things will turn out to be major crimes against humanity, it is to far greater things that my mind turns.

On a more philosophical level, I am more annoyed than I am worried, more angry than I am annoyed.

I don't think you need to be a soothsayer to forecast, where we as a species are headed. All we face is decline; civilisations don't last forever, they self destruct, history has taught us that much, and that is without the pollution and over-population that we witness today.

But when, on a global scale, societies start collapsing, when the money runs out or becomes valueless, when faced with the next catastrophic mass extinction, and there will be one, rest assured; who is going keep safe all the nuclear fuel and junk that will have been produced from the hundreds of nuclear installations that are dotted around the globe?

Out of the billions and billions of planets throughout the cosmos, this planet is totally and utterly unique in the universe, and it is as wonderful, with all its beauty and all its diversity of life as it is unique. But we for all our intelligence as top primate, for all our advances and staggering technical achievements, fail miserably in so many areas. But no greater failure have we, than our failure in our role, as temporary custodians of this unique, precious, but most fragile earth.

What does it say of us as a species, when as we speak, the world already being past its tipping point, we continue to rape and pillage and pollute our only home? Where greed has become god? Where ignorance and superstition take precedence over learning and enlightenment? Where powerful nations slaughter innocents in their millions, and do so to a cacophony of silence? Where we inflict unspeakable cruelties on each other because the followers of one outdated superstition disagrees with followers of an equally outdated, but different superstition?

I think it might say, that we, in spite of all our intelligence, are fundamentally flawed, we have become our own worst enemy, our cerebral evolution serving only to pander to those flaws, of selfishness, of greed, and the here and now.

Such a pity though, as we head inexorably to a fate that we are undoubtedly most deserving, such a pity then, that we shall take this unparalleled world, this pale blue dot, and all its creatures, with us in the process.
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