Friday, June 29, 2012

The (US) Photo Galleries of Volker Dierks

Awesome I tell you, awesome, and in the truest meaning of the word.

I stumbled upon the photo galleries of Herr Volker Dierks' travels in America. Check out his posts tagged North America Travels for a remarkable visual feast.

eta: Or simply go to these links, where each thumbnail opens an album. USA 2007 - USA 2008

What I did find unavoidable though, was to consider the supreme irony, that of a single country that boasts both the Grand Canyon and Creationism.

eta: But for something really shameful, please read below the fold.

If ever a turn of phrase needed preserving, it has to be this, uttered by former Colorado River guide, Tom Vail. Not only should it be preserved, it should be etched in stone and given a prominent place in every educational institution throughout America.

Just as the fundamentalists want the Ten Commandments displayed in public buildings, Roy and His Rock, then so should this, as a dire warning to what can happen to reason and understanding, when people get God.

Then I met the Lord. Now, I have "a different view"

For years, as a Colorado River guide I told people how the Grand Canyon was formed over the evolutionary time scale of millions of years. Then I met the Lord. Now, I have "a different view" of the Canyon, which, according to a biblical time scale, can't possibly be more than about a few thousand years old. Come and view the Grand Canyon with 23 creation scientists and theologians from around the world. This 10" X 8", 104 page hard cover book is filled with informative essays and stunning photos, many by Canyon guide Charly Heavenrich. Grand Canyon, a different view will take your breath away, stimulate your imagination and presents the facts about the Grand Canyon from a Biblical perspective. Though educational enough for a home school book, it is equally beautiful as a gift or coffee table book.

Though educational enough for a home school book What more do you need to be told about home schooling than that little gem? If you only watch one clip, watch the first one. All You Ever Wanted To Know About Child Abuse

And to the powers that be at the Grand Canyon National Park Service, those that allowed this travesty of a book to go on sale in the park's tourist shop, I would sack the fucking lot of you. It would be, Oi! you, get your kit packed and fuck right off, you're fucking sacked.

Reams of stuff here on Vail's book and the Grand Canyon National Park Service.


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I was going to include this in the references that I found, but I can think of worse things to do than include it here.

Spot the difference.

I shall look up repetitive behaviour when I have finished this trawl. I think page 10 gives us a good idea what’s going on inside his head.

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The Mail: A mummified elongated skull found in Peru could finally prove the existence of aliens.

I think I want to kill myself.

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