Sunday, June 17, 2012

There's No Taste Like Bad Taste - No Regerts: Insane Ink

 Update: Do strap in. Link

To say I am no lover of ink, would, I have to admit, be putting it rather mildly.

Given that 99.99% don't pass the acid test, 'would you hang the same thing on your wall?' then I suppose it's hardly surprising.

I think the wearing of cringe-worthy tats must surpass any other single human activity in the world, but I think I reserve a special place, a special abhorrence, for those that adorn the bodies of young chicks.

To see the most beautiful work of art that exists in the world bar none, the body of a young female in her prime, desecrated by some ghastly tattoo or other, really makes me want to weep. What a travesty, to turn something so lovely into something ruined forever.

But it is not the tats of young gals per say, that concern us in this post from nowhere, stumbling across the subject as I did after reading the latest shenanigans of James Murdoch. But rather those tats that leave us slowly shaking the head, those tats that are a testimony to shear stupidity of the wearer, those tats that give normal bad taste a good name.

Although there are thousands of far worse examples to be found on the web, I am just going to offer up the two and then leave you a couple of links to wander round. The first being the one that the Mail led with, hence the 'No Regerts' in the title, and the other! well I don't really know what to make of it.

It's one thing I suppose, to totally ignore the fact that the Jackson tattoo that these cretins so proudly wear, is that of a fucking paedophile, but to actually celebrate the fact, by having a depiction of Jackson abusing a kid tattooed on your leg, is quite frankly, beyond fucking belief.

"He touched so many" have these people no fucking brains whatsoever?

No regerts? Well maybe a few....These tacky tattoos have been singled out as ugliest yet

Mis-spelt tattoo adorning a woman's side must fill her with regret every time she sees it

Tattoo revival prompts online posts featuring increasing number of horrendous choices Blah blah The Wail

The Mail's article prompted me to have a look at a few things, of those in a moment, but first two links to articles dedicated to Michael Jackson tattoos. The first, perhaps more than the second, endorsing what I said earlier about the ruination of something beautiful.

Michael Jackson Tattoo of the Day

15 of the worst Michael Jackson tattoos
Seemingly there is quite a bit more on this fellow's blog, most of it celebrating bad taste. I shall check it out myself as soon as I have posted this. Update: I would almost say it's mandatory, but I will defy anyone who thinks they can get past half a page.

Two other things I did have a look at, Google Image them yourself if you want a bit of an eye opener. Safe search off of course, censorship not being part of my personal philosophy, try extreme tattoo and extreme body-building.

Of course, it's all in the best possible taste.


Anonymous said...

Good evening H. Being a 'never done a tattoo' person I googled the question. I found 'the best answer' and God is in it too.

"I can't explain it to you, really, unless you've been there. But it is not like clothes. Tattoos and skin art in general is a very personal thing. Clothing is an absurd comparison. Go to a tattoo convention some time, to see some amazing work. It's an art form. Those who have never done it believe that just because they would never entertain the idea, that no one else should either. But it takes all kinds to make a world. If you don't like skin art, I suggest you don't get any. Take care, and may God bless you and yours."

Not the best answer for me. The skin art is totally beyond my ken. In my view tattoos are just disfiguring marks. The mere thought of having a picture of an idol - sane or insane - on my skin is simply horrifying.

However, I must admit that I’m not the best judge, I even dislike T shirts with texts. Besides, I don’t do idols, I do the 'I’ve got you under my skin' thing.

Yes, it takes all kinds to make a world, I’m glad though there is at least a minimum legal age for getting a tattoo. M

Himself said...

Did you by any chance follow the 'check it out' link and open up some of yer man's posts?

Some of the shite that people have nailed to their bodies, is beyond comprehension.

But do strap in if you haven't already been there yet.

Himself said...

Maren, it's not what I would call light viewing, so watch as much or as little as you wish.

But do watch a few minutes if only to see the remarkable artwork of the tattooist.

Given that the tats were done with a home-made clockwork gun and soot, all the more remarkable.

As I say, it's a bit grim, but culturally educational if nothing else.

Give me a brief conformation that you have read this comment if you would be so kind.

H x

Documentary about the situation in Russian prisons and the people behind the bars. Especially the tattoos of the criminals and their meanings are in the focus of the producer. The documentary was filmed in some of Russias most notorious prisons, like the White Swan. The prisoners of the Stalinist Gulag, or “Zone,” as it is called, developed a complex social structure that incorporated highly symbolic tattooing as a mark of rank. The Mark of Cain examines every aspect of the tattooin. Several interviews with prisoners, guards, and criminologists reveal the secret language of The Zone and The Code of Thieve.

Anonymous said...

Thank you H, not light viewing, impressive and educational nevertheless.

0:57:55 "I had to psychologically prepare myself somehow to spend my whole youth in prison."

The documentary imposes a different attitude towards tattoo art.

My association so far.

Himself said...

Hi Maren,

I don't quite understand your use of your term: My association so far.

Many years ago I had the pleasure of dining at the table of a Doctor Lambert, the father of the then French sand yacht (char à voile) champion.

He related his story of how he escaped from a train transport in which he was being transported to Buchenwald.

The precise details have faded now, but his story still crosses my mind on occasions like this.

Anonymous said...

Hi H, I mean I associated tattooing with dehumanization, before I watched the documentary. M

Himself said...

Ah so!

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Site blocked: Trojan

Anonymous said...

Correct spelling. Yuck!

Himself said...

I'm lost for wurds.

Morning Chuck. x

Anonymous said...

no words,

Himself said...

No words, tweeted.

Anonymous said...

Reading is sometimes an ingenious device for avoiding thought. – Arthur Helps

Himself said...

Knuckle tatt:


Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Now that is funny.

But I have a photo somewhere of a Mohican wearing tube train guard, where I commented at the time: diversity, isn't it wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Lemon Topping

Anonymous said...

diversity, isn't it wonderful

Himself said...

Jeebus! that is diverse.

Anonymous said...

one for you gels

Anonymous said...

Good morning H

Tattoo news: the translation angle.

We encourage people thinking about getting inked to get their tattoo translation checked before proceeding any further. - Sharon Stephens, managing director of Veritas Language Solutions.

Why not encourage people thinking about getting inked anyway. Kill two birds with one stone.

Somewhat graphic that expression.

Dutch equivalent, literally translated: catch two flies at one blow.

To put it mildly.

Love from an untattooed girl,
not so cool, and I can’t kick your ass according to

Who am I to disagree.

Himself said...

Good Morning Chukc.

What can I say?

I think half of these "artists" want locking up. Perhaps they could share a cell with their victims.

As much as anything, I'm thinking about "go wheerever"

Fancy doing that to a girl, and I ain't talking about the spelling, just the whole thing.

Not only that, I think he needs to somewhat.

The second link. If you click on the bloke with the "realistic" tattoo on his back, then click again when it has opened, it will take you to Google galleries, where you will find some tats that are technically quite brilliant.


But the same old question arises.


Anonymous said...